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Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV Review

The TV set with the Dolby Vision is accessible from Rs. 24,999.

Indian television brand Vu only recently launched its Cinema TV home in India, which we praised for the sheer value on offer. That television series features support for the Dolby Vision HDR format, and runs on the Android TV platform, at prices starting well under Rs. 30,000. While we'd have expected Vu to take a seat back and wait a short time before its next launch, the corporate is clearly in no mood to hit the brakes.
vu premium 4k led android tv review

Soon after the Vu Cinema TV series was launched, the corporate introduced another television home in India - the Vu Premium 4K TV series. The new models have many of the capabilities of the Cinema TV series, including Dolby Vision HDR and Android TV with support for all the main streaming services. So what sets this the Vu Premium 4K TV aside from the company's previous offerings, also because of the competition? determine in our review.

Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV Design And Specifications
The Vu Premium 4K TV range is out there in three sizes - 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch - and everyone has equivalent specifications but the 43-inch variant, which features a rated sound output of 24W as compared to 30W for the 50-inch and 55-inch options. All three variants have 4K LED-backlit screens and support HDR content up to the Dolby Vision format. The specifications and features are almost like those of the Vu Cinema TV range which is out there on Amazon in India, but the Premium 4K range is out there on Flipkart and is priced just a touch more affordably at Rs. 24,999 onwards.
vu premium 4k led android tv review

We had the top-end 55-inch 55PM version for review, which is priced at Rs. 31,999. This makes it among the foremost affordable televisions of this size with Dolby Vision in India. However, there are some key differences between this range and therefore the 55-inch Vu Cinema TV: the sound output may be a bit less at 30W, and therefore the design may be a bit more discreet and focused on the screen. this is often an honest thing in our opinion since the viewer's attention is more easily directed to the content on the screen instead of the planning of the TV.

The chin of the Vu Premium 4K TV is narrower, making for a far better screen-to-body ratio. The included stands are grey and match rock bottom of the TV, while the remainder is obvious black. This makes the TV tons less striking, but with televisions we consider that to be an honest thing. The stands are attached near the 2 ends of the TV, so if you table-mount it, you will need a good enough table.

Wall-mounting the TV is straightforward enough, and standard VESA mounts will attach on easily. the facility cord is non-detachable, and most ports and sockets face to the left of the screen. These include three HDMI ports (with HDMI ARC supported on the HDMI 1 port), two USB ports, digital audio out, Ethernet, an antenna port, and 3.5mm audio out. The AV In sockets is the sole one that faces the rear. The ports were all hard to access with the TV on a wall mount, so it's advisable to attach all of your cables and devices before mounting it.

The TV features a rated brightness of 400 nits and a typical refresh rate of 60Hz. To run the OS, the Vu Premium 4K TV features a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. There's 16GB of storage for apps and app data. Dolby and DTS audio are supported by the 30W box loudspeaker, and therefore the 55-inch variant weighs a modest 12.3kg without the stands.

Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV Remote And Features
While most major TV manufacturers have moved to smaller, minimalist remotes, Vu held firm with full-size remotes till as recently as early this year. However, with the Vu Premium 4K TV, the corporate has finally gone with a little remote that has fewer buttons. it is a Bluetooth unit that runs on two AAA batteries; the TV's power is controlled by an IR emitter, though.

vu premium 4k led android tv review

The number pad, color buttons, and playback controls are all gone, with the remote keeping the main target on the direction pad and Android TV navigation buttons. There also are hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar, aside from a Google Assistant button.

You can change the source, access settings, adjust the quantity, and mute sound using the remote. it's good and works well. We did miss dedicated playback keys; the D-pad substitutes for these but isn't quite as easy to use as proper playback controls. the rear features a grippy textured finish which we liked, and that we were particularly impressed with the unique design of the facility button.

The Vu Premium 4K TV, like other Android TV devices, has built-in Chromecast functionality which is beneficial for screen mirroring from compatible devices. Bluetooth connectivity not only allows for the remote to figure without being pointed at the TV but also allows you to connect external wireless headphones or speakers.

Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV Software And Interface
Android TV is one of the foremost popular smart TV platforms in India, and Vu continues to figure with Google to enable smart connectivity on its televisions. The Vu Premium 4K TV runs on Android TV 9 Pie (the current version of the platform), with the stock launcher and access to all or any of the favored apps and streaming services. Unlike on some Android TV-powered televisions sold by companies that compete with some streaming services (such because of the MarQ range), Vu's televisions haven't any limitations on the Android TV platform; you'll access just about everything available.

All the software and connectivity based features of the Vu Premium 4K TV worked needlessly to say. We've described intimately why we just like the Android TV platform such a lot in many of our previous reviews, and it's no different with the Vu Premium 4K TV. this is often arguably the simplest smart TV platform available immediately and makes for a completely satisfying experience without the necessity for extra equipment like media streaming devices.

vu premium 4k led android tv review

The TV is quick to wake from standby and doesn't got to boot up fully whenever it's turned on, like other Android TV devices. the complete list of settings is accessible through the Android TV home screen, but a limited set that has picture and sound settings are often accessed while content is playing from any source.

We did notice some issues with performance when using an HDMI device for HDR10 content. On our Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, The tour was either too dull or completely whitewashed, counting on whether the hearth TV Stick was set to 10-bit or 12-bit HDR; a correct picture was impossible to urge. aside from this, colors also occasionally looked strange with non-HDR content, and that we generally preferred using the Android TV interface for its lack of picture issues. We do hope that a software update will fix this.

Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV Performance
With similar specifications to the Vu Cinema TV at a rather lower cost, the Vu Premium 4K TV is certainly worth considering if you are looking for a value-for-money option. With a 55-inch 4K LED screen and support for HDR up to the Dolby Vision format, the tv can handle just about anything you throw at it and do so capably.

There are small differences between the Vu Premium 4K TV and therefore the Cinema TV when it involves sound and peak brightness, but in everyday use you are not likely to note these differences. The 55PM is among the simplest 55-inch televisions you'll buy on a decent budget; it is sensible if you are looking for top-end features and decent enough performance for the worth.

We started with 4K Dolby Vision content to check the TV at its best, playing a number of our sample video clips also as content from Netflix like Night On Earth and therefore the King. Colors and moderate motion were handled well by the TV, and therefore the picture was reasonably bright and fairly sharp.

Black levels weren't great, and that we did see a gray tinge across the screen in dark scenes. This wasn't as bad with Dolby Vision content, but full-HD and HD content highlighted this grey tinge particularly strongly and made for below-average blacks in most of the films, TV shows, and video clips we watched.

vu premium 4k led android tv review

Bright scenes played out beautifully on the Vu Premium 4K TV and were a joy to observe. Colorful shots, particularly the vivid daytime scenes in Narcos: Mexico, were striking and incredibly accurate when it came to color tones. This was largely visible even with good HDR10 content, as various episodes of The tour.

With regular SDR 4K content, the Vu Premium 4K TV retains sharpness and detail, but we did notice some issues with rapid motion, and brightness wasn't as impressive as we'd have liked even at this price index. South Korean movie Parasite - the Oscar winner for Best Picture this year - occasionally looked a touch too dull within the dark scenes, particularly the first parts of the movie which show the living conditions of the most characters within the movie.

Due to Internet issues, while watching the movie, the resolution constantly switched from 4K to full-HD for us. This highlighted another small issue; color temperature appeared to change because the resolution switched. 4K content seemed a touch duller than full-HD content, with the TV seeming to catch up on the lower resolution with more brightness. This tells us that the TV's in-built algorithms for picture improvement don't always work too well.

Switching to full-HD and HD content, we watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. the image was sharp because of good upscaling by the TV, but the colors were a touch too punchy, and the motion was too jittery for our liking. Even with all motion processing transitioned, the TV didn't render proper motion blur in shots with fast motion, particularly the scenes of Brad Pitt's character driving down the streets of Hollywood.

Watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ Hotstar at the full-HD resolution, we were impressed with how good the Star Wars universe looked, with Din Djarin's silver Beskar armor glistening and searching particularly striking on the Vu Premium 4K TV. Dark scenes didn't look nearly as good though, with the Vu Premium 4K TV faltering a touch within the face of Hotstar's much-criticized stream quality.

With standard definition content, the Vu 55PM faltered just a touch. The TV does a satisfactory job of upscaling standard definition content, and sharpness is nearly as good as we'd expect from SD video on a 55-inch TV. However, we found colors and brightness to be a tad artificially boosted, and motion issues meant that there have been a couple of too many artifacts in quick-moving scenes. This didn't matter an excessive amount of animated videos but had a small negative impact on live-action content.

A big reason that we liked the Vu Cinema TV such a lot was its front-firing 40W audio system. The Vu Premium 4K TV's slightly lower cost is partly explained by the very fact that it's a less capable 30W box speaker setup, which fires downwards from rock bottom of the TV. The sound was ordinary altogether regards, as we'd have expected from any TV during this price range. It did get suitably loud and was clear enough even at high volumes. you ought to invest during a good soundbar or loudspeaker if you'll, but The TV's speakers will work satisfactorily enough if you do not have the allow that.

Vu has, for years now, made Indian television buyers question the necessity to spend a pile on their next TV. With the Vu Premium 4K TV, the corporate continues to supply excellent value for money. For Rs. 31,999, the 55-inch version of this television offers specifications and features we'd normally expect to ascertain in TVs that cost twice the maximum amount. It is not without its issues, but we were impressed with it for the foremost part.

If you believe streaming services for many of your viewing, the Vu Premium 4K TV won't allow you to down. Dolby Vision content naturally brings out the simplest during this TV, but it does a suitable job even with lower resolutions. like most big-screen televisions, standard definition is its only liability, so that's something to think about if you spend much of some time watching standard-definition DTH or cable TV content.

The biggest competition to the Vu Premium 4K TV is another model from an equivalent stable - the Vu Cinema TV. It costs just a touch quite the Vu Premium 4K TV but offers better sound quality and more striking looks. If this stuff interest you, it's worth considering over the Vu Premium 4K TV. There's also a little difference in availability which could interest some people; the Cinema TV is available on Amazon, while the Premium 4K TV is often bought on Flipkart.

Price: Rs. 31,999 (Vu Premium 4K LED Android TV 55PM)

Premium Design
Dolby & 4K Vision Support
Excellent Android TV Feature
Sharp Picture Quality
Colours Not Always Accurate
Jittery Motion
Picture Problem In HDMI
55.00 inches
Ultra HD 4k

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