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Seagate One Touch 1TB Detailed SSD Review

Accessible, trendy and pocketable-promising continuous automatic backups.
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Seagate realizes that purchaser enthusiasm for versatile SSDs is developing, thus its portfolio has likewise extended. We have with us for audit today the new Seagate One Touch SSD, which is moderately reasonable and very a la mode. It's situated as a tech way of life gadget, and targets individuals who don't really require the most ideal speed however are searching for an option that is superior to a commonplace compact hard drive.

For any individual who hasn't attempted a SSD previously, the distinctions contrasted with a hard drive will be unmistakable and astounding. They're conceivably on various occasions quicker than hard drives, however a lot lighter, littler, simpler to convey, and progressively dependable. Numerous individuals are glad to go through great cash for these focal points.

With a developing number of alternatives in the market, will the Seagate One Touch SSD rise as the one to purchase? Peruse on to discover.

Seagate One Touch SSD (1TB) Plan And Highlights

Seagate is unquestionably concentrating on structure with this model. The organization has gone for a charge card shape, however in spite of cases that this gadget can be slipped into a wallet, it's excessively thick for that. Truth be told, this drive is the very same size as the mainstream Samsung SSD T5, however totally different in plan.

There's a particular finished texture board on the top, and a fabric tab with the Seagate logo on one side. The 1TB rendition of this SSD is accessible just in white and dark, yet on the off chance that you pick the 500GB adaptation, there are extraordinary versions with blue, green, red, or dim cover prints. Extra craftsman versions for the two limits are appeared on Seagate's US site however these don't give off an impression of being accessible here, and there's the chance of more plans turning out later on.

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For a gadget that is situated as present day and elegant, we're very astonished to see an old Micro-USB 3.0 port on the back, as most outer hard drives despite everything use. This isn't as advantageous as a USB Type-C Port, which we'd expect on a SSD. Seagate additionally does exclude a Type-C link or connector, so those with smooth Type-C-just PCs should purchase their very own connector.

The included USB link is short at 20cm however twisted. In the event that this was intended to coordinate the texture on the SSD itself, Seagate could at any rate have gone with a coordinating white or dark. The base of the unit is finished so it doesn't slide around effectively, and the sides
are adjusted so you can haul this gadget around in a pocket with no uneasiness. It's additionally very light at simply 59g.

Seagate's fundamental push with this SSD model, and where it gets its 'One Touch' name from, is its "nonstop auto reinforcement" usefulness. The organization says 'Match up Plus' product is openly downloadable on its site, however we was unable to discover it effectively – an installer or Web alternate way on the drive itself would have been useful. Things being what they are, we expected to discover and download Seagate Toolkit, which Sync Plus is a piece of.

Clients should take note of that there is a major distinction between record matching up and document reinforcements. The Sync Plus capacity, as its name recommends, keeps duplicates of the documents or organizers you select synchronized to an envelope on the One Touch SSD. This implies all record changes, including cancellations, are reflected promptly so information isn't supported up in the most genuine sense – you can't recuperate more seasoned forms of documents, for example.

In any case, the product moves erased records to a 'File' envelope rather than promptly reflecting the cancellation, so you can conceivably recoup from some normal mishaps or errors that lead to information misfortune. The mirror is likewise protected while the drive is unplugged, and you can pick between single direction and two-way matching up, which implies that your unique records are never supplanted by ones from the mirror. 

Seagate additionally tosses in a one-year membership to Mylio Create, an online photograph stockpiling and the board device. You get support for four PCs and boundless cell phones, with a top at 50,000 photographs. Seagate says this is worth $50 (around Rs. 3,575) and it will cost a similar add up to restore your record for a year after. One Touch SSD purchasers can likewise get two months of Adobe Creative Cloud's Photography Plan (which incorporates just Lightroom and Photoshop) for nothing.

Seagate One Touch SSD (1TB) Details And Execution

What makes a difference most for a SSD is speed, and the Seagate One Touch SSD is evaluated for information moves of up to 400MBps, which alludes to consecutive speeds. The organization has not distributed any further insights regarding the drive's presentation. The guarantee time frame is three years.

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Our 1TB unit was organized utilizing the ExFAT document framework with 931.51GB of usable space. You'll have to reformat or segment it on the off chance that you plan to utilize Time Machine for reinforcements on a Mac. We would have enjoyed equipment or programming encryption, yet that is anything but a local component.

Our tests have been carried out using our standard checked seat, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, Gigabyte SSD 860 Evo, GSR 2x8 GB, G.skill DDR4 RAM, SSD 860 Evo Boot Drive, Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 590, and a power supply for the Corsair RM650. We also have developed and introduced our standard Test Seat.

CrystalDiskMark really indicated us a score that actually surpassed Seagate's 400MBps case by a reasonable edge. The consecutive peruse and compose speeds were estimated at 439.7MBps and 309.9MBps separately. Obviously this speaks to most ideal situation use conditions. A progressively precise detail to consider is a drive's arbitrary peruse and compose speeds, which were 136.6MBps and 21.94MBps individually.

This is in reality quite great execution, beating a portion of the correspondingly estimated convenient SSDs we've seen as of late, for example, the WD My Passport Go and Adata SD600Q. Do remember that these figures probably won't be the equivalent for the 500GB form.

The Anvil execution benchmark detailed peruse and compose scores of 1,218.89 and 453.46 separately, for a sum of 1,672.36. This matches a similar example, with execution a lot more grounded with regards to peruses than composes.


In general, we like the Seagate One Touch SSD. It's very convenient and looks great, and execution is genuinely solid as well. Be that as it may, we truly can't comprehend the choice not to utilize USB Type-C. It appears as if Seagate is focusing on standard clients who may very well about be prepared to update from a turning hard drive, which is inconsistent with the in any case premium situating.

The Samsung SSD T5 is still better as far as sheer execution, and Seagate likewise offers its own Fast SSD model if that is your need. Both these choices use USB Type-C and accompany Type-A just as Type-C links. They likewise aren't an excess of progressively costly.

The Seagate One Touch SSD is right now estimated very well, particularly the 1TB model which sells online for under Rs. 10,000 (however costs appear to change a considerable amount). There's likewise a somewhat lower estimated model called the Seagate Expansion SSD which doesn't have the texture configuration contacts or programming pack, however is evaluated for the equivalent 400MBps speed.

Value (MOP): Rs. Rs. 6,799 (500GB); Rs. 9,350 (1TB)


✦Valuable programming group
✦Reduced and smart
✦Great execution 


✦Miniaturized scale USB attachment and link; no Type-C connector 


✦Execution: 4
✦Incentive for Money: 4
✦By and large: 4
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