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WD My Passport Go SSD Review

Outer SSDs have been falling in cost and are presently getting to be feasible choices for regular PC and PC clients. Obviously you don't go anyplace close to a similar limit as you would with a turning hard drive at each value point, however it's difficult to contend with the comfort, strength, and speed that SSDs offer. All the more significantly, buyers are ending up increasingly mindful of this item class and are indicating that they're willing to make the tradeoff, similarly as they have with their work areas and workstations. Western Digital is taking into account this developing business sector with different items under its WD, SanDisk, and G-Technology brands. The item that we're looking into today is the generally reasonable 500GB WD My Passport Go.

This compact SSD is intended to be extreme enough to withstand cruel utilization conditions. That could make it an extraordinary apparatus for imaginative experts who work in the field a great deal, or for the individuals who travel a ton. We should perceive how the WD My Passport Go is not quite the same as different items, and whether it's your best decision.
WD My Passport Go SSD Pros/Cons, Specs Review & More

WD My Passport Go SSD Structure and Highlights

We have recently audited the WD My Passport SSD, which has a smooth, premium dark and-silver look. The new My Passport Go is totally unique, with a dim plastic body and a brilliant trim – you can pick among Cobalt and Amber. Dissimilar to the run of the mill squat or elongated states of most convenient SSDs, this one looks simply like a contracted compact hard drive. It's just somewhat more extensive and longer than a charge card, and about as thick as a cell phone.

The purpose behind this is the My Passport Go's most particular component, a pattern on the base for the joined USB link. While this adequately copies the size that the body entirely to be, it implies that you never need to stress over losing or overlooking the link some place.

Indeed, even with the incorporated link, the WD My Passport Go is incredibly pocketable and weighs simply 55g. The link isn't exceptionally long, which is fine for workstations however implies that the drive should dangle from the USB ports on most work area PCs. Many will locate this helpful, obviously you can't swap out the USB Type-A link with a Type-C one like you can with most other compact SSDs, and a connector is excluded.

Despite the fact that the My Passport Go is promoted as a tough drive and intended to look like it, the vast majority of its advantages are normal to all SSDs. It is charged as being drop impervious to up to 2m, however so is the class-driving Samsung SSD T5, and WD's very own My Passport SSD guarantees for all intents and purposes the equivalent at 1.98m. Likewise not at all like sister organization G-Technology's G-Drive Mobile SSD, there are no particular cases of flexibility against stun, vibrations, or pound loads. There's additionally no IP rating for assurance against water or residue entrance.
WD My Passport Go SSD Pros/Cons, Specs Review & More

All things considered, contrasted with any hard drive with turning parts, the My Passport Go is apparently harder and far more averse to endure physical disappointment whenever utilized while voyaging and working outside. It will obviously additionally be quicker and simpler to bear.

The main limit choices are 500GB and 1TB. Regarding execution claims, WD promotes paces of up to 400MBps, which alludes to the most ideal situation for consecutive peruses and is lower than the 540MBps asserted by the My Passport SSD. This is a standard USB 3.0 drive and should work with Windows and macOS out of the case. There's no notice of equipment encryption. WD incorporates some product on the drive itself – WD Discovery on the drive itself, just as WD Backup and WD Drive Utilities which you can download – and we'll talk about these later. The guarantee is three years.

WD My Passport Go Execution

We stopped the WD My Passport Go into our standard test seat, which is designed with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, a Gigabyte Aorus X470 Gaming 7 Wifi motherboard, 2x8GB of G.skill DDR4 RAM, a 1TB Samsung SSD 860 Evo boot drive, a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590 illustrations card, and a Corsair RM650 power supply. Windows 10 detailed the arranged limit of our 500GB audit unit as 465.76GB, and the default document framework as ExFAT.

We started up the trusty CrystalDiskMark 6 benchmark to check WD's exhibition claims. Unfortuantely, we were not ready to record above 312.1MBps consecutive peruses and 117.2MBps successive composes, which was very astounding. Most SSDs satisfy their producers' cases, and 400MBps was at that point underneath standard for this fragment. Genuine execution is better reflected by arbitrary perused and compose velocities, and we got 52.05MBps and 6.62MBps separately, which is likewise not extraordinary. There appeared to be no distinction between line profundities of 8 and 32, as the test scores were fundamentally the same as.
WD My Passport Go SSD Pros/Cons, Specs Review & More

The Anvil manufactured benchmark gave us read and compose scores of 943.35 and 300.48 separately, for a sum of 1,243.84. These scores are altogether well beneath those of other convenient SSDs that we have tried.

WD's incorporated Discovery programming isn't generally essential, yet on the off chance that you need to introduce it, you'll have the option to accomplish things like duplicate substance from your web based life or distributed storage records to a WD drive, yet it remains running constantly and shows a lot of limited time messages. Drive Utilities gives you a chance to check your WD drive's wellbeing, update its firmware, and eradicate its substance safely.

WD Backup works just on Windows and gives you a chance to make essential timetables and reinforcement sets. In case you're utilizing a Mac, Time Machine will work however you'll need to reformat the drive (or if nothing else part of it).


As far as looks, highlights, and execution, the WD My Passport Go is a passage level offering, and has obviously been situated underneath its quicker and slicker partner, the WD My Passport SSD. It unquestionably is quicker and increasingly advantageous, and stronger to physical harm than a convenient hard drive, however that applies to all SSDs. The one element that many individuals will like it for is the incorporated USB link, however we do wish that a USB Type-C connector had been incorporated.

This implies valuing will be an enormous factor when thinking about whether to live with the My Passport Go's trade offs or pick an increasingly premium choice. Remember that costs do will in general vacillate a great deal, and with their developing prominence, versatile SSDs are currently regularly found at enticing limits during on the web deals.

The 500GB and 1TB adaptations of the My Passport Go are authoritatively valued at Rs. 14,500 and Rs. 29,500 individually yet right now sell for around Rs. 6,299 and Rs. 11,999 separately. Be that as it may, SSD costs in general have descended radically this year, and there are a lot of different alternatives at around these costs or even lower. The incredible Samsung SSD T5 and the Seagate Fast SSD both outflank this drive and have been seen selling for under Rs. 6,000 for 500GB.

On the off chance that you can discover the My Passport Go SSD selling for altogether not exactly these different models, and in case you're alright with passage level execution, you can take the plunge. With current costs however, it isn't the best utilization of your cash.

Value (MOP): Rs. 6,299 (500GB); Rs. 11,999 (1TB)


  • Incorporated USB link
  • Light and pocketable


  • No USB Type-C connector included
  • Underneath normal execution


  • Execution: 3
  • Incentive for Money: 3
  • By and large: 3
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