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PUBG 5.1 Upgrade for PS4, Xbox One Brings Revived Miramar, Distributing Machines, Capacity to Toss Things

PUBG for PS4 and Xbox One is good to go to get the 5.1 update that brings a large group of changes, for example, changed Miramar map, candy machines with help things, and plunder upgrades. The update that additionally commences season 5 and was as of late turned out for the PC form, incorporates the checked Win95 rifle. Beside presenting the new Badlands Survivor Pass, the PUBG 5.1 update for reassures additionally adds the capacity to toss bolster things at colleagues and skirmish weapons at adversaries. PUBG 5.1 update will go live tomorrow on the test server, while the open servers will be brought down for support on October 29.
PUBG 5.1 Upgrade For PS4, Xbox One To Revived Miramar & More

PUBG 5.1 Update Fix Notes

The patch notes of PUBG 5.1 update for PS4 and Xbox One are presently live. To the extent the progressions go, little items and rubbish in and around structures are gone to give a messiness free route understanding, and another race track has been included too. Players would now be able to discover articles, for example, inclines, circles, and bounces crosswise over Miramar, close by the Gold Mirado vehicle. Moreover produce pace of things, for example, AR, DMR, extensions, and head protectors in Miramar has likewise been expanded.
There are some interactivity changes too in PUBG 5.1 update

To start with, the Win96 rifle is presently a Miramar-select weapon and accompanies a non-removable 2.7x extension. Besides, a valuable tossing highlight has additionally been included. Players would now be able to toss things, for example, recuperating packs at their partners inside a separation of 15 meters to enable them to recoup. Be that as it may, on the off chance that there is a foe close by, one can toss skirmish weapons, for example, a cleaver, sickle, or the dependable dish also. In addition, radio-messages have been re-presented with the refreshed form too.

Candy machines have likewise landed with the PUBG 5.1 update in Miramar and Camp Jackal, and they administer painkillers and caffeinated drinks. Survivor Pass Badlands has additionally advanced with the new update and it brings new rewards, missions, and difficulties. The Survivor Points (SP) framework has been changed with the appearance of Survivor Title System Season 5. Furthermore, PUBG players on PS4 can before long appreciate custom matches where one can pick between two mode types and duke it out with at least ten players.
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