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List Of All Coronavirus Apps That Is Released By Central Government To Monitor COVID19: Check Now

As the novel coronavirus continues to unfold across India, each the Central and State governments are ramping up efforts to fight the pandemic. Also the measures that each the governments are adopting embody making certain strict imprisonment procedures, edge the movement of conveyance, cleansing of public areas, etc. Also, many government bodies are wishing on technology to unfold data regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic. Each the Central and several other State governments have developed their mobile applications in an exceedingly bid to create citizens additional responsive to their surroundings and track the unfold of the unwellness.
coronavirus apps

While a number of these mobile apps are out there on Google Play Store, others are however to be free. However, with the event of many coronavirus-related apps, critics across social media platforms have raised considerations over users' privacy. As an example, some apps permit users to self diagnose the symptoms when taking a little survey however it's unclear however and wherever the govt. can store the given data, tho' some do have privacy policies within the apps.

It is often equally confusing for a user to settle on the ‘right app' as each the Central and State governments are launching multiple apps, nearly providing constant options.

Here is a short examine the coronavirus-related apps, launched by governments to tackle the pandemic. Do note, this is often not a full list, however solely those who are launched to date.

Corona Kavach
Corona Kavach could be a COVID-19 hunter app, free by the Union Ministry of physics and knowledge Technology (MeitY) in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). The mobile app is was launched on Google Play store however was unobtainable at the time of business this text.

One of the most options of the Corona Kavach is that the app provides users with period location of 'infected users' whenever they activate the 'Kavach' feature gift on the app. This can change users to trace infected folks around their location. However, whereas doing this, non-infected users can even expose their period location, therefore, doubtless exposing sensitive information.
corona kavach app, coronakavach app

The app additionally permits users to ascertain period data on coronavirus-infected cases, the quantity of cured cases, and deaths because of the malady within the country. To use Corona Kavach, users got to additional register with a one-time countersign (OTP) sent to the mobile range. Users can even go in the menu and fill within the form to produce health details.

It is unclear however the app stores users' information since no page highlights the Privacy Policy, solely associate degree FAQ. However, this might amendment as associate degreed once an updated version of the app is reuploaded to the Play Store.

Test Yourself state
Test Yourself state app is developed by the state Ministry of Health together with Innovaccer to fight coronavirus pandemic within the state. The official app description of check Yourself state states that users here will self-diagnose coronavirus symptoms.

Once the user opens the app, a page notifies readers that check Yourself state "does not offer a medical recommendation." The Privacy Policy page comes next following that the app asks for basic user data together with name, number, zip code, and residency standing. There's additionally a survey that has six basic queries which will be answered in either 'yes' or 'no'. The queries are chiefly associated with users' travel history, and gift symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, etc.

Based on the answers, the app additional notifies the users whether or not they have coronavirus symptoms or not. The app privacy policy doesn't specify however the user data are going to be store.

Currently, the app is offered on Google Play. It's unclear whether or not the app can arrive on Apple devices or not. The launch of the app was additionally declared by state Health Minister Vishwajit Rane on Twitter.

Similarly, Innovaccer has additionally partnered with the Puducherry government to develop the check Yourself Puducherry app. The app in terms of the look and options is comparable to check Yourself state app. The user here when choosing the placement and filling personal credentials is redirected to an analogous survey with coronavirus-related queries. The Puducherry app, however, will highlight Innovaccer's Privacy Policy. The app is barely additionally out there on mechanical android devices.

COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor - state
To ensure that voters below home quarantine in the state don't violate official tips, the authorities collaborated with the Pixxon Ai Solutions to develop the COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor app. To use the app, users got to log in with a Tamil Nadu-registered mobile range.

With the COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor, the govt. claims that each user and also the authorities will monitor the live location of voters World Health Organization are below home quarantine. The thought behind is to make sure that individuals particularly those that are diagnosed with the malady are maintaining social distance. Users can even check coronavirus symptoms when providing relevant data via the app.

Since we tend to couldn't log in to the app, it's unclear what the privacy policy of the app entails. COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor is offered on Google Play Store solely.

Quarantine Watch
Similar to the state government's COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor app, Quarantine Watch because the name suggests aims to watch the placement of all the voter's World Health Organization are below home quarantine in the state.

The app recently courted conflict when state Medical Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar directed all home unintegrated voters within the state to recruit themselves associate degreed send their selfies on an hourly basis. The choice was declared when voters below home quarantine were found violating official tips.

However, observers have claimed that by doing this, the privacy of the users is at the danger of being exposed. In an exceedingly series of tweets, the net Freedom Foundation additionally raised the matter.

To use the app, users once more got to register with their state-registered mobile range. The app is developed by the Revenue Department of the state government and is offered on the Google Play Store solely.

Corona Watch
Corona Watch is another mobile app by the state government that claims to point out the locations of coronavirus-affected patients and their movement history of fourteen days.

The app is developed by the state Geographic system Agency and needs access to the phone's location, media, storage, and network to perform. Corona Watch additional contains a map that shows spots visited by those that were later diagnosed positive with COVID-19. It additionally shows areas in the state wherever folks are below house quarantine. The map, however, solely highlights the areas and doesn't reveal the address of the folks.

The app doesn't contain a privacy policy page, therefore, it's unclear however the info is kept. The app is often downloaded via Google Play Store.

COVA Punjab
COVA Punjab could be a coronavirus-tracker app developed by the Punjab government. The app is offered on each Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

To use the app, users got to log in with their mobile range that doesn't get to be registered in Punjab. Once logged in, users will read the dashboard that includes period coronavirus case updates within the state. The app contains many different options like preventive care data and different government advisories. Users can even apply for curfew passes via this app.

cova punjab app

Additionally, the app provides period data on the novel coronavirus cases in India. Different options on the app embody self-diagnosis data, coronavirus awareness, move directions, data on hospitals in Punjab, FAQs, and decision support. The Privacy Policy within the app claims that the users' data won't be shared with different third parties.

GoK Direct
The Kerala government additionally stepped up efforts to launch its app to make sure citizens' awareness over the coronavirus pandemic. The app seems to be developed by 2 completely different developers at the side of the authorities, one for the Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store.

Unlike most of the opposite apps, GoK Direct doesn't need users to log in and is an additional sort of a coronavirus-news app.The app additionally provides varied language choices through that users will consume news associated with the novel coronavirus.

Mahakavach is a geographic region government's app to tackle coronavirus pandemic within the state. In an conversation, developers of the same app that Mahakavach aims to improve 2 main procedures important to the battle against the virus. Both represent "touch monitoring" and "quarantine monitoring."

However, when we tend to open the app, the house page doesn't reveal the name Mahakavach however rather shows the text "Private Kit". The app additional asked for permission to access location, following that a brand new page opened. Within the new page, we tend to may see the news choice that didn't contain any data. It's fascinating to notice that whereas the app asked for location-permission, it indicated that the placement information won't be shared outside.

There was additionally a mysterious import/ export choice that asked for Google login details. At the lowest of the page, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stigmatization was noted.

The app is presently out there on Google Play Store solely and is developed by geographic region State Innovation Society.

COVID19 Feedback
COVID19 Feedback is another mechanical man app developed by the Central government to tackle the coronavirus cases in India. The app has been designed to capture feedback on any treatment undergone by people.

However, the app asks for permission to access the phone's media to proceed. Users have identified that when providing credentials the screen remains blank for feedback. The app is presently out there on Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, the Central government is reportedly developing a Cowin-20 mobile app, which will offer data on the coronavirus-affected places across the country. The app is alleged to incorporate additional data on the pandemic and can eventually be out there on each Google and Apple app stores. Reports recommended that the app is developed by NITI Aayog associate degreed is already being extended among a chosen cluster of users through an APK. those that have accessed the app have additionally questioned the privacy of the user. The app, on the opposite hand, guarantees to stay the info encrypted.

Similarly, different states like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have additionally reportedly launched their apps to tackle the malady and monitor voters below home quarantine. The apps, Corona Mukt Himachal and SMC Convid nineteen were reportedly extended, however, the apps weren't out there on the app stores after we tried finding them.

Moreover, 3 municipal firms in the geographic region have started victimization portable apps specifically designed to assist curb the unfold of coronavirus, senior officers told PTI.

The corporations are reportedly victimization the Coviguard and Covicare apps - however the aforesaid applications weren't found on the app stores.

Currently, India is below partial imprisonment until Pan American Day. As of Wed, over 1,600 cases and thirty-eight deaths were registered because of coronavirus within the country.
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