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SpaceX organizer Elon Musk has derided Blue Origin author Jeff Bezos' moon plans saying they have neither rhyme nor reason. 

Amazon CEO Bezos had depicted his vision of people living on miles-long, circling space stations called "O'Neill settlements", named after physicist Gerard O'Neill, who previously coasted the idea. 
Elon Musk Derides Bezos' Moon, Space Colony Plans

"Has neither rhyme nor reason. So as to develop the state, you'd need to transport immense measures of mass from planets/moons/space rocks. Would resemble attempting to assemble the US amidst the Atlantic Ocean," Musk, who is additionally the CEO of Tesla, tweeted

The comment comes after Bezos went to a gathering in Washington where he talked about his driven guide for Blue Origin to make a "continued human nearness" - lodging up to a trillion people - on the Moon, the report included. 

Prior in May, Bezos uncovered another Moon-lander called "Blue Moon" following three years of improvement, alongside a littler meanderer at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. 

"We should come back to the Moon - this opportunity to remain. We're prepared to help @NASA in arriving by 2024 with #bluemoon," Blue Origin had tweeted.

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