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Sony A6100 Detailed Review

Sony's latest entry-level mirrorless camera packs offer a range of specialized features to keep both novice consumers and geeks satisfied.
sony a6100 review

We have been reviewing the Sony A6600 for a few weeks now, which is the newest APS-C mirrorless camera in the industry. Now, it is time to require a better verify of the A6100, which is its entry-level relative. The A6100 was launched aboard the A6600 and shares tons of the premium options found in Sony's flagship model, however prices tons less.

It's designed to be associate degree entry-point to Sony's mirrorless camera lineup, and whereas it's principally targeted at casual shooters, it packs in enough advanced technical school to stay even enthusiasts happy. Priced at a small premium over the A6000, is that the A6100 value shopping for as a starter mirrorless camera? Let's place it to take a look at and ascertain.

Sony A6100 Style

The Sony A6100 is thinner than that of the A6600 and is, therefore, slimmer at 396 g. That is attributed to the usage of rubber rather than metal for the body. It still feels durable and well put-together however the marginally shiny end will devour fingerprints and smudges rather simply. The handle space has ample rubber protection however the grip itself does not protrude an excessive amount of, thus holding this camera well with massive hands may be a touch difficult.

On the top, the A6100 offers a hot-shoe for external flashes yet as an inherent pop-up Xe flash, a mode dial, and an effect dial. The shutter button and power on-off switch sit up-front on the proper, in conjunction with a customizable (C1) button.

sony a6100 review
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At the rear, you get the corresponding degree electronic viewfinder (EVF) but the A6100 has a lower resolution of 1.44 million dots compared to the 2.35 million dot resolution EVF inside the A6600. you continue to get a proximity device to mechanically flip the EVF on or off after you bring the camera near to your face. we've some familiar-looking buttons at the rear, as well as a jog dial. The operate of the buttons, as well as the labeled ones, maybe remapped to fit your shooting vogue. The buttons have a rather mushy feel, particularly the directional ones. we'd have liked higher tactile feedback.

There's a flap on the left that covers a Micro-HDMI port, Micro-USB port, and 3.5mm mike input. there isn't any earpiece jack here, such as you get with the A6600. The rear 3-inch TFT liquid crystal {display|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display includes a 921K dot resolution and might be leaning downward by seventy-four degrees or flipped a full a hundred and eighty degrees from the highest for taking selfies. The show itself has a sensible bit of response and gets adequately bright outdoors.

The battery compartment on rock bottom homes the NP-FW50 battery that we have seen in most different A-series cameras. Currently, the A6600 is the sole model within the series to use the higher-capacity Z-series battery. The A6100 includes a single memory card slot and solely supports American state cards at up to UHS-I speeds.

sony a6100 review

Sony is the mercantilism of the A6100 frame on its own or as a 16-50 mm optical lens package, that is, the one for which we would check the sensor. It is a compact lens that retracts once the camera is off and conjointly options a power-zoom on-off switch for swimmingly zooming in and out. there isn't any switch to toggle between automotive vehicle and manual focus, and you simply get one manageable ring. this may be used for zooming in too, but in manual focus mode, the ring is employed to regulate focus. The lens does not have an awfully massive zoom vary, and therefore the aperture varies is not very wide either, going from f/3.5 to f/5.6 at the telephotograph finish.

Overall, the A6100 has good biotechnology associate degreed is constructed well for an entry-level mirrorless camera. Compared to the A6600, it will feel less rugged, however, that is okay and should not be a giant issue for many individuals.

Sony A6100 Specifications And Options

The great thing for the A6100 is that, while being an entry-level device, it shares the features of its dearest relatives, the A6400 and hence the A6600. It uses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS device with 425 part detection autofocus (PDAF) points and therefore the same range of distinction detection optical device points. This gives the estimated aim-acquisition period of only 0.02 seconds. The A6100 can fire 11fps bursts of AE / AF chase. You furthermore might get period eye optical device for humans and animals, 4K recording with none pixel binning, and constitutional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

One of the aspects under which the A6100 varies from the A6600 is that there is a lack of 5-axis, in-body stabilization, which means that you need to put trust in the stabilization of the lens while firing. The native ISO varies is that the same, that is 100-32,000, but that may be extended solely until ISO 51,200, compared to 102,400 with the A6600. Jointly, the A6100 lacks specialized picture attributes such as S-Log2, S-Log3 and HLG for HDR frameworks. The buffer for burst shooting may be a bit smaller too, as it's capable of holding simply seventy-seven JPEGs or thirty-three RAW files.

sony a6100 review
The software system of the A6100 is more or less clone of what we tend to simply saw in our A6600 review. Settings for photos, videos, and network area units classified in tabs. you'll be able to add your most often used functions to a separate menu therefore they are simple to induce to. The touchscreen still cannot be employed in the menus, however, you'll be able to use it once previewing photos. It may be used as a touchpad for shifting the main focus purpose once you are mistreatment the EVF. The A6100 can be used with the Android or iOS with Imaging Edge software to remotely move images or control the device.

Sony A6100 performance and battery life

We were expecting the Sony A6100's ISO performance to be the same as what we got from the A6600, considering that they need constant device and ISO vary. Details are sharp, colors are spirited, and there's barely any visible noise even at a 100 percent crop until concerning ISO 800. we start to visualize slight degradation thoroughly as we approach ISO 6,400, with some noise beginning to seem on the colored parts of the pencils.

At ISO 25,600, details get a bit fuzzy, edges are not terribly distinct any longer, and there is visible grain within the image. At the utmost native ISO of 33,000, details area unit even fuzzier, and it is the same look that we tend to get from the A6600. If you fully should go higher, you'll be able to use the extended ISO vary, however, image quality takes an enormous hit.

The Sony A6100 is simple to handle due to its low weight, and it does not need a lot of effort to induce sensible shots. Focus is correct due to the always-on face and eye optical device systems, that are fast to recognize and lock on to human faces. If you would like the system to use eye AF for animals, then this must be modified manually within the system settings. similar to the A6600, the AI pursuit AF works brightly and that we managed to induce some sensible shots of little moving subjects, like birds, even at a high zoom level. we tend to primarily use the kit lens with the A6100, however, conjointly shot a number of our samples with AN 18-135mm camera lens that we tend to have.

sony a6100 camera sample

sony a6100 camera sample

Landscapes and close-up shots, beneath natural light-weight, looked superb. we tend to managed to induce superb details even in JPEGs, with spirited and correct colors further as superb natural depth. The A6100 is capable of taking some particular burst shots too, though since the buffer isn't massive and therefore the camera solely supports UHS-I speed Coyote State cards, there is a good bit of waiting time before you'll be able to review your photos. The show gets adequately bright once shooting inside, however outdoors, beneath daylight, we tend to found it best to use the EVF.

In low weight, the A6100 can search for a limited amount of light, but this is part of the fault of the lenses we used, which do not have a really large range. With sufficiently light around, the sensor always manages to hold the focus easily. Dark regions of a frame will look a bit creaky, particularly once shooting with a high ISO price, and this cannot be avoided if you wish a quick shutter in low light-weight.

The A6100 is incredibly competent for videos too. 4K videos look nice, with glorious detail and hues. Focusing is fast and therefore the touchscreen allows you to swimmingly transition focus between your subjects with ease. The S&Q (slow and quick) mode is nice for slow-motion and hyperlapse videos. The resolution is restricted to 1080p, however, you'll be able to go as high as 120fps (in NTSC mode). The optical device is slower in low light-weight, and that we detected a small amount of searching once attempting to modify subjects, however, we tend to guess this might be improved by employing a wider aperture lens.

Shooting millions of video or burst shots will take a toll on the battery. similar to most previous A6xxx series cameras (with the exception of the A6600), battery life is fairly average. The rated output is concerning 360 frames per charge, and with actual usage, we tend to manage to average a rather higher range of around four hundred shots per charge, that remains not nice. Thankfully, the battery will be charged employing a power bank ANd you'll be able to still use the camera whereas it's being power-driven by an external supply. It conjointly still takes a minute for the battery to charge, and yet again, it's unsatisfying to not have a USB Type-C port.


Sony has priced the A6100 very well, compared to the dearer A6400 and A6600 models. The kit that Sony sent us with the 16-50mm lens formally prices Rs. 75,990, though it's on the market for nearer to Rs. 68,000 if you look on-line. With this, you get a number of the most effective of Sony's mirrorless technology while not having to pay upwards lakh 100000 Rupees, which may be a superb price proposition. the sole belongings you extremely lose out on, compared to the higher-end models, area unit the in-body stabilization, longer battery life, advanced image profiles, and high-resolution EVF. for many casual shooters, whom this camera is targeted at, none of those things ought to extremely be a deal-breaker.

We'd want a much wider buffer for rapid images, support for smaller memory cards, a Type-C connector, easy storage, and better battery life. However, considering the core options on provide, the A6100 remains superb price because it brings a number of Sony's flagship-level technology to a lot of approachable value purposes.

sony a6100 review


Great Image & Video Quality
Fast Auto-Focus
180 Degree Rotating/Tilting Screen
Slim & Light Body
Great Battery
Old Micro-USB, No Type-C
3 Inch
Lithium ion

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