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JVC HA-A10T Twue Wireless Earphones Detailed Review

Are these real wireless earphones the best affordable you can buy?

Better known for vehicle and home sound items, the JVC brand is utilized for a couple of other product offerings in India, including TVs, headphones, and earphones. The organization as of late propelled another scope of wired and remote sound items in India, with costs running from Rs. 799 to Rs. 9,999. The new range incorporates the JVC HA-A10T, a moderately reasonable pair of genuine remote headphones. 
jvc ha-a10t review

Valued at Rs. 3,999, the JVC HA-A10T is among the most moderate sets of genuine remote headphones you can purchase from a significant worldwide brand today, taking on rivalry from Indian brands, for example, Boat and Noise. Do these genuine remote headphones have the stuff to contend in the packed moderate space in India? Discover in our survey. 

JVC HA-A10T plan and details 

We are accustomed to the lavish packaging and luxury materials of expensive, real remote headphones, but typically a functional, fundamental structure is observed in the spending portion. All things considered, JVC has worked superbly in keeping the HA-A10T headphones looking great regardless of the constraints of their value; the headphones are completely plastic, however, feel professional and strong. They aren't enormous either and are sufficiently light to remain in your ears secured distinctly by the ear tips. 

jvc ha-a10t review
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These headphones are accessible in four hues - dark, dim, pink, and blue - with the external surface brandishing an alternate matte completion to the body of the headphones. There is a solitary physical catch on every headphone which controls playback (single-press on either side), volume (twofold push on the left to decrease and on the option to raise the volume), and track skipping (long-push on the left for past, on the privilege for straightaway). A triple-push on the left headphone conjures the voice collaborator on a matched cell phone. 

Squeezing the catches requires some power - and generally a three-finger grasp on the headphone - and isn't as simple as having contact controls. In any case, the catches function admirably and the exertion required implied we were less inclined to hit them incidentally or trigger an inappropriate capacity. A little dull pointer light on every headphone shows when they are charging, and the status of the association. The headset utilizes Bluetooth 5 for network and supports just the SBC Bluetooth codec. 

In contrast to most combines of genuine remote headphones, the JVC HA-A10T has just a solitary amplifier on the left earbud. This is likewise the dynamic earbud that interfaces with the source gadget, while the privilege earbud associates with the left one. You can in this way utilize just the left earbud all alone for music or voice calls. 

jvc ha-a10t review

The headphones are IPX5-evaluated for water obstruction, and will securely have the option to deal with sweat or a couple of drops of water. 

Remembered for the business bundle are five sets of ear tips - three are silicone, while two are froth. We very like froth ear tips when all is said in done for the more secure fit and better clamor segregation that they offer, however many individuals lean toward silicone which feels less 'clingy'. So, the froth tips that accompany the JVC HA-A10T offered us a tight, unfathomably clamor to disconnect fit that improved sound quality just as solace. 

The case coordinates the shade of the headphones for all variations and is as practical and somber as them. There are four battery marker lights at the front, a Micro-USB port at the back for charging, and a top that stays shut attractively when shut. The case is somewhat bigger than what we're accustomed to finding in the portion and isn't truly pocketable. 

The JVC HA-A10T genuine remote headphones have an asserted battery life of four hours on the headphones and an extra ten hours for the case (over two extra charges of the headphones) for an aggregate of 14 hours for each charge cycle. We had the option to coordinate this case; this isn't outstanding for the portion, however, it is sufficiently average. 

JVC HA-A10T execution 

A significant number of the reasonable sets of genuine remote headphones we've investigated are stuffed with highlights, and they may get the structure factor and usefulness right, yet they don't normally offer a similar degree of sound quality as mid-range or premium contributions. The HA-A10T sounds incredible, however; fundamentally better than everything else at this cost, and even a few alternatives that cost twice to such an extent. 

jvc ha-a10t review

We utilized the headphones with a OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) for the audit, tuning in to music across gushing administrations and our high goals sound assortment, watching recordings, and accepting voice calls through a common working day. The JVC HA-A10T headphones just help the SBC Bluetooth codec, however, this didn't appear to keep sound quality down by any means. 

Beginning with Baba O'Riley by The Who, the quality on offer here was promptly obvious. The sound was fresh, clear, point by point, and unimaginably captivating as it so happens, increasing more character and drive when the drums and Roger Daltrey's vocals kicked in. Instrument partition was especially great on the JVC HA-A10T, with each component of this immortal stone exemplary inclination unmistakable and refreshingly clear. The soundstage was similarly noteworthy, with the headphones striving to give every component a solid ability to know east from west. 

Proceeding onward to another great from an alternate kind, we tuned in to Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim, which again featured the degree of detail and profundity the JVC HA-A10T can accomplish. A portion of the fainter components in the track was fresh and present, in spite of its bass-substantial principle snare.

The sonic mark of the HA-A10 T is stunningly unbiased, giving the medium and high enough space while maintaining the strong, powerful bass many members of the audience want. This was especially perceptible in one of our preferred high-goals test tracks, 9000 Miles by Pendulum. This forceful drum-and-bass track permitted the lows to start to lead the pack, without overwhelming some other recurrence over the range. The outcome was a sound that was forceful, punchy, and driven, while at the same time offering the most nitty-gritty knowledge into this track we've heard with any evident remote headphones estimated under Rs. 10,000. 

jvc ha-a10t review

In Love Is Gone by Netsky, we heard the principal genuine defect in the sound that we had adored up until this point. With occupied tracks, for example, this, the headphones couldn't stay aware of such a large number of various, quick-paced components. This is the place we missed the nearness of better Bluetooth codecs, yet the JVC HA-A10T genuine remote headphones despite everything make a noteworthy showing with everything except the busiest tracks in spite of the specialized constraints. 

The JVC HA-A10T is fit for taking care of voice calls, however, it's a long way from great at this. Sound on voice calls was dreadfully delicate, and the nearness of only one mouthpiece implied that we should have been in the calmest of conditions to be heard by the guest. At home and in the workplace, this wasn't an issue, however outside, it was difficult to hear or be heard with the headphones. 


In spite of its restrictions, the JVC HA-A10T is an unimaginable pair of genuine remote headphones for Rs. 3,999. This is the best sounding pair of headphones we've heard at this cost by far and puts alternatives at double the cost to disgrace. We would, beyond question, prescribe this headset to anybody searching for a moderate pair of genuine remote headphones, on account of its nitty-gritty sound and versatile sonic mark. 

The headphones aren't without their issues, as would be normal on any moderate headset. Small scale USB charging, the powerlessness to stay aware of the busiest of tracks, and horrible showing on voice consider implies that the JVC HA-A10T isn't flawless even at this cost. In any case, if sound quality and solace are your most significant criteria, there's nothing better than the JVC HA-A10T at this value today. 


  • Nitty-gritty sound, great soundstage 
  • Unbiased, versatile sonic mark 
  • Light, agreeable 
  • Froth ear tips remembered for the container 
  • IPX5 water obstruction 


  • Small scale USB charging 
  • Sound loses its edge with quick-paced tracks 
  • Poor for voice calls 

Evaluations (out of 5) 

  • Configuration/comfort: 4 
  • Sound quality: 3.5 
  • Battery life: 3.5 
  • Worth For Money: 4.5 
  • Generally: 3.5
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