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Nike needs to meet your feet. 
Nike's Better Shoes Plan: Show Us Your Feet

The shoe merchant will include a foot-filtering device its application this mid year that will gauge the length, width and different elements of clients' feet after they point a cell phone camera to their toes. The application will at that point advise customers what size to purchase every one of its shoes in, which Nike expectations will get you in the correct fit and cut down on exorbitant returns as it looks to sell a greater amount of its products through its sites and applications. 

Be that as it may, Nike will likewise get something it has never had: a surge of information on the feet of standard individuals, a potential goldmine for the shoe creator, which says it will utilize the data to improve the structure of its shoes. Nike basically depends on the feet of star competitors to fabricate its kicks. 

"Nike will turn out to be better and better fitting shoes for you and every other person," says Michael Martin, who supervises Nike's sites and applications. 

Nike won't offer or share the information to different organizations, Martin says. What's more, he says customers don't need to spare the foot sweeps to their Nike accounts. Yet, in the event that they do, they'll just need to filter their feet once and Nike's applications, sites and stores will know your measurements each time you have to purchase tennis shoes. Laborers at Nike stores will likewise be furnished with iPods to do the filtering, supplanting those metal measuring contraptions. 

The difficult part for Nike is persuading individuals they have to quantify their feet in any case. Most think they definitely comprehend what their shoe estimate is, says Brad Eckhart, who was an official at shoe store chain Finish Line and is currently a chief at retail consultancy Columbus Consulting, 

Yet, Nike says it gets a large portion of a million objections per year from clients identified with fit and measuring. Furthermore, it concedes what numerous customers have effectively suspected: Each of its shoe styles fit in an unexpected way, regardless of whether they are in a similar size. A cowhide shoe might be more tightly and require a greater size. Sew ones might be additionally sympathetic. Also, shoelaces can distract everything. 

Shoe measure is "viably an untruth," says Martin. "Furthermore, it's a falsehood that we've sustained." 

Matt Powell, a games industry examiner at NPD Group, says the device may be most significant for individuals need to run or play ball in their tennis shoes, since the wrong fit can cause damage. Be that as it may, Powell says the vast majority purchase shoes just to stroll around in. 

All things considered, finding the correct size is an issue for customers: "There truly is no industry standard for what is a size 10," Powell says.

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