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Godrej Eve PT, Eve Mini, Eve Cube Security Cameras

The Godrej name is held in high regard with regards to electronic apparatuses for home and office use. The organization has likewise extended in the space of associated keen home machines and now offers a rich arrangement of items, which incorporate the Eve arrangement of surveillance cameras. We have a trio of surveillance cameras from Godrej up for audit – the Godrej Eve PT, Godrej Eve Mini, and Godrej Eve Cube — which contrast in their structure, highlight sets, and cost. The costs of the three models run from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 9,999. Are these surveillance cameras worth their asking costs, and do they offer more an incentive than contenders from any semblance of Xiaomi? We should discover in our survey. 

Godrej Eve PT, Eve Mini, and Eve Cube Structure and Highlights 

The Godrej Eve PT, Godrej Eve Mini, and Godrej Eve Cube surveillance cameras contrast as far as their plan and construct quality. We'll begin with the most costly gadget in the trio, the Godrej Eve PT which at present goes for Rs. 9,999. It's a round unit that can turn unreservedly on its base mount. The outside is polished white with a thick dark vertical strip which contains the 2-megapixel camera sensor and a hard fold covering the reset catch and the microSD card opening. 
Godrej Eve Security Cameras Review

The base has a speaker, with the Micro-USB and Ethernet ports close to it in a little break. The Godrej Eve PT looks to some extent like the Mi Home Security Camera 360°, put something aside for its reflexive white completion and littler dark strip in the center. The camera has a flat swivel scope of 355 degrees, while the vertical point can be between 10 degrees and 90 degrees. 

Much the same as the Xiaomi offering, the mechanized camera does not make any solid while pivoting on its base when you control it utilizing the Godrej Eve application on your cell phone or tablet. 

The Godrej Eve Mini and Godrej Eve Cube both game increasingly traditional platform structures and have lustrous white surfaces. The Godrej Eve Cube's camera body is oval fit as a fiddle (regardless of its name) with a midway situated camera focal point. An infrared illuminator and LED light are situated above and beneath the focal point separately. 
Godrej Eve Security Cameras Review

The speaker is situated at the back, simply behind the 2-megapixel camera focal point, and there's a reset catch underneath it. The correct side highlights the Micro-USB port, and a microSD card opening can be found on the left. This camera can perceive microSD cards of up to 128GB in limit. 

The level field of view is 95 degrees when the video quality is set to low, and goes up to 105 degrees when the quality is set to Hi-Def. The edge that the camera is pointed at can be balanced by tilting and pivoting it on its base to catch the ideal casing. Since this isn't a mechanized model, you can't reposition it remotely. 
Godrej Eve Security Cameras Review

Concerning the Godrej Eve Mini surveillance camera, it includes a squarish camera body with adjusted corners. The upper left corner is the place the 1.3-megapixel sensor (115 degrees field of view) is situated, with two IR illuminators for low-light vision on its right side. The LED light and the mouthpiece are situated at the lower right and left corners separately. In contrast to the next two models, the Godrej Eve Mini surveillance camera does not highlight a Micro-USB port and has an exclusive charger. 

Much the same as the Godrej Eve Cube, the Godrej Eve Mini's camera body can be rotated vertically just as on a level plane to modify the camera edge physically. The left side highlights a microSD card space and reset catch. The body is again plastic with a reflexive completion, yet it looks more premium than the Godrej Eve Cube, on account of the littler structure factor and metallic stand. Not at all like the Godrej Eve Cube and Godrej Eve PT surveillance cameras, the Godrej Eve Mini does not bolster remote calling or talkback. 
Godrej Eve Security Cameras Review

Each of the three surveillance cameras can be set on a table or mounted on a divider or roof. The retail boxes of the trio accompany their base mounting plates and the screws you'll have to join the cameras to their stands. You likewise get a guidance manual, in addition to a Micro-USB link and power connector with the Eve PT and Eve Cube. 

Godrej Eve PT, Eve Mini, and Eve Cube Establishment And Arrangement 

The design and arrangement process for every one of the three Godrej surveillance cameras is comparative. You'll require the Godrej Eve application, which is accessible for both Android and iOS cell phones, and you'll likewise need to make a Godrej Eve client account. When these cameras have been associated with a power source, you can look for them utilizing the '+' catch and after that filtering a QR code that shows up on the cell phone's screen utilizing the surveillance camera. 
Godrej Eve Security Cameras Review

When the output is fruitful and your Wi-Fi accreditations have been entered, the cameras go live and begin recording video. There is an extra issue, however. So as to watch a live feed on your cell phone or tablet, clients should physically enter the gadget confirmation number imprinted on a sticker at the base of every unit. Likewise, on the off chance that you expect to spare film to a microSD card, you should physically initialise it utilizing the Godrej Eve application in the wake of embeddings it into the camera's space. 
Godrej Eve Security Cameras Review

The Godrej surveillance cameras need support for the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, so clients should ensure that their switch underpins the 2.4GHz band. The entire arrangement procedure takes around 10 minutes, and is helped by well ordered direction in the application just as sound guidelines from the cameras. In any case, there is no direction about how to actuate the live feed in the application or guidance manual, which clients should make sense of alone. We figured out how to do this in the wake of plunging into the Godrej Eve application's Settings menu. 

Godrej Eve PT, Eve Mini, and Eve Cube Execution 

The Godrej Eve application's home screen demonstrates a card for getting to the live feed of every surveillance camera that you have associated with a similar client profile. The live feed screen offers controls including full-screen see, multi-window see, video recording, catching stills, and beginning a sound call by means of the talkback highlight. The Godrej Eve application has less highlights than the Xiaomi Home application, however. 

The application enables clients to switch between three distinct modes: Hi-Def, Standard, and Basic. The goals of recordings varies at every quality setting. The Godrej Eve PT and Eve Cube record video at 1920x1080 pixels in Hi-Def and Standard modes, while Basic mode has a goals of 704x576 pixels. 

The Godrej Eve Mini surveillance camera, which has a marginally sub-par 1.3-megapixel camera contrasted with the 2-megapixel sensor on the other two models, records recordings at 1280x720 pixels goals in Hi-Def mode, and 768x432 pixels and 512x288 pixels separately in Standard and Basic mode. There's a monochrome mode for chronicle around evening time, utilizing the cameras' IR LEDs. 

With respect to the quality, the recordings and pictures shot by the cameras are simply better than average. We wish that hues were somewhat more exact and the splendor could have been something more. In sufficiently bright conditions, recordings look sharp and have not too bad energy, however in low light, recordings and photographs lose sharpness and immersion, and there is likewise a lot of commotion. Contrasted with the nature of recordings and stills caught by the Mi Home Security Camera 360°, this trio of Godrej surveillance cameras fall discernibly behind. 

Looking at the video yield of the three Godrej surveillance cameras, we found that the recordings recorded by the Godrej Eve PT and Godrej Eve Cube have more subtleties and better shading profile contrasted with the Godrej Eve Mini. The equivalent goes for stills too, with photographs shot by the Godrej Eve PT and Godrej Eve Cube likewise ending up being more brilliant than those caught by the Godrej Eve Mini

Nonetheless, these deficiencies are fairly made up for with regards to night mode. The IR LEDs help enlighten the casing so things like item edges can be caught with an OK measure of detail. The Godrej Eve scaled down - the most minimal end gadget of the pack – completes a shockingly great job of chronicle evening recordings, yet it likewise passes up one significant component – sound talkback. 

The Godrej Eve Cube and Eve PT's talkback highlight enables clients to speak with individuals in the zone where the camera has been introduced. The sound leaving the speaker is clear, yet the cameras' amplifiers will in general get a lot of commotion and sound was fairly twisted. 

Every one of the three Godrej surveillance cameras come outfitted with movement finders and can send notices through the application at whatever point they distinguish development. Not at all like the Mi Home Security Camera 360°, which records a 10-second clasp when it distinguishes movement, the Godrej contributions simply send a notice alert, which on being tapped, opens the live feed. 

Except if you utilize a microSD card, there is no programmed video recording highlight, which can demonstrate to be a noteworthy warning on the off chance that you can't respond to the movement discovery alert on schedule and access the live feed to perceive what's going on in the camera's view. Be that as it may, one can mount a microSD card to give the camera a chance to spare all the recording, which can later be seen on an associated telephone or tablet. 

At the point when clients get a movement location alert in the wake of mounting a microSD card, they can tap on the warning to straightforwardly observe that purpose of the recorded film where movement was distinguished by the camera. The Godrej surveillance cameras, not at all like the Mi Home Security Camera 360°, don't offer distributed storage office. 

There are not many different characteristics with this security framework too. On account a video or picture, clients can't see the media documents right away. Rather, you initially need to open 'My Album' in the Godrej Eve application and after that move the ideal documents to another application like Google Photos so as to see more subtleties and share or alter them. Also, each of the three Godrej surveillance cameras take between 5 to 8 seconds to change to night mode when the lights are killed. The video feed could likewise have been smoother when camera points are balanced utilizing the application.


The greatest fixing of the Godrej Eve surveillance cameras is their moderately high cost. The Godrej Eve Mini surveillance camera is right now accessible for Rs. 3,500, while the Godrej Eve Cube and Godrej Eve PT can be acquired at Rs. 3,500 and the Rs. 9,999 individually. Of the trio, the Godrej Eve PT is the main gadget that can draw near to the highlights and capacities that the Mi Home Security Camera 360° (Review) brings to the table, however the Godrej gadget costs over thrice as much as the Xiaomi advertising.

The other two Godrej surveillance cameras likewise neglect to coordinate Xiaomi's list of capabilities and the general offer, particularly in the wake of considering alternatives, for example, the Yi 720p HD Smart Security Camera estimated at Rs.1,619 and the Yi 1080p Full HD Smart Security Camera, which can be obtained for 2,699. At that point there is the disappointing video quality, the moderately intricate arrangement process, and the absence of highlights on the sidekick application. Thinking about every one of that, clients can discover much better worth on the off chance that they put resources into one of the surveillance cameras offered by Xiaomi or its Yi auxiliary.

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