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PUBG Mobile 'Cold Front Survival' Mode Releasing On April 16 - Here Is All Info You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival mode is expected to add a drone to the game to allow players to spot animals.
pubg cold front survival mode

PUBG Mobile will get a 'Cold Front Survival' mode beginning April 16, as prodded by the games internet based life accounts. While very little is affirmed about the new mode, the different posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook from the games official record have had fans attempting to make sense of what the new mode will be about. From one of the posts, it very well may be seen that there will be another thing added to the game. Another post shows the picture of an automaton as a feature of the new Cold Front Survival mode.

While the organization has not explained which guide will get this mode, reports propose that Cold Front Survival could go to the Erangel and Vikendi. Since Vikendi is now a snow map, if Cold Front Survival mode is selective to Vikendi, it would not be a surprise. In addition, the report notes that players can collect wood and chickens for PUBG Mobile now. Based on the Instagram post by the authority PUBG Mobile record, this seems to be the situation. The post has a picture that shows players having a chicken supper, probably to remain warm and endure the virus. 

Another post on Instagram shows an automaton flying over the guide. Once more, PUBG Mobile has not given any data on what job the automaton will play in the game at the same time, the reports recommend the automatons could help players in spotting creatures so they can either avoid them or kill them effortlessly. Reports guess players should get by through numerous blizzards just as murder different players during the match. 

pubg cold front survival mode

As per a Facebook post by PUBG Mobile, there will be another thing added to this game mode too. "Any speculations on what this new thing is? #ColdFrontSurvival #pubgm #ComingSoon," the post peruses. PUBG Players hypothesize this new thing would be a 'heat pack' of sorts permitting players to remain warm. There is no other data on the accessibility of this new thing in the game, regardless of whether it will be a plunder thing or players will produce with it. 

On April 16, players will be able to access the latest "Cold Front Survival" mode and will then have the ability to get a more detailed understanding of everything.
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