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Headphones are a typical adornment that individuals purchase for their cell phones. While there are great spending alternatives accessible in the market —, for example, the Ant Audio Wave 702 and the Boat Bassheads 225 — in the event that you are an audiophile, you'll need to spend more for superb headphones. Fortunately, there are a couple of choices that don't burn up all available resources. One such alternative is the Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd, which is evaluated at Rs. 6,999 in India. Would it be a good idea for you to spend your cash on these headphones or give them a pass? We survey them to discover. 
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Full Review: See Is it Worth To Buy Or Not

Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Structure And Particulars 

The Beyerdynamics Soul Byrd is very much stuffed and accompanies a hard conveying case in the crate. The earpieces are conservative and have a calculated plastic driver chambers. The structure causes them to sit flush with the ear, so they don't distend. This implies you will almost certainly use them in bed and they won't be awkward notwithstanding when you're lying on your side. 

The earpieces are light and have tapered ear tips. Beyerdynamics packs five sets of silicone ear tips in the crate, and we changed the default ones to a bigger tip for a superior fit. The earpieces are light, and utilizing this pair of headphones for long lengths didn't cause weariness. 

These Beyerdynamics headphones have a 1.2m long link that has a clasp joined. The link is made out of good quality elastic and did not tangle when we were utilizing these headphones. It is exceptionally simple to change the position and edge of this link cut. There is a three-catch inline remote just before the privilege earbud. Two catches are to control the volume, while the third is a multifunction catch. 
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Full Review: See Is it Worth To Buy Or Not

A solitary press of this catch will play/delay a track or answer an approaching call. You can likewise long press it to bring the remote helper on your cell phone. Twofold squeezing this catch gives you a chance to jump to the past track and triple-squeezing takes you to the following track The 3.5mm attachment isn't calculated, which could be an issue for a few. 

Beyerdynamics does not indicate the size of the drivers utilized in the Soul Byrd, yet they have an impedance of 18Ohms. Since this dimension is low, these earphones can without much of a stretch be driven by cell phones. The drivers have a recurrence reaction scope of 10Hz to 25KHz and an affectability rating of 103dB. 

Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Execution 

The Soul Byrd earpieces have a decent seal and figure out how to sift through some measure of encompassing clamor. We utilized our MacBook Air and a Google Pixel 3 (₹ 56,840) (Review) alongside the packaged USB Type-C connector to test these earphones. In the first place, we connected the Soul Byrd to the Macbook and spilled two or three tunes utilizing JioSaavn. This pair of headphones is tuned to have an about impartial sound mark, not the regular V-molded sound mark with helped bass and treble that most headphones are tuned to. 
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Full Review: See Is it Worth To Buy Or Not

On account of this, these headphones do equity to the lows, mids, and highs. Beyerdynamic has figured out how to convey great punchy bass without it winding up too boomy. The mids are solid and help vocals sparkle. These headphones have great highs too, however they will in general sound abrasive at high volumes. There's additionally next to no link commotion. 

We played a few tunes to check how the Soul Byrd performs. We lined up Thunderstruck by ACDC and the headphones recreated the opening guitar riff flawlessly. At the point when the vocals came in, the Soul Byrd took care of the solid mids, layering them over the guitar. The headphones had great detachment and we could hear the different instruments unmistakably. 

Next we tuned in to Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother, and this track additionally begins with a guitar riff, with the drums and the high-cap coming in their turn. The Soul Byrd offers great clearness and you can concentrate on individual instruments absent much exertion. 
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Full Review: See Is it Worth To Buy Or Not

To concentrate on the bass, we at that point played Starboy by The Weeknd. The Soul Byrd was fit for putting out tight punchy bass without overwhelming the vocals. A few headphones exaggerate the bass however we like the reasonable yield of the Soul Byrd. 

Beyerdynamic Offers a Hard Case To Store The Soul Bird Headphones 
Tuning in to a FLAC form of Hotel California on the MacBook Air sounded much superior to gushing it off the Internet. Highs didn't sound excessively piercing at higher volumes, and the partition as a rule was better. 

We additionally utilized the Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd for a couple of our telephone calls. We could hear our guests unmistakably and they didn't have any grumblings either. 
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Full Review: See Is it Worth To Buy Or Not
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Full Review: See Is it Worth To Buy Or Not


The Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd is an almost nonpartisan sounding pair of headphones went for the individuals who care about sound quality. It is all around structured and the earpieces don't extend out of your ears. On account of its low weight, it doesn't cause exhaustion when worn for long spans. The conelike eartips fit well, and with five sets of tips provided, finding a solid match isn't quite a bit of an issue. 

While this pair of headphones is great, it seems overrated for what it offers. We found the RHA-MA650 (wired) to be a generally excellent elective that offers comparable sound quality at a lower cost, in the event that you can at present get your hands on a couple. 

Value (MRP): 6,999 


  • Agreeable and light 
  • Almost impartial sonic mark 
  • Point by point sound 
  • Tangle-safe links 


  1. Overrated 
  2. Appraisals (out of 5) 
  3. Configuration/comfort: 4 
  4. Sound quality: 3.5 
  5. Incentive for cash: 3 
  6. By and large: 3.5

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