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With 55-inch 4K HDR LED Smart TVs accessible for as meager as Rs. 40,000 today, it turns out to be progressively hard for analysts like us to suggest spending sums that keep running into lakhs of rupees essentially for better execution. For sure, there's no reason for attempting to persuade somebody with a spending limit of Rs. 40,000 to consider a TV of a similar size that costs Rs. 2,50,000, yet in the event that you do have the financial limit for a top notch TV, at that point the advantages are plain to see. 

One such TV is the Sony KD-55X9500G, the 55-inch model in Sony's X95G series, which right now sits at the highest point of the Japanese organization's LED TV lineup in India. You could spend fundamentally more on an OLED TV from Sony on the off chance that you needed to — like one having a place with A9F series, for instance — yet the X95G lineup serves the necessities of purchasers who need a component filled TV, however would prefer not to pay the top notch that OLED TVs still direction. 
Sony X95G 55-Inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV Full Honest Review: Features, Prices & Verdict

The Sony X95G territory incorporates the 55-inch model on survey here (estimated at Rs. 2,49,900), a 75-inch variation (valued at Rs. 5,49,900), and a 85-inch variation (valued at Rs. 12,99,900), with every one of the three having similar particulars separated from screen estimate. 

For Rs. 2,49,900, the Sony KD-55X9500G offers a 55-inch 4K HDR LED screen, support for Dolby Vision and Dolby sound, savvy availability through Android TV, and the guarantee of top-level execution. This is an as a matter of fact great series of highlights, however at this point we're going to see if Sony has done what's necessary to make the X95G offering worth its cost, in our audit. 

Sony X95G Structure and Particulars 

Thin screen fringes aren't only well known on cell phones, and numerous superior TVs today are additionally going for the all-screen stylish. It's a look that normally suits TVs, and the front of the Sony X95G is about the screen. There are flimsy outskirts all around, with the base being somewhat thicker than the top and sides. The base has a Sony logo and a pointer light that discloses to you when the TV is on; it very well may be for all time killed through the settings, however, for a completely moderate look. 
Sony X95G 55-Inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV Full Honest Review: Features, Prices & Verdict
The back of the TV is very perfect, with a slight strip close to the top which houses the speakers. At the two closures of the strip are the tweeters, which Sony says can reenact the impact of sound originating from the screen itself. The left half of the TV has one lot of ports and attachments confronting outwards, while another set faces downwards just beneath it. 

The stands that accompany the Sony X95G TV are somewhat cumbersome looking and raise the TV a bit too high over any table it's set on, however they are sufficiently able to keep the TV stable. Besides, they aren't situated exceptionally far separated, so you can put the Sony TV on a little table if necessary. You can, obviously, have the TV divider mounted on the off chance that you like. 

The Sony X95G has a lot of availability choices — the rudiments are secured with four HDMI ports (three at the last, one along the edge), one lot of composite information attachments, and three USB ports (one USB 3.0 port at the last, two USB 2.0 ports along the edge). 

Aside from that, the TV can interface with the Internet through either Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet, associate with outside embellishments utilizing Bluetooth, and send sound to outer gadgets through advanced or 3.5mm yields. HDMI ARC and HDMI CEC are upheld, and the TV has worked in Chromecast usefulness too. 

This Sony X95G TV has a 55-inch LED-illuminated LCD screen with a goals of 3840x2160 pixels and a greatest invigorate rate of 120Hz at full-HD goals, with 4K topped at 60Hz. The HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision organizations are bolstered for high unique range substance, and the majority of this is controlled by the Sony X1 Ultimate picture processor, which is the organization's most recent and most dominant picture processor yet. 

For sound, the 55-inch Sony X95G TV has two tweeters and two full-run drivers, with an absolute yield of 20W. Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround are inherent, while Sony has expressed that Dolby Atmos bolster will accompany a future firmware update. 
Sony X95G 55-Inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV Full Honest Review: Features, Prices & Verdict
The remote packaged with the Sony X95G is very tall, yet is light and agreeable to utilize. It's a shrewd remote that can get voice directions — you can utilize the Google Assistant capacity, just as utilize your voice as opposed to composing things in the UI. When matched appropriately, the IR producer on the remote is just used to kill the TV on and; every single other capacity use Bluetooth and needn't bother with the remote to be indicated at the TV work. 

There are committed catches for Netflix and Google Play, just as appropriate route catches and playback controls. HDMI CEC bolster implies that the remote can be utilized to control other associated gadgets also, and it had the option to appropriately control an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K that we had associated with the TV. It's an amazing remote that may look out-dated, however with regards to usefulness, is out of this world present day. 

Sony X95G Programming and Interface 

Just like the case with the remainder of Sony's excellent TV lineup, the Sony X95G TV keeps running on Google's Android TV programming and UI. A few producers offer seriously restricted forms of Android TV, yet Sony hasn't kept anything down here — you gain admittance to all famous applications and administrations on the Sony X95G

This incorporates Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar, alongside Google's well known YouTube and Google Play Movies, all of which come pre-introduced. The renditions of these applications on the TV are incredible and they can be utilized effectively with the D-cushion on the remote. Besides, the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video applications do bolster 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision gushing (if your membership plan permits that), and we had the option to play 4K content on YouTube also. 

Gushing video utilizing the Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and Google Play Movies applications functioned admirably on our 25mbps Internet association at up to 4K. Anyway YouTube had buffering issues at any goals above 1440p. 

You additionally gain admittance to Google Assistant on the TV, and it's conceivable to give voice directions through the remote. Besides, the TV can be connected with Google Home speakers, on the off chance that you have any, for further mix. While Google Assistant on the Sony X95G TV to a great extent functioned true to form, we were especially dazzled with its capacity to look through the Netflix list and legitimately play content we requested. This needs you to be marked in to the authority Netflix application on the TV with your record. 

There are a lot of approaches to change the image and sound settings, including dark levels, complexity, hues, and movement on this TV to make it work precisely how you need it. All in all, Android TV stays a standout amongst the best savvy TV UIs accessible today, however booting it up takes some time. This implies on the off chance that you are in the propensity for fueling off the mains once you are finished watching, you will discover the TV horrendously moderate to awaken whenever. In the event that you simply utilize the remote, this is a non-issue. 

Sony X95G Execution 

The Sony X95G is valued at a critical premium over the challenge, and normally sets enormous desires for quality execution. From numerous points of view, especially with top-quality substance, this TV does not baffle. We put in a couple of days with the 55-inch Sony X95G for our audit, observing a wide range of substance extending from standard definition to Ultra-HD, through spilling administrations, news channels, and video test records on a USB drive. We additionally approached Dolby Vision and HDR10 content, which we used to test the Sony TV. 

Beginning with the best substance accessible, we played Our Planet on Netflix. This is among the most outwardly splendid shows at any point made, and Netflix does full equity to the creation quality by offering it in 4K with Dolby Vision for perfect TVs. Playing this both over HDMI utilizing an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K just as through the Netflix application on the Android TV interface, we were totally overwhelmed by the degree of detail, brilliance, and shading precision. 

The Sony X95G TV is amazingly competent with HDR and Dolby Vision, and we could see a reasonable effect in the expanded shading array and splendor. The shocking visuals from the rainforests of Borneo in Our Planet were brilliant where they should have been, with scenes of daylight gushing through the thick foliage displaying exactly how splendid the TV can get. 
Sony X95G 55-Inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV Full Honest Review: Features, Prices & Verdict
Moreover, the light was appropriately focused at parts of the screen where the brilliant hues were, while dim zones viably held their obscurity. HDR10 content from Amazon Prime Video looked great also, despite the fact that Dolby Vision substance looked unmistakably better. 

This degree of pinnacle brilliance can be credited to the Sony X95G being a LED TV, yet the experience additionally depends on Dolby Vision Bright, an extraordinary picture mode that naturally knocks up the splendor and changes different settings to make the best of Dolby Vision content. Then again, the LED screen has its drawbacks with regards to dark levels, and the Sony X95G TV suffers in this division. 

Blacks aren't exactly as dark on the Sony TV as on a tolerable OLED or even a Quantum Dot TV, and this is apparent especially with HDR content. This additionally influences differentiate, which isn't exactly in the same class as we'd sought after from such a costly TV. With non-HDR content, the dark levels would be commonly adequate for a LED TV, yet we anticipate better at this cost. 

Turning away from Dolby Vision and HDR, and concentrating on the image itself, the Sony X95G TV gets most things right. While viewing an assortment of substance including Designated Survivor on Netflix, The Looming Tower on Amazon Prime Video, and a portion of our example 4K cuts, we observed the image to be sharp, yet with a delicate quality that guaranteed that edges weren't exactly as rough as we've seen on progressively reasonable alternatives. 

Visuals were itemized and hues were precise and simple on the eyes; the image was splendid, however not searingly so. The Sony X95G TV gives what is presumably the most precise and outwardly sensible picture quality with high-goals content that you can expect at under Rs. 3,00,000.

Moving to full-HD content, we viewed the motion picture Rampage on Amazon Prime Video. The TV completed a good occupation of upscaling full-HD content. The image was sharp and clean, with amazing hues, and a portion of the brilliance and shading improving traps that are seen with HDR content. Be that as it may, we saw a few issues with movement, in spite of attempting a wide range of settings to make things clean on this front. 

With all movement preparing settings killed, movement wound up spiked at whatever point the image got somewhat occupied. Turning movement handling on, movement issues were fixed to a degree, yet despite everything we saw a few relics and unpleasant movement with extremely speedy development. 

Moderate and delicate movement was smooth, and the delicate idea of the image helped in guaranteeing that it was lovely with full-HD and higher-goals content. Be that as it may, these issues are difficult to ignore (regardless of whether they just harvest up every so often), especially thinking about the cost of the TV. 

While things are extraordinary generally with high-goals and brilliant substance, the Sony X95G TV doesn't exactly stand its ground with standard definition and 720p substance. It very well may be contended that individuals who purchase this TV aren't probably going to watch a ton of standard definition substance, and individuals who watch standard definition content truly shouldn't purchase such a TV, yet it's as yet worth calling attention to how ineffectively the TV handles customary programming and low-goals video. We went to a TV news direct communicate in SD, and keeping in mind that it wasn't completely unwatchable, the absence of detail, various antiquities, and dull hues made for a disappointing knowledge. 

The Sony X95G TV has a one of a kind sound series called Acoustic Multi Audio, which uses two full-extend drivers and two tweeters to create an aggregate of 20W of sound. These drivers are at the back of the TV, and the plan and format of the speakers is said to give the impression of the sound originating from the screen itself. 

Practically speaking, the sound phase of the Sony KD-55X9500G was average, and its Dolby and DTS tuning seemed to guarantee that the sound was spotless and sharp. In any case, it didn't exactly get as noisy as we'd have loved, and as we ordinarily prescribe that in case you're spending a ton of cash on a brilliant TV, it merits putting resources into a soundbar or speaker framework for the best generally speaking home stimulation experience. 


The Sony X95G is likely the best LED TV you could purchase at the present time. It exploits the higher pinnacle brilliance that a LED screen offers to convey what is, as we would see it, the best execution, splendor, and shading precision that you can get today. Obviously that relies upon substance quality. When viewing 4K Dolby Vision content, the experience is the best of the best. HDR10, ordinary 4K, and full-HD video is quite great too. 

Going underneath full-HD goals, the Sony X95G doesn't make even an attractive showing with regards to; this TV isn't intended for use with not exactly the best substance accessible today. In the event that you to a great extent depend on gushing administrations, current consoles, and Blu-Ray films for substance, with events where you watch ordinary TV programming through a set-top box being rare, this TV will suit you fine. On the off chance that you have the top-level Netflix plan and a quick Internet association at home, you'll cherish this TV. 

At Rs. 2,49,900, the Sony X95G is very costly, particularly considering the way that you're getting a LED board at the cost of an OLED one. It's conceivable to locate some top of the line OLED TV models at this cost, including a portion of LG's 2019 models. OLED is the screen innovation of things to come, and purchasers ought to in a perfect world attempt the two alternatives before settling on a choice on a TV at this value level. 

In spite of the majority of this, the Sony X95G is a solid entertainer that offers essentially all that you would need from a top of the line TV, and it may merit considering for its magnificent exhibition with 4K and Dolby Vision content. 

Value: Rs. 2,49,900 


  • Brilliant execution with 4K, Dolby Vision, and HDR10 content 
  • Undeniable Android TV programming 
  • Exact hues, sharp picture, high pinnacle brilliance 
  • Great remote 
  • Loads of availability choices 


  • Costly for a LED TV 
  • Normal dark levels and difference 
  • A few issues with movement 
  • Below average execution with 720p and standard definition content 

Evaluations (out of 5) 

  • Structure: 4 
  • Execution: 4 
  • Incentive for cash: 3 
  • By and large: 4
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