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Honor Band 5 Review

A great deal of new wearable gadgets have propelled in the ongoing weeks, including new models from famous brands in this space, for example, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Honor. The Honor Band 5 is one such item, and it is the most recent cycle in the well known Honor Band arrangement. This new wellness tracker packs in an AMOLED show, and is fit for following rest just as pulse. It's likewise water-safe upto 50m. The Honor Band 5 contends with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4, and is valued the equivalent at Rs. 2,299. So which wellness wearable would it be advisable for you to pick? We put the Honor Band 5 under a magnifying glass to discover.
Honor Band 5 Pros/Cons, Specs, Decision, Price Full Review

Honor Band 5 Plan And Programming

Honor hasn't changed the structure of this gadget at all contrasted with its ancestor. The Honor Band 4, which we checked on recently, additionally appeared to be like the gadget it supplanted. Honor offers the Band 5 of every three hues: Meteorite Black, Coral Pink, and Midnight Navy. We had a Meteorite Black unit for survey. Honor's most recent wellness band resembles a one-piece gadget however the lashes can be isolated from the fundamental body. You can change to various ties, and we found a couple of shading choices on the web.
The lash that accompanies the Honor Band 5 is made of top notch silicone, and has a watch-style fasten. This makes the gadget simple to wear and lessens its odds falling off. We didn't see any strange wear on the band while testing it throughout half a month.

The center of the Honor Band 5 houses a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a goals of 120x240 pixels. Directly underneath the presentation is a capacitive Home catch. Much the same as the Honor Band 4, the Band 5 has a shading show. While this component made the Band 4 stand apart among the challenge, it isn't interesting any longer, as any semblance of Mi Smart Band 4 likewise have one. This AMOLED board gets splendid enough outside, and you can browse between five degrees of brilliance on the band itself.
Honor Band 5 Pros/Cons, Specs, Decision, Price Full Review

At the back, you'll discover the equipment for pulse following. This sensor projects marginally yet isn't awkward when wearing the band. There are two pins for charging, however a restrictive clasp on charger is required. This charger has a Micro-USB port, and Honor likewise transports a short link to assist you with charging the gadget.

Since the Honor Band 5 has a touchscreen, you need to swipe to explore inside the UI. You can tap the screen to make a determination, and swipe right to return. Tapping the capacitive catch takes you to the home screen. The Honor Band 5 likewise has numerous watch faces that you can look over. Each watch face shows various kinds of data. Tapping on a face shows you the gadget's association status and battery level, and the present climate.
Honor Band 5 Pros/Cons, Specs, Decision, Price Full Review

The Honor Band 5 has a basic, simple to-utilize UI and shows you the quantity of steps you've taken, your pulse, rest span, exercise subtleties, and warnings. The Band 5 additionally hums to remind you to move in the event that you've been latent for quite a while. This is a helpful element. The exercises tab has nine exercise choices including a free preparing mode. While it would be an excessive amount to anticipate increasingly granular and explicit exercise following, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (Review) offers, the Honor Band 5 will give you a chance to track runs, both inside and outside just as swims. An ongoing update likewise included music controls and SpO2 (blood oxygen level) following.

Honor has made the Band 5 swimproof and has additionally added the capacity to track swims, something we couldn't test during this survey. In any case, we had the band on for more than 15 days and it survived our day by day showers.

Honor Band 5 Execution

You should utilize the Huawei Health application to match the Honor Band 5 with a cell phone. The application is accessible for both Android just as iOS. We utilized the Band 5 with a Google Pixel 3₹ 54,749 (Review) for the span of this audit. The blending procedure is extremely simple. When set up, the cell phone is equipped for pushing notices to the band. This application additionally gives you data, for example, the quantity of steps taken, youe pulse, and to what extent you've rested, in addition to other things.
Honor Band 5 Pros/Cons, Specs, Decision, Price Full Review

The Huawei Health application kept a relentless notice on our Pixel 3. While this was irritating, the application needs it to keep up a steady association with the band for pushing notices. This didn't have an observable effect to the battery life of our cell phone.

The application likewise tracks steps utilizing the cell phone's very own sensors, free of the means recorded by the band. We found the progression counter in the application to be erroneous as it continued tallying steps while we were riding a cruiser. We tried the exactness of the Honor Band 5 by checking 1000 stages while strolling, and it recorded 990 stages which is great. We saw the following as precise enough to depend on. Not at all like the Honor Band 4, the progression counter didn't record steps while we were driving near.

To check the separation following precision of the Honor Band 5, we strolled a separation that we knew was actually 1km. The Honor Band 5 recorded the separation as 1.06 km which is satisfactory considering the way that there is no local GPS usefulness. On the off chance that you aren't hoping to prepare expertly, this degree of precision will most likely do.
Honor Band 5 Pros/Cons, Specs, Decision, Price Full Review

Rest following was likewise dependable. The Honor Band 5 shows the term of your rest as well as separates it into Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, REM rest, and Awake periods. The Health application utilizes Huawei's Trusleep calculations for following. Distinctive rest periods are likewise reviewed, and the application gave us tips on the most proficient method to improve the nature of our rest. The smartband likewise has a vibrating caution capacity to wake you up. Setting an alert expected us to mess with the application. We would have enjoyed the capacity to set it from the band itself.

The Honor Band 5 is fit for constant pulse following and has two modes to browse. Keen mode consequently changes the recurrence of estimations dependent on the your movement level. The other mode is Real-time, which continues following on always. The last is all the more requesting on the battery of the Honor Band 5. We contrasted the pulse readings and those of an Apple Watch Series 1 and a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Review), and we saw them all as in a similar range. We additionally tried our SpO2 levels utilizing the band and saw the readings as somewhat off when contrasted with those taken by a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
Honor Band 5 Pros/Cons, Specs, Decision, Price Full Review

Honor guarantees that the Band 5 will convey a similar sort of battery life as its antecedent, for example 14 days. Nonetheless, in our involvement with pulse following set to Smart, notices turned on for calls and WhatsApp, and Huawei's TruSleep rest following empowered, the band kept going us for just one entire week. We likewise played out another battery test by exchanging the pulse following to Real-time while keeping different settings unaltered. This dropped the battery life of the band to barely three days. The restrictive charger took barely 1 hour 20 minutes to charge the band totally.


The Honor Band 5 is a steady overhaul over the Band 4, which it replaces. Honor has held all the positive qualities of the past model, for example, exact rest following and that splendid AMOLED show, and has now made the gadget swimproof. It likewise can track swims, which the previous rendition needed. In any case, battery life is as yet the equivalent, and this is something that could've finished with progress. You'll likewise need to bear the restrictive charger cautiously. Evaluated at Rs. 2,299, the Honor Band 5 doesn't do anything incorrectly and is a strong option in contrast to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4.


  • Splendid AMOLED show
  • Incredible rest following
  • Exact movement following
  • Swim-confirmation


  • Exclusive charger
  • Poor battery existence with all highlights empowered

Appraisals (out of 5)

  • Structure: 3.5
  • Following: 4
  • Buddy application: 4
  • Battery life: 3
  • By and large: 3.5
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