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Xech A8 Voice Help Earphones Review

We've surveyed a considerable amount of reasonable earphones, including the conventional Ant Audio Treble 900 and Boat Rockerz 400, the two of which offer not too bad incentive at around the Rs. 2,000 imprint. At this value level, fundamental remote network and worthy sound quality are extremely all we search for, yet any extra highlights are positively welcome.
Xech A8 Voice Assist Earphones Pros/Cons, Spec, Price Review

That carries us to the most recent pair of earphones valued at around Rs. 2,000 that we've gotten an opportunity to survey, the Xech A8 Voice Assist. For Rs. 2,499, you get a couple of remote earphones that is improved for use with different voice partner administrations, and furthermore includes FM radio and SD card playback. We've tried this moderate pair of remote earphones, and here's our survey.

Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones Structure And Determinations

From a separation, the Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones look a great deal like mainstream choices from Bose and Sony, yet very close it's an alternate story. The gadget looks noteworthy from the start, yet we immediately discovered things we didn't care for about its styling and plan. We found the edges and corners of the headband excessively sharp, and the completion looked very dull and grungy. There is only one organization logo, which can be found at the highest point of the headband.

Within the headband has delicate elastic cushioning, and the ear cups are all around cushioned as well. Be that as it may, in spite of the case of an 'over-ear' fit on the container, the ear cups didn't totally cover our ears and sat over them like on-ear earphones.
Xech A8 Voice Assist Earphones Pros/Cons, Spec, Price Review

In spite of the fact that the ear cups of the Xech A8 swiveled in reverse by up to 90 degrees for simple stockpiling, there is definitely no forward swivel at all to help with fit and solace. This implied the earphones never sat on our ears serenely, and inactive clamor confinement was poor too. Moreover, solid spilled out effectively, and others in the room could hear what we were tuning in to.
The Xech A8 has four fastens on the correct ear cup, which control, Bluetooth blending, mode, volume, and playback. The catches are altogether simple to reach, and are basic enough to get familiar with. The base of the correct ear cup has a Micro-USB port for charging, a marker light, a 3.5mm attachment for wired tuning in, a mouthpiece, and a microSD card space.

Long-squeezing the Play catch summons the voice colleague on your cell phone, which will no doubt be Siri or Google Assistant as a matter of course contingent upon your cell phone. The component is additionally upgraded to work with Bixby and Cortana relying upon what is your telephone's default, and during our survey period, we found that it worked with Alexa too. The component does obviously utilize your cell phone, tablet, or PC to really do your voice guidelines, however the headset gives you a chance to summon the voice partner without contacting the telephone, and uses its receiver to hand-off directions.
Xech A8 Voice Assist Earphones Pros/Cons, Spec, Price Review

The business bundle is well prepared, with a Micro-USB link for charging, an aux link for wired sound, a plane connector, and an excellent hard convey case. The Xech A8 has Bluetooth 4.2 and bolsters just the SBC sound codec. Aside from Bluetooth and wired sound network, the earphones can likewise be utilized to tune in to FM radio and music played legitimately off a microSD card. Both of these highlights worked fine for us, however the absence of a showcase on the headset implies that looking over radio stations or tracks involves squeezing 'next' or 'past' more than once and seeking after something you like to come on.
During our survey, the Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones kept running for around 5 hours, 30 minutes on a solitary charge, and took around three hours to charge completely. This is somewhat baffling for a couple of on-ear earphones, in any event, thinking about the cost.

Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones Execution

We had trusted that the Xech A8 headset would compensate for its physical deficiencies with not too bad solid, however that wasn't the situation. Sound quality is poor on these earphones, and other execution issues further stain the utilization experience. We tuned in to music utilizing Bluetooth (combined with an Android cell phone), FM radio, and the microSD alternatives, and found that exhibition was reliably worse than average crosswise over sound sources.
Xech A8 Voice Assist Earphones Pros/Cons, Spec, Price Review

The main issue we had with the headset is that when it was turned on, it would consistently begin in Bluetooth blending mode. This implied it wouldn't consequently associate with a recently combined gadget, and we needed to push through every one of the modes and after that arrival to Bluetooth for the Xech A8 to naturally interface with the source gadget. Besides, the headset consistently began at its most extreme volume. These aren't little bothers, and they immediately turned out to be very aggravating for us.

We saw the sonic signature as a piece excessively warm, with sound over the whole recurrence range sounding too boomy. All things considered, this wasn't simply punchy bass that we may even now have appreciated; everything from the lows to the highs had a horrendous thunder, which totally changed the manner in which tracks sounded. Tuning in to Tequila Limonada by Netsky drew out the bass so conspicuously that it was difficult to concentrate on anything besides the thundering that ought to have been a foundation component of the track.

The substantial blasting sound stretches out into the lower-mid-go also, which influences vocals. The upper-mid-range and highs are a lot milder than the lows, which slants the character of most tracks, yet in addition makes for an exhausting sound that we couldn't take for more than 20-25 minutes one after another. We likewise weren't intrigued with instrument detachment and soundstaging; the previous was scarcely recognizable, while the last was limited and scarcely accomplished more than essential stereo partition. The main positive part of the sound is that these earphones can get very noisy.

The voice aide usefulness worked with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, yet the amplifier on the Xech A8 wasn't incredible. It frequently couldn't appropriately hand-off directions and solicitations that our cell phone individually could deciper splendidly well. This prompted some clever associations — the inquiry 'What would you be able to do?' was comprehended as 'Kangaroo'.
Rehashed endeavors to call a partner with a solicitation in English had Google Assistant reasoning we were talking in Hindi, and in this manner neglecting to complete the order. We found that it was simpler to address any voice aide on the Android cell phone legitimately, as opposed to utilize the earphones to do as such. At long last, we likewise attempted to utilize the headset for voice calls, and keeping in mind that discussions were conceivable, sound quality was comparatively boomy and unsavory on the two finishes.


The Xech A8 Voice Assist Headphones are disillusioning and miss the mark on numerous tallies. Regardless of whether it's structure, comfort, battery life, sound quality, or the promoted key usefulness of enhancement for voice associates, the Xech A8 headset gives a shoddy by and large experience. Indeed, even at its Rs. 2,499 value, we think that its difficult to prescribe this pair of earphones. Rather, we'd propose you go for the Ant Audio Treble 900, which is a superior item inside and out, and costs less.

Value: Rs. 2,499


  • Great convey case included
  • FM radio, microSD card support
  • Catches are anything but difficult to utilize
  • Boisterous


  • Poorly structured
  • Awkward, risky fit
  • Less than impressive battery life
  • Awful stable quality
  • Continuously begins in Bluetooth blending mode and at most elevated volume
  • Voice Assistant usefulness is disappointing

Evaluations (out of 5)

  • Configuration/comfort: 2
  • Sound quality: 1.5
  • Battery life: 2.5
  • Incentive for cash: 2.5
  • Generally speaking: 2
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