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GoPro Hero 8 Dark Review

One more year, another new GoPro. Seemingly the pioneer in the activity camera advertise, GoPro has been reliably emphasizing its leader activity cameras, which are promoted as its 'Dark' models in every age. The Hero 6 Black and Hero 7 Black offered little, iterative updates over the Hero 5 Black, which appeared the plan that we see today. Presently, with the GoPro Hero 8 Black, GoPro is acquainting some significant changes with the manner in which we utilize its activity camera. It probably won't look such new from the start, yet it packs in some striking and truly necessary structure changes, which vloggers will absolutely appreciate.

The organization is additionally streamlining its lineup, so for the Hero 8 arrangement, we have just the Hero 8 Black, and no Silver or White variations. In India, the GoPro Hero 8 Black is valued at around Rs. 36,500, which is generally a similar value that past Black-arrangement GoPros have propelled at.
GoPro Hero 8 Pros/Cons, Verdict Full Detailed Review

It's an ideal opportunity to look at the new highlights of the Hero 8 Black and check whether this new form merits purchasing over the Hero 7 Black.

GoPro Hero 8 Black Plan

The Hero 8 Black highlights a recognizable fasten and show design however with some huge changes. The camera is really a bit thicker in width and by and large volume than past models, yet the camera focal point scarcely juts outwards now, making the gadget significantly progressively pocketable. The focal point likewise gets Gorilla Glass scratch security, and GoPro says it is twice as versatile to scratches than previously. We trust this case is undoubtedly valid since the focal point on the Hero 8 Black is currently fixed and not replaceable, as with more established models.
GoPro Hero 8 Pros/Cons, Verdict Full Detailed Review

You get a similar estimated monochrome showcase on the front as in the past, and a shading touchscreen on the back. One of the three amplifiers has been repositioned to the front of the camera for better sound account, and the GoPro logo is currently embellished on the elastic cladding as opposed to being printed. The level sides of the camera have an alternate plan as well. There's no elastic covering any longer; rather there's presently a solitary water-fixed fold on the appropriate for the battery, microSD card, and USB Type-C port. The GoPro Hero 8 Black likewise loses the Micro-HDMI port which was available on more established models.

The single fold on the privilege is extremely advantageous and we had the option to get to the accusing port even of the camera mounted by and large. The greatest and most past due plan change however is the worked in mounting fingers on the base, which overlay flush with the body and remain set up attractively when not being used. This additionally implies you needn't bother with the (occasionally) irritating plastic confine any more when you have to utilize this camera with certain embellishments. The mounting fingers feel well-assembled and are in reverse perfect with basically any current GoPro mount.

The removable battery has a similar limit as that of the Hero 7 Black however is recognized by some blue accents on the contact end. There are likewise two red status LEDs this time rather than three, and they are molded like modest dabs. We didn't get the full retail box for our audit, yet if you somehow happened to get one, you ought to anticipate that it should incorporate a mounting clasp, a bended glue mount, a USB Type-C link, and in certain nations (not India), a free 32GB microSD card.
GoPro Hero 8 Pros/Cons, Verdict Full Detailed Review

Another new element appearing with the GoPro Hero 8 is the capacity to add mods to it. GoPro has made three mods at dispatch called the Media Mod, Light Mod and Display Mod. These are adornments that join to the Hero 8 Black, on the off chance that you wish to utilize it for proficient video preparations or in any event, vlogging. The Media Mod is a lodging which snaps onto the Hero 8 Black and highlights an inherent shotgun mouthpiece, a 3.5mm amplifier port and a HDMI-out port. It can likewise be utilized as a base whereupon you can include the Light or Display Mod.

The Light Mod has a string of LED lights with a brilliance of 200 lumens that can be appended to the Media Mod or any GoPro mount. The Display Mod highlights a flip-up screen for vloggers, and should be joined to the Media Mod. We didn't find the opportunity to attempt these mods ourselves, yet it looks intriguing without a doubt, particularly in case you're hoping to utilize the Hero 8 Black expertly.

GoPro Hero 8 Black Details And Programming

The Hero 8 Black uses the equivalent GP1 processor as the Hero 7 Black, however the organization says it has figured out how to crush out more execution by adjusting a large number of its product calculations. This new model additionally gets the capacity to shoot 4K at a 100Mbps bitrate, LiveBurst, NightLapse Video, and a changed UI. The camera still uses a 12-megapixel sensor with a wide-point focal point and f/2.8 opening. It weighs around 126g, is rough and waterproof up to 10m, and has worked in GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The interface has been overhauled a piece to make it simpler to get to shooting modes and points of view. The Field of View choice is currently called Digital Lenses, and gives you a chance to choose between SuperView, Wide, Linear, and Narrow. Be that as it may, you have to do this before shooting as despite everything you can't change viewpoints while recording. You additionally get custom presets for various shooting styles, with the capacity to include your own. For example, inside the Video menu, you can include numerous presets for moderate movement, 4K, and 1080p shooting, each with its very own modified adjustment setting, point of view, and extra picture changes through ProTune. This spares a ton of time, and we saw it as exceptionally helpful.

Another new element of the GoPRO Hero 8 Black is HyperSmooth 2.0, which is said to offer far better computerized adjustment than previously. There's likewise a Boost switch, which can be enacted at about all goals, and harvests the casing more to take into account a more elevated level of adjustment. There's TimeWarp 2.0, which can now consequently set the time interim for hyperlapse recordings dependent on how quick you're moving. You can likewise physically change to the ordinary speed quickly for some fascinating impacts.

The Hero 8 Black extends the extent of usable highlights at all goals. HyperSmooth can be utilized regardless of the goals presently, incorporating with moderate movement recordings. It can even now shoot at up to 4K 60fps, much the same as the Hero 7 Black, however it presently bolsters more points of view, for example, straight and tight at more goals. Strangely, the base shooting goals is currently 1080p, as the 960p and 720p choices have been evacuated.
GoPro Hero 8 Pros/Cons, Verdict Full Detailed Review

The camera synchronizes with the GoPro application on Android or iOS, which gives you a chance to refresh its firmware, control it remotely, and set up live-gushing to Facebook, YouTube or RTMP (continuous informing convention). Recordings would now be able to be live-spilled at 1080p, rather than 720p. The application likewise has GoPro Quik incorporated, for making smaller than usual motion pictures from your clasps. You can look over an assortment of subjects, and add soundtracks and content to your recordings.

The application additionally presents another element called Horizon Leveling, which just works with film shot by the Hero 8 Black and the Hero Max. This gives you 'a chance to straighten' your recording, so it's at a similar level with the skyline.

GoPro Hero 8 Black Execution And Battery Life

The new cageless structure is something we promptly enjoyed about the Hero 8 Black. It's much simpler to swap out the battery or basically plug in a charging link without continually removing the camera from whatever you have it joined to. It naturally amends the direction of the video, contingent upon how you've mounted it (sideways or topsy turvy) before you hit the record button. The camera still gets genuinely hot after around 10-15 minutes of nonstop recording however it never shut off even with delayed account. We dunked it submerged as well and it kept on working fine and dandy.

The touch reaction of the camera's principle show is great, and menus reacted well to swipe signals as far as we can tell. There were a couple of times that we saw the UI getting somewhat languid when attempting to open the exhibition or the settings, however this was certainly not a predictable issue. The implicit presets make exchanging between various video recording profiles consistent. In video mode, you get alternate way flips in the viewfinder itself for moderate movement or to empower Boost mode. You can carefully zoom in by up to 2x in video, photograph, or timelapse mode, yet just at lower goals. Our voice directions were perceived well and this was helpful for catching a shot, exchanging modes, or killing the camera while we were playing out some movement.

When shooting under great light, for example, characteristic sunshine, picture quality was generally excellent. The changed HDR setting in photograph mode helped the camera catch dazzling pictures, which looked perceptibly superior to the photographs we took with the Hero 7 Black. Hues were punchy, the degree of detail was great, and burst mode functioned admirably. Low-light photographs were carefully normal, with the exception of when we utilized the 'Night' mode, which let us set a more drawn out screen accelerate (to 30s). Subtleties were still somewhat dinky, particularly while registering photographs zoomed to 100 percent, however something else, low-light shots were usable.

Obviously, the principle fascination keeps on being video. Adjustment with the new Hero 8 Black was recognizably superior to with the Hero 7 Black. Utilizing the two cameras set at a similar goals all the while, the Hero 8 Black delivered noticeably better settled film contrasted with the more seasoned model. Hues and subtleties were additionally marginally better. Utilizing 'Lift' mode, we got even smoother results, Even with the entirety of this, we didn't see any of the contortion or ancient rarities that we normally find as a side-effect of electronic adjustment.
GoPro Hero 8 Pros/Cons, Verdict Full Detailed Review

GoPro Hero 8 Pros/Cons, Verdict Full Detailed Review

GoPro activity cameras have never fared excessively well in low light and it's practically a similar story here. Film took shots around evening time was somewhat grainy and the adjustment wasn't excessively forceful, so as to avoid serious twisting. Because of this, slight shakes were perceptible however video was still sufficiently settled. Until GoPro updates its cameras with a bigger sensor or a more extensive opening, low-light video is going to keep on being its Achilles' heel.

We attempted different modes as well, and they were amusing to utilize. The new TimeWarp 2.0 mode gave us some truly intriguing hyperlapses, and the capacity to switch to and fro from customary speed to hyperlapse gave us some decent innovative opportunity. The new Night Lapse video mode delivered better than average looking timelapse recordings in low light. 

LiveBurst cradled video so we could catch a short 4K video clasp which began a couple of moments before we hit the shade button. After this, we could utilize the clasp as is or trade an ideal outline as a JPEG from the GoPro application. The GoPro application can likewise auto-download cuts from the camera every now and then, so your media is fit to be seen or altered. You can likewise have the clasps auto-supported up to the cloud, in the event that you have a membership to GoPro Plus.

We found the battery life of the GoPro Hero 8 Black to be like that of the Hero 7 Black. We figured out how to shoot 4K video for around 45-50 minutes on a solitary charge. At the point when we mixed video shooting with different things, for example, recording TimeWarp clasps and stills, we had the option to extend that to about 90 minutes, or some of the time somewhat more. All in all, with GPS and Wi-Fi empowered, and with us just shooting a couple of short cuts, the Hero 8 Black went on for about a large portion of a day. In case you will utilize this camera broadly for shooting high-goals recordings, having an extra battery would be useful.


It probably won't look it all things considered, yet the Hero 8 Black is a serious huge overhaul over the Hero 7 Black. The new implicit mounting fingers alone may be reason enough for certain individuals to update. GoPro has additionally made observable upgrades to picture and video quality, and the new interface with its presets and easy routes is much simpler to utilize. In fact, a considerable lot of these new programming changes should go to the Hero 7 Black as well, since they share a similar processor, yet it doesn't appear as if that will occur.

The Hero 8 Black is somewhat on the costly side, however this is the value you'll need to pay for remaining on the bleeding edge of activity cameras. The Hero 7 Black will keep on being sold as a more affordable other option. It's right now accessible online for around Rs. 26,000, which is a really decent cost for what it offers.

On the off chance that you have a Hero 6 Black or more seasoned, the new Hero 8 Black would be a huge overhaul. The improved picture quality, new plan, and adaptability of mods makes this new model definitely justified even despite the speculation.

Value: Rs. 36,500


  • Versatile structure
  • Waterproof, tough body
  • Brilliant video adjustment
  • Excellent picture quality in great light
  • Natural interface
  • Powerful buddy application


  • Low-light execution could be better
  • Valued somewhat high

Appraisals (out of 5)

  • Fabricate/structure: 4.5
  • Picture quality: 3.5
  • Video quality: 4
  • Highlights/programming: 4
  • Battery life: 3.5
  • Incentive for cash: 3.5
  • Generally: 4
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