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AKG Y500 Remote Earphones Review

AKG Acoustics is probably the most established brand in the earphone business, having been built up during the 1940s in Vienna, Austria. While the organization has held a portion of that character even now, AKG has experienced some huge changes because of its parent organization Harman International Industries being gained by Samsung. Today, the AKG brand has taken on a progressively present day, new-age character under Samsung, and has propelled different new items including the AKG Y500 that we have on survey here.

Valued at Rs. 9,999, the AKG Y500 remote earphones accompany the guarantee of high caliber in all angles, from physical development to sound execution. Does this pair of earphones have the stuff to turn into our preferred remote headset estimated under Rs. 10,000? We've gotten an opportunity to utilize it, and here's our survey.
AKG Y500 Remote Earphones Pros Cons Detailed Review

AKG Y500 Structure And Particulars

Not a great deal of brands give close consideration to earphone styling, so AKG's items will in general hang out in this division. The organization's Y-arrangement earphones are commonly on top of things, with heavenly form quality and present day, eye-getting looks. The AKG Y500 is unquestionably among the organization's better-looking alternatives, and is fabricated amazingly too.

The earphones have an on-ear fit style, and the ear cushions are level at the external surface as opposed to ring-formed. We don't normally like the route on-ear earphones feel when worn, yet the AKG Y500 felt very agreeable gratitude to this level froth cushioning, in spite of the fact that we needed a break each couple of hours. There is likewise extra padding on the underside of the headband, which is itself somewhat adaptable to guarantee a firm clip when the earphones are worn. The on-ear fit and size of the ear cups don't make for generally excellent clamor seclusion, however.

While a significant part of the headband is made of dull-looking plastic, the external pieces of the ear housings are strong metal, giving the AKG Y500 a cutting edge, mechanical look. The headset has a collapsing instrument that makes it simpler to store when not being used. There is likewise a considerable lot of swivel to the ear housings, which guarantees an agreeable fit.
AKG Y500 Remote Earphones Pros Cons Detailed Review

On the correct side, the AKG Y500 has a sliding force switch that bends over for Bluetooth matching; an encompassing sound switch; and a Micro-USB port, which we found somewhat baffling to see at this cost. Squeezing the encompassing sound switch once decreases the volume of anything that's playing so you can hear sounds outside, and a long-press quiets the headset till you press the catch once more. This usefulness appeared to be helpful from the start, however we didn't generally end up utilizing it much; we thought that it was simpler to simply delay our music or slip the earphones off our ears when we expected to tune in to somebody or know about our environment.

The left side has a slider switch which controls volume with snappy movements, and gives you a chance to jump to the following or past track by sliding and holding for two seconds, which we very preferred. There is additionally a catch to play or respite music, and you can trigger the voice aide on your cell phone with a twofold tap. At long last, there's a 2.5mm attachment to associate the included 2.5mm-to-3.5mm link, giving you a chance to utilize the earphones with a non-Bluetooth source gadget or after its battery runs out.

A fascinating capacity of the AKG Y500 is the capacity to stop music naturally when the earphones are taken off, and continue when they are put back on your head. This didn't work constantly, and we saw that the headset needs as taken off and set back with a springing activity to trigger the sensor that controls this capacity; it along these lines appeared to be gimmicky and unbalanced.

The AKG Y500 earphones support being matched with two gadgets immediately. While we had synchronous associations dynamic utilizing a cell phone and workstation, we couldn't really switch flawlessly between the two. On swapping sources, any sound track we gave playing a shot the subsequent gadget worked for not exactly a second prior the two gadgets were persuasively stopped. The best way to fix this was to detach from one of the gadgets.
AKG Y500 Remote Earphones Pros Cons Detailed Review

The AKG Y500 has 40mm powerful drivers on each side, a recurrence reaction scope of 16-22,000Hz, and Bluetooth 4.2 for availability. Just the SBC Bluetooth codec is upheld, which is somewhat baffling thinking about that we've seen a lot of choices valued well beneath Rs. 10,000 with help for the AAC and additionally aptX Bluetooth codecs.

During our audit, the 900mAh battery on the AKG Y500 earphones ran for around 28 hours on a full charge, which is near the guaranteed figure of 33 hours. This is superb for earphones in this value section and with this structure factor. This gadget would bode well for anybody if battery life is a need.

AKG Y500 Execution

We utilized the AKG Y500 earphones with an OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) for quite a bit of this audit, tuning in to music utilizing gushing administrations, for example, Spotify and YouTube Music. While we didn't despise what we heard with the AKG Y500, the general experience was disappointing, given the cost and what else is on offer in the market.

We've heard some somewhat noteworthy AKG earphones before, including the totally fabulous AKG K52 which caught the quintessence of the organization's mark sound delightfully. While the Y500 is a totally unique item from an alternate range with an alternate methodology, we missed that regular AKG sound. What we got was an exceptionally normal sonic mark that sounded a lot of like what we're utilized to with most items in this value extend.

Tuning in to Basement Jaxx's Summer Dem, the sound was punchy, bass-overwhelming, and enjoyably resounding, with a considerable lot of detail to be heard also. The mid-run was to some degree dull contrasted with the lows and highs, however we had the option to get a decent feeling of the vocals in spite of the ground-breaking bass. In any case, poor commotion confinement implied that a ton of outside sound snuck in, and the earphones weren't especially vivid therefore. There was additionally some stable spillage at high volumes, however this wasn't more than what we've heard on other on-ear earphones.
AKG Y500 Remote Earphones Pros Cons Detailed Review

Changing to the snappy Another One Bites The Dust by Queen, we delighted in the soundstage and imaging of the AKG Y500, which understands heading. The bass-and-treble-favoring sonic mark didn't do equity to Mercury's solid vocals, yet captured the quintessence of John Deacon's notable low register guitar riff. The earphones are in this manner best utilized for instrumentals and orchestrated components; we delighted by they way they sounded with most electronic tracks, however awesome music and other increasingly conventional classes didn't sound very as great.

At last, we utilized the earphones for voice calls. Execution was normal, best case scenario, giving us adequate yet not extraordinary execution more often than not. Cranking the volume up, regardless of whether on voice calls or music, improved detail and perceptibility, yet in addition made the sound somewhat piercing and exhausting.


The AKG Y500 earphones unquestionably aren't terrible, however we'll avoid calling them generally excellent. We like what they look like and feel generally, and the sound is not too bad on the off chance that you like your bass punchy. Be that as it may, we didn't discover anything extraordinary about these earphones; this is a normal pair that doesn't exactly satisfy the AKG brand name, as we would like to think.

While battery life is better than average and there are some perfect highlights, they just look great on paper and don't exactly assist us with getting over the cost. At Rs. 9,999, the AKG Y500 is unreasonably costly for what's on offer, and we were left feeling disappointed after our time with this pair of earphones. Alternatives, for example, the Marshall Major III Wireless or LSTN Troubadour may merit looking at over the AKG Y500.

Value: Rs. 9,999


  • Great looks, agreeable
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Punchy, resonating bass
AKG Y500 Remote Earphones Pros Cons Detailed Review


  • Poor clamor disconnection
  • Disappointing generally solid
  • Just SBC Bluetooth codec bolstered

Appraisals (out of 5)

  • Configuration/comfort: 4
  • Sound quality: 3
  • Battery life: 4.5
  • Incentive for cash: 2.5
  • Generally speaking: 3.5
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