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Amazfit Bip Lite Review: Is the Amazfit Bip Lite the leading wellness tracker for those on a budget?

Amazfit as of late propelled its Bip Lite wearable in India, evaluated at Rs. 3,999. This model is more moderate than the Amazfit Bip which was estimated at Rs. 5,499 at dispatch. The new wearable cases 45 days of battery life on a solitary charge and is fit for pulse and rest following. This gadget likewise underpins action following, which should assist you with logging your runs. The fundamental distinction between the two models is that not normal for its increasingly costly kin, the Bip Lite needs incorporated GPS + GLONASS.
amazfit bip lite full review amazfit fitness band

With such a large number of reasonable wellness wearables as of now available, does the Amazfit Bip Lite have enough as far as highlights, and does it convey the exhibition and exactness we're searching for? We put it under serious scrutiny to discover.

Amazfit Bip Lite Structure And Particulars

The name says everything, isn't that right? This is a mitigated variant of the Amazfit Bip, and has a comparative structure. The gadget has a squarish face with thick bezels on all sides. Amazfit has put its name on the space underneath the screen. The Bip Lite has a 1.28-inch intelligent consistently in plain view with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It additionally appears to have an oleophobic covering which helps keep fingerprints off. There is a solitary catch on the Bip Lite, on the correct side, which is the wake/back catch. You need to swipe on the presentation to explore through the UI of the watch.

At the back, it has a pulse sensor and two pins for charging. The Amazfit Bip Lite accompanies a tie made out of silicone. These 20mm lashes are replaceable and you can swap them with other good groups of a similar width. The provided ties have a watch-like fasten which makes it simple to wear and lessens the odds of the gadget inadvertently falling off.
Amazfit Bip Lite Review: Is the Amazfit Bip Lite the leading wellness tracker for those on a budget?

Amazfit utilizes an exclusive charger for the Bip Lite. It's very huge and looks a ton like a dock for the watch to rest in while it charges. While we don't care for restrictive chargers, the Bip Lite cases unbelievable battery life which ought to avert low battery nervousness.

We saw the Amazfit Bip Lite as comfortabl,e weighing simply 32g. You will scarcely see it on your wrist while wearing it, and we could lay down with it on for rest following without uneasiness. The Bip Lite is good with both Android just as iOS, and we utilized it with a Samsung Galaxy S9+ for the length of this test.

Amazfit Bip Lite Programming

The Bip Lite requires the Amazfit application on your cell phone for arrangement just as to transfer data. We saw the application as simple to utilize, and synchronizing the watch with our cell phone was speedy. When associated, the application shows data about the quantity of steps taken, rest term and rest quality, pulse, and movement. We could likewise set the recurrence of pulse location, set cautions, and change the watch's presentation settings. The application continued running out of sight on our cell phone yet didn't noticeably affect its battery life. We found a ton of likenesses between the Amazfit application and the Xiaomi Mi Fit application.

You can change watch faces on the watch itself. The Amazfit application has a watch face customisation include yet it neglected to stack for us. The UI on the watch utilizes a major text style and symbols which make it simple to appreciate. We weren't generally content with the screen itself however, as it had beneath normal review edges inside. Outside, the intelligent presentation is unmistakable considerably under direct daylight.

We saw the touchscreen as responsive, and we didn't have any issues utilizing it. The touchscreen cripples itself following two or three seconds to counteract unintentional contacts, and you have to wake it by squeezing the catch. The watch is equipped for pulling warnings from your cell phone and you can see them initially. The Amazfit application likewise gives you a chance to limit the applications which will caution you on the watch. Be that as it may, you can't answer to these legitimately, making the Bip Lite work more as a notifier than a smartwatch.

Amazfit Bip Lite Execution And Battery Life

We put the Amazfit Bip Lite through our standard tests to perceive how it fared contrasted with a portion of the different wellness gadgets we've utilized. We physically tallied 1,000 stages to check step tallying exactness on the Amazfit Bip Lite and were glad to see that it enrolled 1,002 stages. This is very great and shows that you can depend on this gadget to monitor your day by day step objective. The Bip Lite didn't enroll steps while we were driving or riding a bike, which kept the general safety buffer little.
amazfit bip lite full review amazfit fitness band

Separation following was following up. The Amazfit Bip Lite doesn't have its very own GPS beneficiary so it depends on the matched cell phone for area and separation estimations. We strolled a separation we knew was actually, 1km, which the Bip Lite enlisted as 0.85km. This could be a result of tree spread on our test course distracting the telephone's GPS. Since the watch is totally subject to the GPS precision of the cell phone, your outcomes may fluctuate.

The Bip Lite can follow exercises including running outside or on a treadmill, cycling, and strolling. On the off chance that you do any of these things all the time, you can set up an alternate route to trigger it by long-squeezing the catch. You can likewise set cautions dependent on your pulse alarm, pace, and separation secured for all exercises.

Ceaseless pulse following is conceivable on the Amazfit Bip Lite. You can set various interims between 1 moment and 30 minutes for ceaseless following, We had set it to 1 moment for the whole length of this survey. We saw it as genuinely precise. In Activity following mode, the Bip Lite tracks the wearer's pulse always.

The Bip Lite additionally got our rest and wake up times right. We had the option to follow our profound and light rest stages. The application offers rest quality examination, yet we didn't see it as point by point as what the Honor Band 5 revealed.

Amazfit claims 45-day battery life for the Bip Lite which appeared to be unrealistic, and it demonstrated to be over-idealistic. We had an alert empowered, pulse following set to 1-minute interims, just call and WhatsApp warnings on, the brilliance set to 80 percent, and rest following being used. With this example of use, we figured out how to get just 13 days out of a full charge. We saw it as worthy however not extraordinary. In the event that you bring down the screen splendor or set a more drawn out interim for pulse examining, it will help improve battery life on the Bip Lite.
amazfit bip lite full review amazfit fitness band

Charging utilizing the provided support assumes control more than two hours when associated with a workstation's USB port. We would have favored speedier charging and an increasingly minimal charger, since the provided one is very massive.


The Amazfit Bip Lite is a watch-like wellness wearable that does following quite well and offers satisfactory battery life. We like that the Bip Lite is plume light and doesn't make its essence felt on the hand. Step and rest following are exact, and the Bip Lite can pull notices from the cell phone. Notwithstanding, the showcase isn't incredible as far as perceivability inside.
At the soliciting cost from Rs. 3,999 this gadget will speak to those searching for a decent wellness tracker with a greater showcase than what you jump on the Mi Band 4 and the Honor Band 5. We would suggest that you trust that a deal will lift this gadget up, as we have seen it selling for not as much as Rs. 3,000 as of late.



Accurate Step Tracking
Display Show/Performance
Water Resistant
Heavy Proprietary Charger
Conflicting Distance Tracking



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