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The vast majority of us are substance utilizing a cell phone to tune in to music, and for sure for the normal audience, a telephone takes care of business splendidly well. Be that as it may, audiophiles and propelled clients probably won't be happy with this alternative, particularly thinking about that increasingly more cell phones today are excluding the 3.5mm attachment. A great many people will concur that high-goals sound is best delighted in on a couple of wired headphones or earphones. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

That is actually what high-goals sound players, for example, the Shanling M0 are for. This palm-sized compact music player offers remote and wired network, so you can utilize it with your best earphones or headphones. Likewise, this 'Chi-Fi' item is valued at just Rs. 8,999 — the perfect section value run for anybody hoping out the audiophile life an attempt. We audit the Shanling M0 to see whether it's adequate to be your first high-goals sound player. 

Shanling M0 Plan and Determinations 

The most striking part of the Shanling M0's plan is its size — this sound player is little enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Its size and shape, just as the pivoting dial as an afterthought, cause the M0 to look like a smartwatch, though one without ties. The gadget isn't extremely thin however, and is a reasonable piece thicker than the normal cell phone. In any case, it's still amazingly pocketable and compact, and you won't experience any difficulty discovering some place to put it whether you're utilizing it or not. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

The Shanling M0 has a metal unibody with a 1.54-inch touchscreen on the front. The main physical control on this sound player is the power catch on the right, which bends over as a turning dial to modify the volume. The base of the sound player has the 3.5mm attachment and a USB Type-C port (for charging and moving records), while the left has a space for a microSD card. The space is secured by a huge fold that we found very difficult to open. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

The Shanling M0 has no inward capacity, so you will require a microSD card to utilize it. Up to 512GB cards are upheld, and the business bundle does not have one included. You do get a USB Type-C link for charging, however. The gadget underpins different record types including packed arrangements, for example, MP3 and WMA, just as high-goals organizations, for example, FLAC, WAV, DSD, and M4A, at up to 32-bit/384kHz goals. 

Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review
There are three different ways to utilize the Shanling M0 — with wired earphones, with remote earphones, or as a USB computerized to-simple converter (DAC). The gadget has a 32-bit ESS Saber ES9218P quad DAC for use with wired earphones, while remote ones can profit by Bluetooth 4.1 and support for the LDAC and Qualcomm aptX codecs. The Shanling M0 has a 630mAh battery, which kept running for around 11 hours utilizing a mix of wired and remote network as far as we can tell. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

The Shanling M0 keeps running on MTouch OS, a custom UI improved for the little 1.54-inch screen. Exploring through the UI depends on motions — swipes and taps are sufficient to get around. While it was at first confounding to explore the interface, we in the long run became accustomed to it and had the option to rapidly get to any place we should have been. You can redo different settings on the gadget, examine through your track list, and even set the time with the in-fabricated clock. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

Shanling M0 Execution 

The Shanling M0's structure factor is its greatest fascination, and maybe the most compelling motivation many individuals would get it over a contending high-goals sound player, yet there is something else entirely to this gadget. It fills in as a proficient player, covering the rudiments with regards to network and document arrangement support. We fundamentally utilized the Shanling M0 with the Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 headphones and Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear earphones, just as the OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones to test Bluetooth sound. We likewise utilized the Shanling M0 as an independent DAC with a MacBook Air. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

As is normal from a nice sound player, the Shanling M0 carries out its responsibility by basically, well, carrying out its responsibility. Almost no flavor is added to the sound by the sound player, and we found that the characteristics and attributes of the earphones we utilized were to a great extent permitted to radiate through. What the Shanling M0 succeeds in doing is including both addition and volume with insignificant contortion. 
Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

Shanling M0 Convenient High-Resolution Sound Player Review

True to form, the best outcomes were with high-goals sound tracks. Tuning in to Foster The People's Call It What You Want in FLAC position with the volume set to the 70 percent imprint, we were dazzled by how noisy and drawing in the Whizzer Kylin A-HE03 headphones sounded. The punchy inclinations of the headphones were brought out precisely, while holding the detail and open nature of the track itself. Cranking the volume up past 70 percent certainly made the sound excessively boisterous, however it was shockingly without capable of being heard bending. 

We at that point proceeded onward to Pharrell Williams' Gust Of Wind, which we tuned in to in both FLAC and MP3 document groups. There was a capable of being heard distinction in quality when tuning in to the FLAC form, however the MP3 adaptation didn't sound poor using any and all means. Some portion of the credit for this does obviously go to the superb Sennheiser Momentum earphones that we utilized, yet the Shanling M0 additionally works superbly of advanced to-simple transformation and is fit for driving this headset as well as could be expected. 

While the Shanling M0 didn't exactly draw as much out of these earphones as the more costly Fiio M6, it absolutely offered a huge improvement over the exhibition of the Apple iPad smaller than expected (2019), which normally fills in as our ordinary sound source gadget. The in-fabricated DAC and intensification have a significant effect here, and support for different document organizes additionally helped in making this the perfect starter gadget for audiophiles. 

We additionally tried the M0's remote network, utilizing the great OnePlus Bullets Wireless. While it's pleasant to have the choice to interface remotely, this isn't the perfect utilization of the Shanling M0. Sound quality was to a great extent tantamount to that of our OnePlus 7 Pro (Review), which goes above and beyond with help for the aptX HD Bluetooth codec and the capacity to play music from gushing administrations. In the event that anything, we thought that it was simpler and better to utilize our cell phone with remote earphones and headphones than the Shanling M0, yet the usefulness exists for the individuals who need it. 

At long last, we utilized the Shanling M0 as an independent DAC with our Apple MacBook Air, which we found very helpful as an extra element. Sound quality was improved essentially on account of the utilization of the preferable DAC on the gadget over the fundamental one you jump on the workstation. We observed the sound to be more intense, cleaner, and increasingly definite when utilizing the M0 with the PC, however the distinctions were by and by not exactly as unmistakable likewise with the Fiio M6. 


While the Shanling M0 is a fair sound player, its actual USPs are transportability and cost. It's optimal as both a starter gadget and as an advantageous alternative for experienced audiophiles who may likewise have better hardware close by. It's anything but difficult to utilize, has not too bad battery life for a result of its size, and takes care of business. 

In case you're open to tuning in to music on your cell phone with remote earphones, the Shanling M0 isn't for you. Be that as it may, in the event that you have great wired earphones and welcome the advantages of high-goals sound (or possibly need to attempt), the M0 is the most pocketable and pocket-accommodating approach to begin. 

Value (MRP): Rs. 8,999 


  • Little and pocketable 
  • Touchscreen, simple UI route 
  • Looks great, incredible form quality 
  • All significant high-goals document arrangements upheld 
  • USB Type-C charging and DAC usefulness 
  • Good execution and battery life 


  • No in-constructed capacity and microSD card excluded 

Evaluations (out of 5) 

  • Plan: 4.5 
  • Execution: 4 
  • Battery: 4 
  • Incentive for cash: 4 
  • In general: 4
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