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HiFiMan TWS600 True Wireless Earphones Honest Review

This couple of true wireless earphones is supposed to appeal to audiophiles at Rs 12,999.
HiFiMan TWS600 True Wireless Earphones Honest Detailed Review,hifiman, tws 600,hifiman tws600 true wireless earphones,

Chinese earphone and sound gear maker HiFiMan is most popular for its audiophile earphones, including the lead Shangri-La, which retails for an incredible Rs. 36,00,000. This brand has made some amazing progress in its generally brief timeframe in the market, and is viewed as a main maker of electrostatic and planar attractive earphones. Luckily for purchasers with littler spending plans, HiFiMan offers progressively reasonable choices also.

One of these is the organization's first evident remote headset, the HiFiMan TWS600. Evaluated at Rs. 12,999, this isn't what we'd commonly anticipate from this brand, which has hitherto adhered to wired audiophile earphones and headphones. The headphones highlight the organization's restrictive Topology Diaphragm drivers, and guarantee extraordinary sound with the comfort of genuine remote network. Does the HiFiMan TWS600 satisfy hopes? Discover in our audit.

HiFiMan TWS600 Plan And Determinations

There's no fragile method to put this - the HiFiMan TWS600 looks somewhat abnormal. The every single plastic earpiece are dark in shading and are the state of kidney beans. The external pieces of the earpieces have straightforward examples that permit lights to radiate through, with a physical catch at the focal point of every one. There is an example on every one's catch, which strangely looks like the landmass of South America, and little HiFiMan logos just to the sides of them.

The catches control playback, call taking care of, volume, and voice associates through a progression of schedules. These are genuinely simple to recollect generally; we just experienced a touch of difficulty with the long-press schedules, since squeezing for a really long time would control off the headset. The LEDs on the headphones are to a great extent ornamental, yet they do show when the headphones are on or charging.

HiFiMan TWS600 True Wireless Earphones Honest Detailed Review,hifiman, tws 600,hifiman tws600 true wireless earphones,
There is an amplifier on every earpiece, found close to the base. Cleverly, a card in the business bundle of the HiFiMan TWS600 prescribes evacuating one earpiece and holding it close to your mouth when accepting voice calls, proposing that the receivers aren't excellent. We've tried this obviously, and you can find out about it underneath.

The charging instance of the HiFiMan TWS600 is somewhat longer than what we're accustomed to finding in the genuine remote fragment, however it looks great and is all around fabricated. There is a lot of four lights within to show the charge level of the case itself, and they enlighten when the headphones are set in it or when the case is opened. The USB Type-C port to charge the case is at the back, and a valuable elastic hold at the base helps keep it secure when put on any surface.

The business bundle incorporates nine sets of silicone ear tips including twofold flanged, triple-flanged, and wide-bore alternatives, so there's something for everybody as far as solace, fit, and clamor detachment on offer. You additionally get a short USB Type-C to Type-A link for charging the case.

Coming to details, the HiFiMan TWS600 is generally in accordance with what we'd ordinarily anticipate from genuine remote headphones right now. It has Bluetooth 5 with help for the SBC and AAC codecs - one shock is that there's no aptX. The recurrence reaction extend is 20-20,000Hz. The headphones utilize HiFiMan's restrictive Topology Diaphragm dynamic drivers, which are said to have a nano molecule covering in explicit geometric examples to influence sound.

Battery life on the HiFiMan TWS600 is great; we had the option to get five hours of utilization from the headphones per charge, with the case giving six extra full charges, for a noteworthy aggregate of 35 hours for each charge cycle. The case took a little under two hours to charge completely when associated with a PC.

HiFiMan TWS600 Execution

At Rs. 12,999, the HiFiMan TWS600 contends with choices, for example, the SamsungGalaxy Buds, Apple AirPods (second Gen), RHA TrueConnect, and that's just the beginning. Be that as it may, the sound was very not quite the same as what we've become acclimated to expect right now, on account of HiFiMan's novel sound tuning and the Topology Diaphragm drivers fueling the headphones. HiFiMan prescribes a lot of consume in time before assessing the sound, and we guaranteed that they had around 15 hours before we started our audit.
HiFiMan TWS600 True Wireless Earphones Honest Detailed Review,hifiman, tws 600,hifiman tws600 true wireless earphones,
We utilized an OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) as the fundamental source gadget for our survey, with Spotify, YouTube Music, and our assortment of high-goals sound tracks for music. We additionally tried the headset for voice calls.

Beginning with Dirty Sexy Money by David Guetta, we quickly found the sonic mark of the HiFiMan TWS600 to be unbiased and adjusted, inclining towards no particular piece of the recurrence go. The punchy synthesizer components didn't sound very as forceful and driven as we've heard on contending genuine remote headphones, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The assault in the sub-bass could be felt to a little degree, however we didn't hear any exceptional treatment in the mid-bass frequencies.

The vocals in the track unquestionably sounded more characterized and clear than we've heard on some other genuine remote headphones, and there was huge shimmer at the top that nearly had us accept these headphones are tuned for a more brilliant sound. We very enjoyed that about them - sound over the range was spotless and characterized.

Changing to a high-goals form of Michael Jackson's You Rock My World drew out the best in the HiFiMan TWS600. Despite the fact that it tended to sound somewhat splendid now and again, we were dazzled with the degree of detail and savvy that the headphones brought out in the track. We had the option to hear significantly more than expected in the track, with an unmistakable ability to read a compass and approach. Cranking the volume up too high made things a piece excessively sharp; the TWS600 was best utilized at volume levels under 50 percent.

We at that point evaluated a busier high-goals track, Close To You by Australian electronic gathering Avalanches. The introduction was somewhat slick and clean, with the different synth components and tests right now losing all sense of direction in the variety. We were additionally dazzled with the soundstage and imaging, with the HiFiMan TWS600 offering vivid and clean solid proliferation.

Coming to voice calls, we were especially quick to test the mouthpiece quality given that HiFiMan has itself communicated questions about its capacity to get our voice. Practically speaking, this wasn't generally an issue, and sound on the two parts of the bargains was satisfactory in many situations.


HiFiMan TWS600 True Wireless Earphones Honest Detailed Review,hifiman, tws 600,hifiman tws600 true wireless earphones,

The HiFiMan TWS600 is somewhat of a nonconformist in the genuine remote portion, adopting a strategy that is diverse to each significant rival inside and out. While most evident remote headphones will in general convey a progressively regular sound mark, HiFiMan adheres to its ways even with its first obvious remote headset. You get a spotless, point by point, and adjusted sound that is refreshingly extraordinary and more qualified to audiophile sensibilities.

The sound can once in a while appear to be a piece excessively splendid and sharp, and bass sweethearts will discover the absence of punch in the low-end disillusioning. Besides, the structure is polarizing, and the every single plastic body of the units are unquestionably frustrating at a cost of over Rs. 10,000. In any case, in case you're taking a gander at a reasonable, itemized pair of genuine remote headphones, next to no can contend with the HiFiMan TWS600.

Value: Rs. 12,999


  • Nitty gritty, adjusted sound
  • Great introduction, soundstage
  • Better than average battery life


  • No aptX support
  • Odd structure, plastic form
  • Can sound a piece excessively splendid on occasion

Appraisals (out of 5)

• Configuration/comfort: 3
• Sound quality: 4
• Battery life: 4.5
• Incentive for cash: 3.5
• Generally speaking: 4
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