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With this Global Open Source Platform you will help combat COVID-19.

The exaFLOP computing power was passed by Folding@Home due to contributions worldwide.
folding@home global open source tool

Folding@Home, a multi-faceted computing project carried out by scientists at the University of Stanford, helps people all over the world to integrate their computational skills into their computer systems to build a multi-field supercomputer. Folding@Home then researches illnesses such as Cancer, Parkinson 's illness, Alzheimer's disease and now COVID-19. With the outbreak of coronavirus, Folding@Home will serve as a forum to allow people to play their part internationally. By lending computing powers from their PCs, human beings can assist scientists to speed up their research as they've shifted their recognition in the direction of arising with a treatment for the deadly pandemic that has sent the complete global in a lockdown.

Folding@Home lets in customers internationally to lend the spare GPU and CPU cycles on their non-public computers to the scientists operating on coronavirus research. According to a Toms Hardware blog, people have already come collectively in big numbers to offer help to Folding@Home because the community has passed one exaFLOP of computing strength. One exaFLOP of computing strength way one billion operations per second. This makes the group ten times more powerful than the most advanced IBM Summit supercomputer on the arena. Further, the Folding@Home community is now extra powerful than the top 103 supercomputers inside the international, blended.

Only the final week, it became suggested that the Folding@Home challenge reached 470 PetaFLOPS of computing power, pushed through a 1,200 percent spike in volunteers because of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to a study in Forbes, after over four million people volunteered to offer their CPU and GPU resources, the 470 petaFLOPS intensity became achievable. Folding@Home led Dr. Greg Bowman to further tweeted these changes. According to this paper, about 30 000 users worldwide were present in Folding@Home before the COVID-19 outbreak.

How are you able to help?
People can assist warfare COVID-19 with the aid of certainly installing the Folding@Home application on their computers and walking the software so one can lend the spare CPU and GPU cycles to the researchers. Here's how:

1. Go to the respectable Folding@Home internet site.
2. Click Start Folding Now at the homepage. It will take you to some other page.
3. Click on the button Download Now. You may be redirected to https://foldingathome.Org/begin-folding/.
4. The download web page will show the compatible download for your computer's running system.
5. Install the Folding@home software program and you may begin contributing the computing electricity out of your machine.
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