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In the wake of settling an unpleasant multi-billion dollar fight in court with Apple, the CEO of US-based chipmaker Qualcomm got a strong reward of $3.5 million. Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf got 40,794 offers of Qualcomm stock, which works out to just shy of $3,501,757 at Friday's end cost of $85.84, CNBC detailed. 

In an official recording with the US-based Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the chipmaker noticed that the whole official group at Qualcomm got rewards for settling the legitimate war with the iPhone creator. 
Apple Settlement makes $ 3.5 million Worth of Qualcomm CEO Richer
The two tech monsters secured horns courts the world over the amount Qualcomm charges for the licensed innovation within the chips that empower gadgets like the iPhone to associate with cell systems. 

Apple settled the fight in court prior in April at an undisclosed sum and as a major aspect of the arrangement consented to utilize Qualcomm contributes its forthcoming 5G-empowered iPhone, planned to be propelled in 2020. 

Be that as it may, the recently allowed offers further strengthen that Qualcomm trusts the terms of the settlement were great, the report said. 

"In making these stipends, the Compensation Committee considered the foreseen long haul investor esteem coming about because of these concurrences with one of the organization's key clients," the report cited Qualcomm as saying in the SEC documenting. 

Amid Qualcomm's profit report prior in May, the organization said it expected an extra income between $4.5 billion and $4.7 billion from an installment from Apple as a feature of the settlement. 

Qualcomm likewise plans to expand rewards to its general population representatives, Qualcomm CFO Dave Wise declared before in May.

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