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Solar Eclipse 2019: Date, Timings, Where to Observe Solar Eclipse Live, and More
While we're set to bid farewell to 2019, a heavenly treat is hanging tight for you only in front of the New Year festivities. It's going on a day after you observe Christmas and is the point at which the Moon will obscures the Sun to shape a "ring of fire" in the sky. The last sun powered shroud of 2019 - or what we can basically call the last Solar Eclipse (called "surya grahan" in Hindi) of the year - is occurring on Thursday, December 26, and will be noticeable in spots, for example, India, Australia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. Rather than a complete sun powered obscuration, the death of the Sun's light from the Moon will frame an annular sunlight based overshadowing.

What Is An Annular Solar Eclipse?
By and large, when the new Moon meets the light of the Sun, it expedites an all out sunlight based shroud Earth. In any case, it won't be the situation this time as the Moon is by and by very more remote than normal from Earth and once it will cross the Sun, a "negative shadow" or what actually called the antumbra will get unmistakable as the ring of fire. This is known as an annular shroud.
Solar Eclipse 2019: Date, Timings, Where to Observe Solar Eclipse Live, and More

When Is The Solar Eclipse In December, Timings?
As indicated by the subtleties accessible on Norway-based, the annular Solar Eclipse 2019 will be obvious from the majority of Asia including South India just as specific pieces of North/East Africa and North/West Australia. The incomplete overshadowing will show up at the main area at 7:59:53am IST on Thursday, December 26. It will after that arrive at the full overshadowing stage at 9:04:33am IST and afterward move to the greatest shroud position at 10:47:46am IST. Additionally, the sun powered overshadowing will keep going for a limit of three minutes and 40 seconds. Individuals in Britain and North America won't have the option to see the annular Solar Eclipse 2019 on the ground.

First Locations To See Partial Eclipse
26 Dec, 07:59:53
First Location To See The Full Eclipse Begin
26 Dec, 09:04:33
Last Locations To See The Full Eclipse End
26 Dec, 12:30:55
Last Locations To See The Partial Eclipse End
26 Dec, 13:35:40
Maximum Eclipse
26 Dec, 10:47:46

Where To Watch December 2019 Solar Eclipse On The Web?
Sri Lankan cosmology channel Tharulowa Digital and space-focussed site will live stream the annular sun powered obscuration. While Tharulowa Digital will start the live stream on YouTube at 8am IST, is set to begin the live stream from the Middle East, India, and Singapore at 8:30am IST.

How to Securely Watch Solar Eclipse?
In case you're wanting to observe the sun based obscuration face to face, ensure that you wear eye insurance and aren't taking a gander at the Sun or the sky with unaided eyes.

When is the following Solar Eclipse?
Only 15 days after the last Solar Eclipse of 2019, the world will see the primary lunar overshadowing of 2020 on January 10. The obscuration, be that as it may, won't be perceptible because of its penumbral nature that is difficult to decide from a typical full Moon session.

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