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Realme X50 Pro 5G Review


The first 5G phone in India comes in front of any network which can support it.

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Is India prepared for a 5G cell phone? The short answer is no. We have no business 5G systems and no unmistakable signs that they will be turning out in India sooner rather than later. Significant telecom administrators are battling in the wake of having cut duties on account of value wars in the course of recent years, so we can't be certain that any of them will attempt significant foundation updates the nation over this year, and afterward obviously there's the enormous expense of 5G range squares. When 5G turns out, it will probably cost more than we are totally used to paying now, and it will be some time before 5G-empowered telephones are typical.

The long answer is that 5G is coming at any rate, and in the event that you need to be one of the first to have the option to utilize it when towers do illuminate, you should have a 5G telephone now. Realme and a few different organizations are planning to catch this early adopter advertise. Also, it doesn't bode well to create 5G-fit leads for certain pieces of the world and altogether various items for other people. The Realme X50 Pro 5G isn't just Realme's most costly model yet in India, but on the other hand it's the primary 5G telephone and the first with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 processor to formally be propelled in India.

We won't have the option to test its 5G usefulness however we can disclose to you whether it merits spending your cash on, and whether this telephone offers potential future usefulness at the expense of current-day ease of use.

Realme X50 Pro 5G Structure

In a moderately limited capacity to focus time, Realme has set up its image stylish and the X50 Pro looks a great deal like the organization's past models. This telephone is somewhat blockier than other Realme models yet it despite everything feels present day. The front and back are both made of Corning Gorilla Glass, and the screen is hindered by a double camera pattern in the upper left corner as opposed to a score. There's likewise an observable jawline underneath the screen.
With respect to the back, Realme has gone for curbed strong hues and no slopes or examples for this very good quality gadget in spite of the fact that the glass appears to have some profundity and the shading shifts a little when you move the telephone in your grasp. You just get a decision between Rust Red and Moss Green, so there's no totally calm alternative. While the surface of the back glass seems iced, it's entirely smooth and somewhat tricky.

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In the top left corner of the back, however, we have Realme's famous vertical camera line, but it disturbs us a bit that the four focus points are separated unregulately. The force button is on the privilege and volume catches are on the left, sufficiently low to be close enough. On the base, we have the USB Type-C port, speaker, and SIM plate. We need to bring up that there's no 3.5mm sound attachment, which is disappointing. Realme agents revealed that while devotees of its spending telephones needn't stress at this time, the organization accepts that top of the line telephone purchasers are all set solely remote.

The edge of the telephone is made of metal and the general development quality is awesome. The Realme X50 Pro 5G feels like a truly top of the line telephone; in any event comparable to current OnePlus contributions in a similar value section. Lamentably it's significantly heavier than normal at 205g. That was difficult to use a one-speed screen, as the 6.4-inch 20:9 is tall and the back is glass smooth.

Realme X50 Pro 5G Determinations And Programming

The huge news here is obviously 5G, which is empowered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and its partner Snapdragon X55 modem. Whenever used to its maximum capacity on an appropriate 5G organize, Qualcomm shows potential download paces of 7.5Gbps and transfers at 3Gbps, which is simply faltering. We don't have the foggiest idea what gauges every transporter here will embrace, however Qualcomm brags of help for mmWave and sub-6, the present major 5G usage turning out around the world.

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The Snapdragon 865 is additionally a fresh out of the box new lead processor, which we're exceptionally anxious to test. This worked about four Qualcomm Kryo 585 Silver centers with 1.8 GHz, three Kryo 585 Gold Center with 2.42 GHz, and a Kryo 585 Gold Center with 2.82GHz. The high-end GPU coordinate Adreno 650 is also available, and improved cameras ' subsystems, AI planning, gaming, video, sound, and it's just the start.

Display consistency is also one of the sales focus of the X50 Pro 5G. The Super AMOLED HDR10 + display was used by Realme at a rate of 90Hz and 1080x2400 pixel targets. To change battery life and execution, you can set the revival rate at 60Hz, 90Hz, or Auto. The battery cap is 4200mAh, and Realme states that in only 35 minutes the charger includes the 65W' SuperDart ' appears to be charged from zero to 100 percent.

Realme provides the X50 Pro 5G in 3 combinations, with an average base contribution of Rs. 37,999 getting 6 GB of RAM with a capacity of 120 GB; you can raise up to RAM 8 GB for Rs. 39,999 and Rs. 12 GB of RAM with a capacity of 256 GB; however, the top choice will hinder you with Rs. 44,999. The RAM is Rs. 48,999.

The organization says it has utilized LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 capacity to make this telephone speedy and responsive. Nonetheless, you don't get a microSD card space. There's a fume cooling framework for the processor and different other current accommodations, for example, double recurrence GPS just as NavIC support, sound system speakers, NFC, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.1 with the AptX HD sound codec. 

What you won't find on this telephone are remote charging, an IP water and residue opposition rating, a progressively intriguing determination of cameras, and a super-sharp showcase. Much like OnePlus with the OnePlus 7T 【₹ 34,999】(Review) and the up and coming 8 arrangement, Realme has kept down on highlights so as to hit an alluring value point.

Concerning programming, we have Android 10 with Realme UI 1.1 on top, which is a somewhat altered form of Oppo's ColorOS. The UI is genuinely basic and adheres to the general design of stock Android, yet there are a couple of modidications. The Settings application has a great deal of extra classes and things may not generally be the place you hope to discover them. You additionally get loads of UI personalisation alternatives including a decision of symbol styles, authority over the symbol lattice thickness, and the capacity to get rid of an application cabinet so all symbols are set on your telephone's homescreen.
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Realme's very own portion highlights incorporate Game Space, which currently lets you organize a game's Internet traffic; lighting impacts around the screen's edges for notices; an encompassing showcase mode (impaired naturally); driving and riding modes; application cloning; and the capacity to take care of sham individual data to applications to secure your protection.

The underlying telephone arrangement process incorporates a stage that attempts to cause you to download more applications. The default "lockscreen magazine" shows advanced substance, however this can be incapacitated no problem at all. We saw a great deal of misleading content spam notices from the Realme UI's internet browser, and we weren't excited about having numerous application and game stores in addition to preinstalled bloatware applications, a large number of which can't be uninstalled.

Realme X50 Pro 5G Execution And Battery Life

We clearly had elevated standards on account of the Snapdragon 865 processor, which sets another standard for execution. Obviously, we experienced no difficulty at all with speed and responsiveness when utilizing this telephone. We haven't felt any absence of execution from the previous scarcely any ages of lead SoCs, so it's difficult to tell that there's anything new going on in the engine while approaching your regular business. This general smartphone also comes with a 90Hz screen, LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 capable.

Benchmarks obviously exist to show what eyeballing a gadget can't enough separate.AnTuTu gave us a single and multicenter ranking of 584, 447 and Geekbench 5, all with a score of 905 and 3,314. The T-rex and Manhattan 3.1 tests were both upgraded to a 60fps standard by GFXBench, and 45fps were used for the required Car Chase. 3DMark's extreme and unregulated score for Slingshot was 7,263 and 9,837. The Realme X50 Pro 5G even has a reasonable lead over the Samsung Galaxy S20+ (Review) with its Exynos 990 SoC, which is Samsung's in-house equal.

The Realme X50 Pro 5G's screen is fantastic, with pleasant energetic hues and sufficient splendor. It isn't as fresh as the 1440p screens you'll see on progressively costly leader grade telephones, yet we don't figure anybody will grumble. The wide double camera pattern can be diverting when observing full-screen video, yet at any rate it's in one corner and not focused. The sound system speakers on this telephone are an extremely lovely amazement – sound is exceptionally boisterous and rich, with a sensible measure of bass, and bending is leveled out except if you maximize the volume.
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We utilized this telephone for all our ordinary exercises including spilling media, games, photography, and general diversion. We possibly felt the back get a little warm when running tests and recording 4K video for significant lots. We played PUBG Mobile and had the option to knock the illustrations quality up to HDR and the casing rate to Ultra with no recognizable decrease in smoothness or responsiveness. Black-top 9: Legends was likewise completely agreeable with no faltering at all.

Realme has figured out how to convey great battery life also. 4200mAh probably won't appear to be a great deal nowadays yet the Realme X50 Pro figures out how to make that keep going for well over an entire day. We didn't need to charge our unit till halfway during that time morning in the wake of utilizing it for the duration of the day. Our HD video circle test ran for 19 hours, 4 minutes.

Super-speedy charging is one of this current telephone's USPs and we found this exceptionally helpful. The packaged 65W charger is massive and overwhelming, and you'll have to haul it around with you if it's to be helpful. We figured out how to go from totally dead to 25 percent in about 7 minutes, 50 percent in a little more than 14 minutes, and 75 percent in a short time, after which the charging rate started to lessen. A full charge took precisely 41 minutes, 16 seconds which is longer than Realme's brief case, yet at the same time phenomenal.

Realme X50 Pro 5G Cameras

The Realme X50 Pro has four back cameras, similar to the standard nowadays. First up is a 64-megapixel essential camera dependent on the Samsung GW1 sensor, with a f/1.8 gap. In addition there is a wide-scale8-megapixel F/2.3 camera, which is actually literally common even on low-end phones, but now as a large-scale smartphone. The biggest surprise here is the 12-megapixel relay camera that allows you to zoom in 2X, but has a f/2.5 difference. Finally, the monochrome depth sensor is 2-megapixel. There is a 32-megapixel main camera on the phone's façade and an8-megapixel width camera.
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With everything taken into account, this feels like Realme checking boxes instead of picking equipment that pushes limits or conveys executioner photographic capacities. Then again, Realme is hyping numerous parts of the X50 Pro 5G's camera programming. There's Night Mode 3.0 with a Tripod setting that lets you have a presentation up to 50 seconds if the telephone is steady. Video adjustment is actualized on both front cameras, and there's additionally consistent Portrait Mode for video giving you profundity impacts, in addition to 120fps moderate movement recording.

The camera application is genuinely very much spread out however has a few eccentricities. You can tap the specks over the shade catch to rapidly switch between the wide-edge camera, standard, and optical zoom cameras, and there's another dab for 5X half and half zoom. You can go past this to 20X advanced zoom, yet you wouldn't know this without long-squeezing any of the spots. This raises a progressively granular zoom slider, however peculiarly you need to drag your finger back towards where the lower zoom level specks were to zoom in more distant. 

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Light photographs appeared to be luxuriously itemized with fresh center, yet somewhat curbed hues. A little grain was obvious while looking into photographs at full size. The telephone handled exposures well in any event, when shooting against the sun, and we experienced no difficulty utilizing the camera application. The wide-edge camera functions admirably enough and contortion at the edges was insignificant. Photographs are adequate to utilize and aren't unmistakably more terrible than those taken with the essential camera when seen on the telephone's own screen, yet you can't anticipate a similar degree of detail at full size.

The fax camera is likewise valuable and the photographs we took at 2X were fine regarding quality. Things do corrupt when you get into the computerized and cross breed zoom extends yet in the daytime in any event you may have the option to select some detail out yonder.

We experienced a great deal of difficulty attempting to concentrate on full scale subjects and the application didn't help with prompts when we were attempting to draw nearer to or more remote away from what we were shooting. Some experimentation may be required, and it doesn't appear to function admirably for little subjects regardless of whether the foundation is out yonder.

Then again Portrait Mode gave us some exceptionally great outcomes, saving fine subtleties regarding our matters and delicately obscuring the foundation to make subjects truly stick out. Indeed, even without Portrait Mode, there was some extremely charming profundity of field. 

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Around evening time, photograph quality was alright however not constantly extraordinary. We had to keep exceptionally still as movement obscure could be an issue on account of the shade remaining open long. The pictures were excellent and the hues were still very much discussed. Oddly, night fashion offered us very strange results with shockingly warped colors, and in some shots the subtleties had not been greatly improved. We wouldn't rely upon this mode, and we trust programming fixes can deal with this later on.

The wide-edge and fax cameras both did approve employments if there was sufficient light around, and the outcomes were dinky yet usable. We did frequently see that the Realme X50 Pro 5G couldn't conclude whether to utilize the fax camera or default back to the essential camera with a computerized zoom, and the viewfinder would be stuck noticeably and quickly exchanging between the two perspectives. The edge of light required for the telephone to choose these choices could likewise utilize some tweaking.

Our fundamental grievance with the front cameras is that beautification is on as a matter of course and it takes a ton of tapping to kill all the alleged upgrades. Photographs looked great even around evening time. Edges were characterized well in portait shots, yet foundations were once in a while overexposed.

You can take up to 4 K to shoot the video. Adjustment isn't extraordinary however, and video that we shot while strolling was jerky. Hues were way exaggerated and oversaturated at 4K both in the daytime and around evening time, making video look counterfeit and disagreeable. The tone was substantially more unbiased and characteristic at 1080p. We noticed some sparkle and jerkiness in cuts took shots around evening time, however they were sufficiently brilliant and detail was shockingly acceptable while clamor was leveled out. 


Without being an excellent item for which you have to pay extra, the Realme X50 Pro is 5G. Without a doubt, 5G is certifiably not a reasonable reality in India yet, however you may have the option to utilize it when voyaging abroad and it can't damage to be prepared. We'd have had reservations if different highlights had been undermined comparative with different telephones at this value level, however that doesn't appear to be the situation.

This cell phone contends at a similar value level as the OnePlus 7T and is from multiple points of view progressively present day and proficient – we don't have a clue how much time Realme should profit by its first-mover advantage before the OnePlus 8 arrangement is reported, yet for the time being, its lead is clear.

Among the Realme X50 Pro's best properties are its super-quick charging, flexible cameras, ground-breaking processor, and smooth in general look and feel. You don't get remote charging or an IP rating, and we'd have preferred a less dangerous back, however these are minor issues thinking about the cost.

In the event that highlights and determinations aren't all that matters, you could look at a year ago's Samsung Galaxy S10e【₹ 40,799】or the later Galaxy S10 Lite (Review)】. The iQoo 3【₹ 39,990】, from the place of Vivo, offers 5G on one variation and it will be intriguing to perceive how that model piles up. The iPhone XR【₹ 48,899】 could likewise merit considering since its value drops to around this level when it goes at a bargain.

Good Battery Life
Premium Sound Quality & High Display
Worth For Money
5G Compatible
Fast Charge
Lacks IP Rating/Wireless Charging
Little Bulky For Some Hands
Video Is Not Good At 4K & Night Mde
AndroiD 10
Snapdragon 865

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