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Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV Detailed Review


For under Rs. 30,000 Dolby Vision and Android TV? In reality.

We are regularly requested TV proposals, and it's getting harder to legitimize why somebody ought to spend heaps of cash on a significant brand in India. Sometime in the past the best highlights and execution were carefully the space of premium TVs, yet the spending portion has since resisted such desires. Today, numerous brands offer reasonable TVs with huge 4K screens, savvy availability, and backing for HDR. Indian brand Vu has gone above and beyond with the Cinema TV.

Estimated from Rs. 26,999 onwards, the Vu Cinema TV run is, as far as we could possibly know, the most moderate TV go with help for Dolby Vision HDR today. There's much more to these items too, with 40W sound yield, the most recent rendition of Android TV, and applications for all the mainstream gushing administrations in India. On paper, the entirety of this sounds extraordinary, yet is it unrealistic? Discover in our audit of the Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV.

Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV Plan And Determinations

Most importantly, the Vu 4K Cinema TV is accessible in three sizes - 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch - with every one of them having 4K goals LED-illuminated screens. We had the 50-inch 50CA variation for survey, which is valued at Rs. 29,999. The 43-inch and 55-inch alternatives are valued at Rs. 26,999 and Rs. 33,999 individually. Your decision of which one to go for ought to rely totally upon the size of your room and the measure of room you have for the TV - every one of the three have the very same particulars, with the conspicuous special case of screen size.
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Despite what screen size you pick, the structure is standard over all variations. There are slender fringes on three sides of the screen, while the base is essentially thicker to prepare for the four front-terminating speakers. Just beneath that is a module that houses the IR beneficiary for the remote and the force light. The left half of the speaker grille has a Vu logo, while the privilege has a Dolby Audio logo.

We very preferred the gold accents and dark gold shading blend of the body, which give this TV an extraordinary look that will speak to many individuals in India. The included represents table-mounting the TV are gold also, despite the fact that we didn't utilize them as we had the TV divider mounted during our audit. On the off chance that you do table-mount the TV, you'll need a wide table since the stands are close to the edges of the TV.

The Vu Cinema TV isn't excessively thick, however is anything but a thin TV either. The back is plain dark plastic, and all ports and attachments face to one side. There are three HDMI ports; two USB ports; an Ethernet port for wired Internet availability; a reception apparatus port; a TOSLINK port for computerized sound yield; a 3.5mm sound out attachment; and a solitary AV input which requires the utilization of an included 3-to-1 connector for network to more seasoned standard-definition source gadgets.

The TV has a 4K (3840x2160 pixels) LED screen with an invigorate pace of 60Hz. You get 40W of sound yield through a four-speaker arrangement contained two principle 15W drivers and two 5W tweeters. Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision HDR are bolstered on the TV, and brilliance is evaluated at 500 nits. Furthermore, HDMI ARC and Bluetooth 5 are upheld. The TV has 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of inward stockpiling for applications, and an anonymous quad-center processor. The 50-inch variation we had for audit weighs 9.6kg without the stands, which is very light for a TV of its size.

Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV Remote And Highlights

The Vu Cinema TV has some fundamental highlights that are regular to all Android TV gadgets, for example, worked in Chromecast usefulness and Google Assistant. The previous lets clients screen cast from cell phones or tablets legitimately to the TV, while the last lets you control the TV and select substance utilizing voice directions. The mouthpiece for Google Assistant is on the remote, in spite of the fact that you can interface the TV to a Google Home gadget and use it for voice directions also; this technique worked for us true to form. You additionally get HDMI-CEC similarity on the Vu Cinema TV.
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The remote that accompanies the Vu Cinema TV looks intriguing. It coordinates the dark gold shading subject of the TV. It isn't among the best remotes we've utilized with regards to construct quality and feel, yet it absolutely took care of business with no difficulty. It utilizes Bluetooth just as IR, and has controls for all that we might require, for example, Android TV route keys, a D-Pad, a number cushion, a Google Assistant catch, playback controls, and fastens for settings and data.

The Vu Cinema TV's remote has hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies. We regularly wound up utilizing them, despite the fact that getting into these applications isn't excessively hard from the Android TV interface itself.

The remote sudden spikes in demand for two AAA batteries, which are remembered for the container. Everything functioned true to form, including voice acknowledgment and the capacity to utilize the remote without it being pointed at the TV (after it's been turned on, obviously). While different producers are going for moderation with their remotes, we do acknowledge Vu adhering to an increasingly customary one. It may not look as smooth as some others, however it's much simpler to utilize and faster to complete things on the TV. 

Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV Programming And Interface

The term 'keen TV' is a wide one, and regularly alludes to any TV that can associate with the Internet to get to content. Among the better programming usage we've utilized on savvy TVs is Android TV, a working framework and interface created by Google. The Vu Cinema TV run runs on the most recent rendition of Android TV - variant 9 - with the stock Android TV launcher and access to all well known applications and administrations on the stage.

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Some applications, for example, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube come pre-introduced on the TV, and backing 4K, Dolby Vision, and HDR spilling where pertinent, accepting your membership plans and Internet association bolster high-goals gushing. Different applications can be downloaded through the Google Play Store for Android TV.

Android TV's application list is developing rapidly, and you can discover official, all around planned applications for the greater part of the well known spilling administrations accessible in India, including Hotstar and Zee5. There's likewise a tremendous rundown of games, and short video suppliers, for example, Red Bull TV and Facebook Watch. All the applications that we took a stab at the Vu Cinema TV functioned admirably, and were anything but difficult to explore with the remote.

While all the settings for the TV can be gotten to through the Android TV home screen, picture and sound settings can be balanced even while playing explicit substance through an application or when utilizing an outside source gadget, something we significantly refreshing. As we've seen on different TVs with Dolby Vision, the Vu Cinema TV locked some image settings when Dolby Vision was dynamic, since this mode sets its own image settings.

Another helpful element is the 'speedy wake' mode, in which the TV will possibly go into backup when the force button on the remote is squeezed. This implies restarting the TV is close immediate much of the time. Else, it takes around a moment or so to boot up the TV in the event that it is turned off.

The product experience of the Vu Cinema TV was brilliant for us, with responsive controls, no slack or stammer, and no presentation issues during our survey period. Moreover, the absence of an extra launcher UI over the stock Android TV interface made for a messiness free, simple use understanding, and one that won't require you to depend on outside gushing gadgets for access to great online substance.

Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV Execution

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Moderate TVs nowadays are, in any event on paper, getting adequate to be considered comparable to premium choices, yet huge numbers of them miss the mark with regards to execution. All things considered, the Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV fights at a surprisingly high level, offering picture quality that we haven't seen before at this value point.

It absolutely isn't at a similar level as choices that cost twice to such an extent, yet it exceeds the exhibition of some other sub-Rs. 30,000 TV we've used to date. Some key parameters where it did especially well are hues, sharpness, and splendor.

For our testing, we began with the most ideal substance we could play on the TV - 4K Dolby Vision. Beginning with the Adam Sandler starrer Uncut Gems on Netflix, we were intrigued with the splendor and shading exactness of the Vu Cinema TV. Daytime scenes in the gems area of mid-town Manhattan were splendid, and caught the quintessence of New York's solid wilderness adequately. Skin tones and splendor were additionally on point, with the TV viably separating among brilliant and dim zones in a similar casing.

Daytime hues and splendid scenes were indeed brilliant when we watched Night On Earth, another nature narrative miniseries on Netflix. Be that as it may, this show is centered around what goes on around evening time, and this is the place the TV's first significant downside surfaced - dark levels. The Vu Cinema TV battled to deliver profound blacks, and night scenes with a great deal of dark zones looked increasingly like dull dim. This likewise implies differentiate is influenced a piece, yet in any event with this substance, Dolby Vision's 12-piece HDR encoding made up for that to a degree.

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The main scene of season 2 of Narcos: Mexico looked extraordinary on the TV, yet we noticed a few issues with movement when watching the show. Quick movement didn't render like it should, even with all movement handling settings turned off, and this prompted jitter and a few antiques on screen. Delicate movement wasn't an issue by any stretch of the imagination, and we very enjoyed how the Vu Cinema TV performed with set-based shows, for example, The Office, and a large portion of the recordings we viewed on YouTube.

We at that point viewed a scene from the second period of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video, to test execution with 10-piece HDR. It wasn't exactly as splendid and shading precise as Dolby Vision content, with hues that appeared to be slightly misrepresented, yet execution was as yet magnificent. The 4K content made for a sharp, definite picture that was extraordinary to observe even from very close.

This TV has an appraised brilliance of 500 nits, and it was in reality essentially more splendid than different TVs we've looked into right now. This was especially valuable when staring at the TV during the day, with the windows open, and made for a lively and charming experience when utilized for Dolby Vision content. The Vu Cinema TV didn't get very as brilliant or point by point as top of the line TVs, yet certainly surpassed our desires thinking about its cost.

Lower-goals content, while normally not as amazing to look as 4K HDR content, was palatable in any case. Some fluffiness was unmistakable in full-HD video, especially in the darker scenes of season 2 of The Purge on Amazon Prime Video. Issues with movement were less recognizable at full-HD, yet certainly present.

Dark levels were impressively more unfortunate with full-HD and standard-definition video than with Dolby Vision and HDR content. In any case, that aside, hues were better than sufficiently average, sharpness was as we'd expect, and the survey experience was satisfactory. Some standard-definition video that we gushed through Hotstar and the NDTV application for Android TV showed a few antiques because of the nature of the streams, and we found that SD content on YouTube was a piece cleaner to watch.

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The Vu Cinema TV surpassed our desires with regards to the screen, yet in addition the sound. With 40W of yield through four front-terminating speaker drivers, the TV conveys great sound and can get exceptionally boisterous. The speakers produce a soundbar-like wide solid, with great tuning that makes for intelligible voices, and fresh soundtracks and impacts. The absence of committed woofers means that the sound needs pound, however this is compensated for by a decent soundstage and ability to read a compass. Watching content with Dolby Audio sound was somewhat better, giving the TV a superior ability to read a compass and character.


The Vu 4K Cinema LED Android TV checks a great deal of boxes with regards to highlights and execution, and does as such at an extremely serious cost. No other TV in India (that we are aware of) will offer you Dolby Vision at this cost, and this by itself makes the Vu Cinema TV our present top pick for not as much as Rs. 30,000. Indeed, even the 55-inch variation - valued at Rs. 33,999 - would be incredible worth, given that it offers more as far as highlights than its nearest evaluated rival, the Mi TV 4X55 (Review).

This TV isn't great, with below average dark levels and nervous movement across goals. Be that as it may, it gets the essentials right with regards to picture and sound execution, and the phenomenal Android TV programming and interface is the good to beat all. In case you're searching for a moderate component filled TV, this is unquestionably worth a look. 

【Value: Rs. 29,999 (Vu 50-inch 4K Cinema LED Android TV 50CA)

Well Design
Great Colours
Great Android TV
Nice TV Software
Dolby & 4K Available
Sound Is Loud
Black Levels Is Not Good
Blurry Motion
Performance With SD Card Is Not Good
4K Ultra HD

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