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RichBean Retract Full Earphone Review

Wired headphones are anything but difficult to utilize and you'll see one for each financial limit, notwithstanding, managing links can be untidy and putting away them frequently feels like a task. To handle with the link issue, explicitly, RichBean has thought of an answer with its new pair of wired headphones. The RichBean Retract is a standard pair of headphones valued at Rs. 649 with a withdrawing instrument that gives you a chance to wrap its link up into a little plastic lodging. That unquestionably sounds advantageous, yet is that enough to make this pair of headphones worth purchasing? We put it under a magnifying glass to discover.
RichBean Retract Full Earphone Review, Pros/Cons & Verdict

RichBean Retract Structure And Particulars

The RichBean Retract resembles a standard pair of headphones with the plastic lodging between its two closures. The link beneath the Y-splitter can be ended up inside it, making the headphones simple to store. You simply need to pull the wires softly to loosen up them from the instrument, and this additionally gives you a chance to change the length of the link.

The RichBean Retract has metal earbuds which look premium however get cold to the touch in a cooled room. There's an in-line remote just underneath the Y-Splitter. This feels plasticky and has just one catch on it. The 3.5mm earphone fitting isn't calculated.
richbean retract earphone review richbean retract

So as to make the headphones retractable, RichBean has utilized slender links for the Retract. Indeed, even the links after the Y-splitter are slim and feel shaky. We were cautious with the unit during our audit, expecting that these links may snap. The withdrawal system has a clasp which you can use to join onto your garments to keep the headphones from dangling. You can change the situation of the plastic lodging on the wire however it's intended to remain in the inside so the wire can be wrapped up appropriately. We additionally saw the lodging as somewhat huge which can make it catch when you are moving about.
richbean retract earphone review richbean retract

RichBean supplies three sets of ear tips in various sizes, and the medium-sized ones are connected. You likewise get a velvet pocket to store the headphones which is a decent expansion, considering these headphones cost just Rs. 649.
While RichBean doesn't make reference to the determinations of the item on their site, the case tells us a couple of things. The RichBean Retract has 10mm drivers with an impedance of 32Ohms. These headphones are said to have a recurrence reaction scope of 20Hz-20,000Hz.

RichBean Retract Execution

So as to test the exhibition of the RichBean Retract, we utilized a MacBook Air and a Google Pixel 3a XL (Review) as the source gadgets. We gushed music utilizing JioSaavn and YouTube on both these gadgets and furthermore utilized our very own top notch test records to check sound quality.
richbean retract earphone review richbean retract

We weren't dazzled with the sound nature of the RichBean Retract when we initially began utilizing it however there was a minor improvement as we wore it in. The RichBean Retract can get extremely uproarious yet the sound begins to break at higher volumes. This pair of headphones has a standard V-formed sound mark which is centered around bass and the treble while the mids will in general get lost.

While tuning in to Old Town Road by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus, these headphones smothered the mids a considerable amount at lower volumes. Knocking the volume up got the mids up, just for them to be overwhelmed by the bass. Sound imaging isn't too extraordinary; you get fundamental stereo partition however it is difficult to concentrate on any instrument effectively.
We caused several calls utilizing the RichBean To withdraw as a headset. It makes an average showing for calls and we could hear our guests with no issues. Our guests could likewise hear us and didn't whine about sound quality.
richbean retract earphone review richbean retract


The RichBean Retract is made to address the dissatisfaction of link tangles. It is fruitful at, to a degree, however that doesn't make it a decent pair of headphones. The sound quality isn't tantamount to that of numerous different items accessible at this value point, for example, the Boat Bassheads 225 and the Realme Buds.

On the off chance that you are searching for a decent pair of headphones on a strict spending plan, we would suggest that you avoid the RichBean Retract for both of these alternatives. The Bassheads 225 is tangle-safe too and conveys preferred sound quality over the RichBean Retract.


  • Helpful link withdrawal system


  • Poor sound quality
  • Quelled mids
  • Unstable form quality

Evaluations (out of 5)

  • Configuration/comfort: 2.5
  • Sound quality: 1.5
  • Incentive for cash: 2
  • In general: 2
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