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Despite the fact that you would now be able to purchase a good pair of remote headphones for not as much as Rs. 2,000, even that may be a lot for many individuals. Luckily, in case you're searching for something completely essential that just fills the center need of private tuning in, you need not spend more than Rs. 500. There are a lot of reasonable wired headphones accessible today, for example, the Boat Bassheads 100, which we're looking into here. 

Estimated at Rs. 399 onwards, the Boat Bassheads 100 is among the most moderate sets of headphones you can purchase from a notable brand today. This section level choice is more or less basic, it incorporates highlights like an in-line remote and receiver that most clients anticipate from their headphones. However, how can it sound? We survey the Boat Bassheads 100 to discover. 
Boat Bassheads 100 Honest Review: Details

Boat Bassheads 100 Plan And Details 

While a few sets of headphones estimated at around Rs. 500 do highlight metal housings or even attractive clasping for the earbuds, dropping down to Rs. 399 appears to remove any plausibility of going past the essentials. In reality, the Boat Bassheads 100 is basic, normal, and utilitarian; you get plastic housings and conventional elastic covered links, yet at any rate you do get a solitary catch remote and an amplifier for voice approaches the Y-splitter. 

Albeit plastic, the housings do look pleasant gratitude to their one of a kind structure. Then again, the sharp finishes made dealing with the earbuds somewhat unbalanced. The construct quality is nice for a spending headset, and the Boat Bassheads 100 seems like it will hold together for a sensible measure of time. Be that as it may, we heard a great deal of link clamor when wearing the headphones. 
Boat Bassheads 100 Honest Review: Details
The beginning cost of the Boat Bassheads 100 is Rs. 399, which will get you one of the standard Black, red, pink, or white shading variants. In any case, for Rs. 499, you can buy one of the extraordinary IPL-release variations, for example, Kings XI Punjab red or the Mumbai Indians blue version that we had for survey. Aside from the shading and the IPL group logo on the back of the Y-splitter, there are no different contrasts between these IPL-version variations of the Boat Bassheads 100 and the standard ones. 

Availability is through a standard 3.5mm attachment. The Boat Bassheads 100 has 10mm unique drivers, a recurrence reaction scope of 20-20,000Hz, 16Ohms of impedance, and an affectability rating of 92dB. The business bundle incorporates an aggregate of three sets of silicone ear tips, and the attack of the headphones was agreeable for us. 
Boat Bassheads 100 Honest Review: Details

Boat Bassheads 100 Execution 

Try not to let the cost of the Boat Bassheads 100 have you believe you're getting a crummy item; this pair of headphones completes a better than average occupation. The sound is noisy, and the sonic mark suits most mainstream music sorts with marginally raised reactions in the lows and highs. With the volume low, the sound was without any fervor, yet siphoning the level up to around 80 percent quickly improved sound quality. 
Boat Bassheads 100 Honest Review: Details
The sound is perfect, with good stereo detachment and a great soundstage for a couple of earphones valued at just Rs. 399. Tuning in to Mermaid of Salinas by Basement Jaxx, the energizing beats were unmistakable and present, without muffling the spotless idea of the remainder of the sound. While the mid range is discernably limited a bit by the headphones, this doesn't altogether influence the listening knowledge. 

Proceeding onward to Ven Pa Ca by Croatia Squad, we were hoping to hear more punch in the sound than what the Boat Bassheads 100 had the option to give. There isn't much bass snugness with these headphones. Saying this doesn't imply that that bass is absent; it's just somewhat laid back and unobtrusive, instead of energizing and driven. We feel that bass sweethearts would be ideally serviced by alternatives, for example, the Ant Audio Wave 702 or the more costly Boat Bassheads 225. 

This pair of headphones is to a great extent outfitted around music, and the to some degree dull mid-go affected sound quality when watching content with exchange. We viewed a couple of TV shows and motion picture cuts on a cell phone with these headphones giving sound, and keeping in mind that the experience was agreeable and functional, it wasn't exactly as pleasant as we'd have enjoyed. 

We additionally utilized the Boat Bassheads 100 as a without hands headset for voice calls, and execution was satisfactory. We found the mouthpiece to be somewhat feeble, yet this was just extremely an issue in boisterous conditions. 


The Boat Bassheads 100 is an uncomplicated pair of headphones that does precisely what it should do — play music legitimately into your ears. It completes an average occupation at this, with a perfect sound that works for most famous music classifications. This is the most reasonable pair of better than average sounding headphones you can purchase, and as we would see it, there's nothing else that can coordinate it at its cost. 
Boat Bassheads 100 Honest Review: Details
Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you can expand your spending limit by even Rs. 100, there are better alternatives, for example, the Ant Audio Wave 702, which offers better form quality and sound. 

Value: Starting Rs. 399 


  • Great structure, a lot of shading alternatives 
  • Remote and amplifier included 
  • Clean solid, great soundstage 
  • Great incentive for cash 


  • Link clamor is huge 
  • Dull mid-run, not generally excellent with discourse 

Evaluations (out of 5) 

  • Configuration/comfort: 3.5 
  • Sound quality: 2.5 
  • Incentive for cash: 5 
  • Generally speaking: 3.5
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