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Wellness wearables are very common now, and various makers have endeavored to make their own, on the grounds that a great deal of purchasers like having the option to watch their wellness. We have tried a significant number of the prevalent wellness wearables in the market, and the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is one that is anything but difficult to prescribe. Cell phone producer Lenovo as of now has its wellness wearables, the HW02 Plus and HX03F, in the market and has now presented another model called the Lenovo Ego. This new wearable gadget looks more like a smartwatch than a wellness band. At a cost of Rs. 1,999 is it fit for giving the Mi Band 3 a kept running for its cash in the spending section of the shrewd wearables showcase? We put it under a magnifying glass.

Lenovo Ego Honest Review: Features, Prices & More

Lenovo Ego Plan 

The Lenovo Ego looks in no way like the vast majority of the wellness groups that are accessible in the market. Rather, Lenovo has structured it to resemble a rough computerized watch. It has a round dial and four thick catches around it. While the watch looks cumbersome, it is moderately light, weighing simply 45g. 
The Lenovo Ego has a 1.6-inch against intelligent monochrome showcase which is decipherable when outside. This isn't a touchscreen, so all the data is gotten to by squeezing the catches as an afterthought. The dial has compass course markings on it however these are for feel just, and don't attach in to whatever is appeared on the showcase. 

Lenovo has utilized an elastic lash for the watch, and it is of fair quality. This elastic tie can't be supplanted like the ones on a portion of the different wellness groups in the market. Since it is a watch-style lash with a clasp, getting an appropriate fit was simple. 

Lenovo Ego Honest Review: Features, Prices & More

There are two catches on the left half of the watch. The upper one is the 'Light' catch for the backdrop illumination, which gives you a chance to peruse the watch face in obscurity. The other is a 'Begin' catch to mood killer the watch, which doesn't appear to be especially valuable. On the right, the upper 'Mode' catch cycles between data screens for your progression check, separate secured, calories consumed, and term dozed. The 'Reset' catch cycles between the pulse and stopwatch screens. These catches are huge yet we discovered that they need legitimate criticism, which made us re-think our sources of info. 

At the back of the watch are a pulse sensor and pogo stick connectors for charging. The charger has two pins and magnets that help it hook onto the watch. We weren't content with this component as we needed to arrange it cautiously every time we expected to charge the watch (fortunately, not that frequently). A slight poke was sufficient to oust the charger. 

Since the watch is light, we thought that it was agreeable to wear for long terms. It was likewise simple to rest while wearing it. 

Lenovo Ego Honest Review: Features, Prices & More

You'll have to utilize the Lenovo Life application to set the Ego up with your cell phone. The application is accessible for both Android and iOS gadgets. We utilized this gadget essentially with a Google Pixel 3 (₹ 56,829) (Review) unit for testing. The Ego likewise vibrates to educate you regarding approaching calls and notices like a fundamental wearable, yet that is about it. You can see 'Message' for an approaching message and 'Call' for calls, and there is no data past that. You'll need to destroy out your telephone to really observe a message and react to it. 

Lenovo Ego Execution and Battery Life 

Lenovo has some involvement with wellness groups and it has put that to great use with the Lenovo Ego. The default screen of the Ego demonstrates the date, time, and current pulse, and this gadget is fit for constant pulse following. It additionally demonstrates a Bluetooth symbol when the Ego is associated with your cell phone. You can push through more data on the watch by squeezing the Mode and Reset catches. 

We should discuss the buddy application. The Lenovo Life application demonstrates all the wellness information that the Ego gathers, however it isn't also structured as the Fitbit partner application which we utilized during our Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR Review. Initially, the application gives you data including the quantity of steps taken, rest following information, and pulse information. 

The Ego logs pulse data at 5 minute interims and presentations the normal for the afternoon. We couldn't figure out how to mood killer constant pulse following. You can tap at see the whole diagram. Rest following information demonstrates you data like Deep rest, Light rest, Average pulse, and alert time. It additionally illuminates you about the quality regarding rest and recommends you to make a move on the off chance that it isn't sufficient. 

Lenovo Ego Honest Review: Features, Prices & More
The application has a find tab that recommends practices you can do, and causes you make an exercise plan. The following tab has some data about Lenovo wellness items, however a few areas were either fragmented or had not been refreshed since April 2018. The last tab gives you a chance to design your profile and select the applications that inform you. It additionally has a photograph work that gives you a chance to utilize the Ego as a remote screen catch, yet just inside the Lenovo Life application itself. You can't exploit this in your default camera application. 

We tried the Ego for almost three weeks, following advances, separation, and lay down with it. We tallied 1000 stages physically to check the Ego's exactness, and it enlisted 1002 stages which is very great. We were glad to see that the gadget did not enlist steps when we were going in a vehicle or riding a cruiser, something that few trackers do. 

To check remove exactness, we strolled a stretch that we knew was actually 1km. The Ego enlisted 0.95km. This is sensibly precise, taking into account that the gadget does not have its very own GPS beneficiary. So, in the event that you are not kidding about following runs, we would suggest not totally depending on gadgets without GPS like this one. 

We likewise utilized the pulse sensor while running on a treadmill and saw that the Ego would return readings in a similar range as the treadmill. In any case, the pulse sensor wasn't constantly reliable. We would discover the Ego demonstrating 80bpm while our heart was dashing just after a cardio session., Readjusting the band helped in a couple of these examples. 

Lenovo claims that the Ego offers 20 days of battery life per charge, however we got 10 days worth of utilization out of the watch with ceaseless pulse following on, and with vibration cautions for approaching calls and messages empowered. Charging took near an hour utilizing a 10W charger. 


The Lenovo Ego is a wellness band in the state of a tough advanced watch, however isn't as useful as a smartwatch. It has a decent showcase that is usable in various light conditions. We discovered its progression, separation, and rest following to be precise enough for the gadget this reasonable. Pulse following was exact, yet it wasn't steady. 

While the Ego performs its following capacities well, it indicates truth be told, exceptionally essential warnings contrasted with the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The beginning cost of Rs. 1,999 is actually equivalent to that of the Mi Band 3. On the off chance that you need something that doesn't resemble a wellness band however works precisely like one, the Lenovo Ego ought to be the one to pick. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to have the option to peruse notices on your wrist and know who's calling, the Mi Band 3 is the best approach. 


-Exact advance and separation following 
-Average battery life 
-Great presentation 


-Conflicting pulse following 
-Ungainly charging component 
-Essential notices 

Evaluations (out of 5) 

-Plan and solace: 3.5 
-Following precision: 4 
-Friend application: 2.5 
-Battery life: 3.5 
-In general: 3.5

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