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Google Regularly Updates Their Seo Algorithm, Its No Surprise Of This. Infact, Over The Several Years, They had updated their Algorithm More Than 500 Times.

Firstly We Know, What Is SEO? What Is The Need Of This?
So, SEO means Optimizing The Content, It Doesn’t Depend On The Type Of Content. It’s May Be A Youtube Video Or A Website Arcticle etc. For Increasing The Traffic Means Visitors Or Viewers, This Seo is Needed. Its Full Form Is Search Engine Optimizations. As Its Name Shows Search Engine Optimizations. Optimizing The Search Result Of the Content In Search Engines. For e.g. Google,Yahoo,Bing,etc. This All Are Search Engines, Which Detect The Content By Types i.e The Content for e.g Youtube Video, So By Entering Tags During Uploading Of Videos You Are Giving Information to the search engine that this video is of the Type Of Comedy Or Action Drama, Vines,etc. So, This tag Part was come under SEO Setting. This was a Part Of SEO Setting.

SEO is Necessary For Every Blogger, Writer, Youtube Video Creator To Give Their Content a Direction. Means If You Are Not Doing SEO Setting Properly Or Miss Something With SEO, Then It May Not Appear On Search Results Or May Be It Get Ignored By Search engines or Your Content Might as well be Invisible as the Search Engine Can’t understand that What The Type Of This Content Is? What It Provides? 
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But If You Get It Right, Then It Will Not Only Increase Your Traffic But Also Boosts Your Sales, Improves Lead Generation & lead To More Conversions. And Every Business Needs More Visitors, More Viewers, More Traffic, leads & Sales, Right Or Not?

I Hope You Are Now Understand About SEO! If You Have Still Any Doubt Please Feel Free To Contact Us Or Comment Below For Any Type Of Query & Get Fast Answer For Your Query.

As Seo Ranking Algorithms Have Changed So Much Times Over Years, So The Technique That Works 5 years ago won’t cut it today. That’s Why We Have Bring Best Advice From The Experts So You Can Make Sure That You Are Using The Best Seo Strategy for the Coming Year.

Some 16 Quick Seo Tips Are Also Included As a Bonus That Will Have You Going into 2019 with a Bang and Not Looking Back.

Now, We Will Know The Best Settings For SEO. Ready? :-

1) Focus On User Experience (User Interface) 
User Experience is necessary. Because When you visit to any site then on first time you decide the type of website. And if you are not feeling good by the theme & font in that website you simply quit & think before again returning to that website.
 So the user experience is necessary. So that the visitor who visit to your site will enjoy and interact with your site theme & font you used.
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2) Note The highest Ranked Page Of Your Site
Look the highest ranked post and rewrite them. You Can Find that highest ranked post of your site by Google Analytics by going to the option Acquisition → Search Console → Queries & setting up an advanced filter to show the phrase where your average position is greater than 10.
Now Give Those a articles a new content. Add Details, Examples, Answers, Statistics, Images, Contributor Quotes & anything else that makes it a better piece. Do This as Regular.

3) Use Video Marketing 
Video Marketting can be a huge traffic source, but some marketers are still ignoring its potentials. Just because you have a large no. Of Indexed pages doesn’t always mean your site going to attract a larger Volume Of organic traffic.

You have to get rid of that type of posts on blogs that have either low word count or superficial content (aka “no fluff”) & focus instead on meaningfull content that’s truly engaging and makes each visitor want to read through the complete arcticle.

Video content has a lot of unstopped potential which is great for seo & makes for good user engagement. Chances are that your visitor might quickly run through a 1-mon video but may not have the patience to read your 100-word arcticle.

4) Featured Snippets Rank
A little more than 11% of search result have a featured snippet. These are the results That show up on search engine results pages typically after the ads but before the ranked results. They are usually alongside an image table, or a video, making them stand out even more and putting them in an even better position to steal clicks From even the highest ranked results.
Here are the some ways to keep your content optimised for feature snippets:-
Be Clear & Concise
Use Headers for easy scanning
Ensure cross-device usability
Maintai Social Enagagement
Use Strong External Resources
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You Have To Create long form In-Depth posts about a topic to position them as the kind of Result Google Is looking for the best possible result for Searcher.

  1. Maximise User Engagement

Here are some great ways you can maximise user engagement on your posts:-
Be Easy To Read
Content Utilizes Whitespace, Headings, Short Pragraphs & Relevant Images to Make The Page Easier To Absorb & Increasing The User’s Time On Page.

Include Higly Relevant Links & offers On Page
Ofering Relevant Internal links that will amswer a readers question. Often this  can significantly decrease bounces rates, and get users further into your site
Contain Multiple Ways For Users To Absorbs The Content:-
Include Images, infographics, Videos & text. This Will Capture Readers attention, and keep them more engaged in content.
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Optimise Voice Search
Voice Search Was Started becoming big in SEO news in 2018, and voice search technology. Improves & Becomes more accessible that trend is going to continue. Use Geo-Targetted Keywords. This Means Optimise For Local Searches.
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Focus On Mobile-First Indexing
Forstly, What Is Mobile Indexing?
Quite Simple, it means that Google now considers the Mobile Versions Of Your Site To Be The Primary Versions of Site. In Case Of Absence Of Mobile Site, Desktop Site Will still be used. But, If Your Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly Your Rankings May Take a Hit; remember that user experience is huge.
If Your site is currently using an “m” URL, like’, Google Recommends Switching over to a fully responsible site.
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Increase your click-through Rate
1) Write strong headlines that appeal to searcher’s emotions 
2) Use power words in your headlines to trap a response from searchers
3) Include Brackets, Suitable Symbols In Your Titles To Draw Attention
4) Write a strong meta description( Meta Description is that which describes that What Is Your Blog Is All About? & To Which Your Blog Depends? It Simply Gives Full Informations Of Your Site To The Search Engine Like Google etc)

Reduce Bounce Rate

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5) Grab Visitors Attentions
6) Craft Engaging Intro Paragraphs
7) Use Internal Linking To Keep Visitors Moving To Other Relevant Content On Your Own Site
8) Create a Custom 404 Page (Display If Requested page isn’t found to help viewers to find What They Are Looking For On Your Site.

Gain Authority Of Site

9) Link with othersite with high authority and relevant content to encourage relationships.
10) Increase Your Social Proof Through Reviews & Testimonials
11) Install an SSL Certificate and Moves RTo HTTPS to inspire Confidence in Site Visitors
12) If it makes sense for your business, then get your site set up on google my business to show its legitimacy.
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Optimisation For Top SEO Perform
13) Compress Your Site Images and Optimise to Increase Your Site Speed
14) Use Tracking O Your Site To Find Out Where Visitors are Dropping ( Recommended Google Analytics)
15) Make XML Sitemap, so that your site is crawlable by google.
16) Use Structured Data To Classify Your Contents So Google Knows Exactly What Your Post’s About.

We Guess, Now You Can Understand About SEO in Depth & You Can Now Make Your Site More Reachable & Enjoying Traffics.
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