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The Only Indian State Where No Coronavirus Identified: Learn Everything Here

The least number of coronavirus cases in India have been recorded in north-eastern states. Sikkim only announced yesterday his first case though Covid's slate remains clean in Nagaland and Lakshadweep.
The Only Indian State Where No Coronavirus Identified: Learn Everything Here

NEW DELHI: Tucked away in a remote corner of the upper east, Nagaland is the main Indian state to have never detailed even a solitary instance of the exceptionally infectious coronavirus illness which has now spread over the length and broadness of the nation and in many pieces of the world.

In spite of the fact that the Nagaland government made a few strides like fixing fringe with Assam and declaring money motivating forces for those not getting back from different states, yet the credit for being without coronavirus additionally goes to the way that the sloping state never had a COVID testing lab till a week ago.

So when a broker from Dimapur revealed debilitated with side effects of coronavirus in April, he was immediately alluded to the Guwahati Medical College Hospital by a private emergency clinic. Guwahati is 280 km away from Dimapur, the biggest city in Nagaland.

As the 33-year-old patient, who has from that point forward restored, was tried and treated in the neighboring Assam, Nagaland's Covid-19 record stays clean. As indicated by the information given by the Union wellbeing service, Nagaland has not announced a solitary coronavirus case up until this point.

To dishearten those abandoned in different pieces of the nation from coming back to their home express, the Nagaland government has received a one of a kind way. The state government declared a one-time help of ₹10,000 each to all residents of the state who are directly remaining outside on the off chance that they select to not return during the pandemic. Around 19,000 individuals from the state have, be that as it may, enlisted their names for coming back to Nagaland.

Having opened another COVID-testing lab in Kohima a week ago, the state government is currently battling to open isolated offices for the individuals who are getting back with the steady opening of train and flight administrations. Those coming back from red zones are being screened at Dimapur or Kohima and put under 14 days of institutional isolate.

Other than Nagaland, the association region of Lakshadweep has additionally stayed free from coronavirus so far to a great extent in view of its land segregation as an archipelago.

The little Himalayan territory of Sikkim, flanking West Bengal, had figured out how to keep itself infection free until yesterday when a youthful understudy who had gone to Delhi to get ready for serious tests got back home after unwinding in lockdown limitations.

The 25-year-old understudy, who hails from the vacationer town of Rabangla, took a private transport from New Delhi to Siliguri a week ago from where he boarded an administration run transport to come to Sikkim. During isolate in South Sikkim area, he revealed fever and different coronavirus related side effects. Later on, he tried positive.

There were 12 other co-travelers in the transport with him, every one of whom is presently under isolate. Sikkim government's arrangements to revive schools and universities from June 15 may likewise be in danger now if further Covid-19 cases are accounted for.

When contrasted with different locales of the nation, northeastern states have fared well. Having detailed only one COVID case each, both Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh have no dynamic cases at present.

Assam remains the most noticeably terrible influenced in the locale with 329 cases being accounted for up until now. Tripura has revealed 189 cases, Manipur 29 and Meghalaya 14, as indicated by most recent information from the wellbeing service.
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