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Lenovo is best known for its workstations and cell phones, however it likewise makes different items including tablets and wearables. The most recent item from the organization brings Lenovo into a totally new portion — keen home gadgets. The Lenovo Smart Clock is evaluated at Rs. 5,999, and as the name proposes, it is a computerized clock that bends over as a keen speaker and show. The shrewd highlights are on account of access to Google Assistant.
lenovo smart clock pros cons review

While there are a lot of keen speakers in the market, a brilliant clock is a to some degree new idea. This gadget rivals the as of late propelled Amazon Echo Show 5, offering a similar usefulness as a voice associate with the advantages of a little screen. We've invested some energy with the Lenovo Smart Clock, and here's our audit.

Lenovo Smart Clock Structure and Details

While we expected more as far as structure from a 'keen' gadget, the Lenovo Smart Clock is very practical in its appearance, looking like the great flip checks we've found in motion pictures and TV appears. This being a gadget you'll cooperate with, the front of the Lenovo Smart Clock is a screen, tilted marginally upwards for better perceivability.

The top, base, and sides are texture wrapped, with only two physical catches — in the state of in addition to and short images — for the volume at the top. The base has elastic holds to keep the gadget safely set up on a tabletop. In general, we like the downplayed and clean appearance of the gadget, with the texture outside adding a touch of refinement to an item that carefully completes its activity.

The back of the Lenovo Smart Clock has an attachment for the included power connector, a sliding change to kill the mouthpieces, and a USB Type-A port which can be utilized to charge gadgets, for example, cell phones and remote earphones. The official site expresses that the business bundle incorporates the power connector to interface with a divider attachment, and a USB link, however just the previous was in the case of our audit unit.
lenovo smart clock review pros cons

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a 4-inch 800x480-pixel IPS contact screen, which fills in as the center of the 'clock' understanding. Controlling the gadget is a MediaTek 8167S processor, alongside a solitary 3W speaker and two inactive radiators for sound. For network, the Lenovo Smart Clock underpins Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/air conditioning and Bluetooth 5.

Lenovo Smart Clock Highlights and Execution

While we've to a great extent just observed Google Assistant on savvy speakers from Google itself, for example, the Google Home and Google Nest Hub, there are a bunch of different makers that make comparable items. Lenovo additionally has the Rs. 14,999 Smart Display accessible close by the Smart Clock in India, yet the two work in an unexpected way.

The littler and increasingly moderate Lenovo Smart Clock has a screen, yet doesn't have a similar visual effect as the Lenovo Smart Display or Google Nest Hub. The little screen is to a great extent intended to fill in as a clock face. Be that as it may, it does likewise show the climate, and enables you to follow data and well as control media playback. You can likewise observe bearings for route, and pictures from your Google Photos library. You can swipe over the screen to cycle between the clock face, caution controls, and music (when something is playing), and furthermore change the brilliance and different settings thusly.
Lenovo Smart Clock Pros/Cons, Verdict & Specs, Full Review

These utilization instances of the screen functioned true to form, and the Lenovo Smart Clock had the option to unmistakably hear and execute voice directions as long as we were close enough to the gadget. Normally, you can likewise control different gadgets connected to your Google Assistant, and we had the option to utilize our own to turn on an OnePlus TV and a Mi Air Purifier.

The gadget isn't equipped for hearing and appropriately understanding voice directions from as far away as the Google Home can, however it is intended to be utilized as a tabletop or bedside clock that you'd normally use when in its prompt region. As a clock, the gadget shows the time plainly, and you can pick between a bunch of intriguing and well-planned clock faces.

Regarding usefulness, the Lenovo Smart Clock is much the same as some other Google Assistant shrewd speaker, and can address a wide range of inquiries and subsequent meet-ups. Think about this as a Google Home Mini, however with a little show that offers only a couple of a greater number of highlights than a customary savvy speaker. In that capacity, we were content with its capacities to function as a brilliant speaker and essential keen showcase.
review lenovo smart clock pros cons

We had the gadget connected to an individual Google record, and we had the option to stream music utilizing YouTube Music and Spotify. The Lenovo Smart Clock doesn't have an extremely huge speaker, however we were dazzled with how noisy it was; at the most noteworthy volume, it was uproarious enough to be heard unmistakably in a little room. All things considered, it is appropriate for a room, kitchen, or lounge area.

Sound quality wasn't great, and we saw the mid-extend as a piece excessively conspicuous and sharp. This is obviously with the goal that voice reactions from Google Assistant can be heard plainly, however it affects the gadget's capacity to fill in as a music player. Tuning in to Feels Like Summer by Childish Gambino, the bass was somewhat dull while the upper mid-range and highs were a piece excessively unforgiving, prompting perceptible sibilance.

Normally, since there's only one speaker, there's no stereo sound. The Lenovo Smart Clock may be fine for the incidental music track, yet it's best not considered in the event that you expect to effectively utilize the gadget for music.


The Lenovo Smart Clock is best utilized precisely as its name recommends, that is, as a clock with some keen highlights. The execution of Google Assistant is undeniable, and the showcase can be utilized for a set number of capacities past demonstrating the time. While it works as a speaker for both gushing media and Bluetooth gadgets, sound quality isn't awesome. It's likewise somewhat costly for what it offers, as we would see it.
Lenovo Smart Clock Pros/Cons, Verdict & Specs, Full Review

In case you're in the market for another bedside morning timer, it may merit putting resources into the Lenovo Smart Clock for the extra shrewd usefulness and capacities it offers past being a clock. It's a decent method to get onto the keen gadgets fleeting trend, and regardless of whether you don't utilize that shrewd usefulness a ton, it's as yet a useful and gorgeous computerized clock.

Value: Rs. 5,999


  • Looks and feels extraordinary
  • Google Assistant and associated administrations function admirably
  • Obvious prompts for some fundamental capacities
  • USB port to charge different gadgets


  • Somewhat costly for what's on offer
  • Sound quality is poor

Evaluations (out of 5)

  • Plan: 4.5
  • Savvy highlights: 4
  • Sound quality: 2
  • Incentive for cash: 3
  • By and large: 3.5
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