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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review

The most standardized iPad counterpart in Samsung 's history.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Detailed Review

Two-Minute Quick Audit
It's become something of a platitude to call each new Android record an iPad contender, however more so than most the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite appears to be an endeavor to break Apple's stranglehold on the tablet advertise. From the cost to the screen size and different highlights, the gadget feels especially like it's been intended to entice potential purchasers from the iOS biological system to the Android tablet one.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is apparently a reasonable rendition of the top-notch Tab S6, however, it doesn't really share a lot of practice speaking with that tablet; rather, it appears to be progressively similar to an especially cultivated individual from the Galaxy Tab A line of modest tablets.

The key component of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is that it accompanies an S Pen pointer (it's really the most reasonable Samsung tablet to accompany a pointer) which is incredible for doodling, note-taking, and commenting on. You don't need to pay extra for it, as you accomplish for the Apple Pencil for use with iPads, yet Samsung's pointer misses a couple of stunts by correlation with Apple's pointer.

The tablet feels and looks entirely tough, with littler bezels than the Galaxy Tab An and a strong back that feels durable enough to endure difficult times. The nearness of a 3.5mm earphone jack, which isn't an ensured include in tablets, will be valued by some as well.

Pointer issues aren't the main issue the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has – it can likewise be somewhat delayed to react, with slight postpone when you're tapping the screen or swiping, and its chipset isn't incredible for playing top of the line games, or other requesting undertakings.

Another issue is that Android, or possibly Samsung's One UI take on Android, simply isn't as acceptable a tablet working framework as iPadOS, in spite of the fact that there are highlights and advantages that may compensate for this, particularly in the pointer division.

None of this influences the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite's value as a compact amusement machine, however – its showcase is really useful for a spending tablet, and it's additionally got an angle proportion that is preferred for review content over that of numerous iPads. So in case you're simply searching for a compact gadget for watching films or TV appears, you could do a ton more terrible.

So the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite isn't the ideal mid-go record, however, there's still a great deal here to like, and if the highlights on offer here, similar to the S Pen, great screen and low value, bid to you, at that point, it's unquestionably worth considering as an option in contrast to the passage level iPad. Assuming, however, you like a smart client experience, and a pointer experience that isn't influenced by a couple of irritating issues, maybe an iPad is better for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Cost And Accessibility
  • Accessible in Wi-Fi or LTE, 64GB or 128GB
  • Accessibility significantly relies upon district
  • Starts at $349/£349/AU$649
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite accessibility is a touch of confounding, and it depends a lot on where you are. In the US the tablet isn't accessible at the hour of composing, yet we realize it'll be discharged for $349 for its Wi-Fi just form, and it's possible an LTE adaptation will be discharged as well. As indicated by Samsung the gadget will be discharged 'Q2' of this current year, which implies it ought to be accessible before the finish of June.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Detailed Review

In the UK the tablet is now accessible, valued at £349 for the Wi-Fi-possibly model, or £399 in the event that you need LTE network as well. Both of these costs are for 64GB capacity models, which is the main form accessible in the UK, while in Australia just 128GB records are accessible, at AU$649 for Wi-Fi-just and AU$799 with Wi-Fi in addition to an LTE association.

In the locales where it's accessible, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite can be handily purchased on the Samsung site or Amazon, just as from specific bearers in every area for the LTE form. A few retailers offer the tablet's 'Book Cover' folio case free when you purchase the gadget, so it merits looking.


  • Powerful plan
  • USB-C and 3.5mm earphone jack
  • No compartment for S Pen pointer
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a glass front with a metal edge and back, and these materials cause it to feel strong, just as it could endure being dropped a couple of times.

The selection of materials means the gadget is somewhat substantial however, at 467g – for reference that is at any rate twice as overwhelming as most cell phones. With measurements of 244.5 x 154.3 x 7mm it's a genuinely normal size given its screen distance across, and it's surely not PC estimated – in certainty we really figured out how to fit the tablet into huge pockets on specific things of the dress.

A structure highlight that may satisfy some is that the bezel which encompasses the screen is quite thin, contrasted with those on iPads and Galaxy Tab A records. The low screen-to-body proportion implies the gadget has a decent size screen without feeling excessively enormous in the hand.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Detailed Review

The rear of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite houses the back camera in the upper left corner (in case you're holding the gadget in representation direction). There's a 3.5mm earphone jack on the highest point of the gadget, a force catch and volume rocker on the correct edge, and a USB-C port on the base edge.

Not every single moderate tablet has USB-C ports, as some have smaller scale USB, which is slower for information move and charging, so we're glad to see the consideration of it here. The sound jack will likewise satisfy numerous clients of wired earphones.

The Tab S6 Lite comes in Oxford Gray, Angora Blue, or Chiffon Rose hues, in spite of the fact that not every unique shading is accessible in each area. Our survey model was Oxford Gray, as imagined.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite accompanies the S Pen pointer in the container, which is a helpful expansion for drawing, outlining and taking notes. Not at all like the full-fat Galaxy Tab S6, there's no space in the body for stowing the pointer, so you need to roost it on the correct edge attractively, despite the fact that in the event that you get the Book Cover (which we tried the tablet close by, as should be obvious in the pictures), this has a compartment for it.

While the expansion of an included pointer may intrigue some forthcoming purchasers, and absolutely changes the manner in which you utilize your tablet, it's not great – there are a few issues, which we'll get to later in this audit.


  • 10.4-inch LCD screen
  • 2000 x 1200 goals, 5:3 angle proportion
  • Useful for watching films and TV appears
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has a 10.4-inch LCD screen with a 2000 x 1200 goals. That is just 0.1 inches littler than the non-Lite tablet, yet the absence of that record's higher-goals AMOLED board is one of the penances of this spending tablet.

The screen quality is quite useful for LCD – it's overall quite brilliant, and simple to see in any event, when you're outside, however, the hues here and there glance somewhat cleaned out contrasted with shows on different gadgets, and when we were messing around or watching films the low goals was now and again observable.

Saying that contingent upon the spilling administrations you watch content on, or your membership bundle, these goals might be all you need, and just those with access to 4K substance may discover the tablet comes up short.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Detailed Review

Moreover, the 5:3 perspective proportion is only a stage off 16:9 (it's 15:9 to be exact), which is the viewpoint proportion loads of TV shows and gushing motion pictures are communicated in. This implies when you're watching the content you don't have unmistakable dark bars at the top and base of the screen, as you'll discover on iPads, which will, in general, have 4:3 showcases.

In view of the LCD show tech, the screen shows dark as very splendid, which is on the grounds that LCD makes the shade by showing all the hues without a moment's delay, not normal for LED boards which essentially turn off the LED to get dark. The outcome is that when you're taking a gander at something dull, for instance in case you're utilizing Android 10's dim mode, the showcase despite everything shows up brilliant, which isn't as unwinding for your eyes and doesn't appear to spare battery much either. This is an issue the Tab S6 Lite shares for all intents and purpose with all LCD gadgets however.

While swiping the screen with the S Pen or a finger we saw that the screen was somewhat less responsive than different tablets; it felt like there was more contact or obstruction. It's not actually clear why this is the situation, however, it's probable down to the materials utilized for the screen or any movies applied over the top – in any case, it was somewhat of an annoyance when swiping to explore or drawing with the S Pen.

We in the long run became acclimated to this, however, when utilizing the gadget close by an iPad with an Apple Pencil the issue is somewhat observable. Our fundamental S Pen issue, however, was with palm location. On iPads, when the Apple Pencil is being used the gadget can distinguish whether the Apple Pencil, your finger or the palm of your hand is contacting the screen, and disregards contributions from the last-mentioned – this implies you can lay your palm on the screen when you're portraying or composing.

On the off chance that you lay your palm on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite's showcase when utilizing the S Pen, in any case, the gadget believes it's a different info and reacts in like manner – so you can unintentionally draw a line, or change the editing of a screen capture, or even beginning exploring the telephone by swiping and opening applications. On the off chance that Samsung needs to offer the best pointer experience on its tablets, it actually needs to build up some palm discovery innovation.

Specs, Execution, And Camera

  • Mid-go Exynos 9611 chipset with 4GB RAM
  • A touch lazy to utilize
  • 8MP back camera, 5MP front camera
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite sudden spikes in demand for the Exynos 9611 chipset, made by Samsung itself, which we've recently found in various mid-run and reasonable telephones like the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A50s. This is matched with 4GB RAM.

The Exynos 9611 is certifiably not a ground-breaking chipset, however, it's fine in case you're not doing anything excessively requesting. We found that lower-end and very much streamlined games ran easily on the gadget, so we could traverse Call of Duty: Mobile matches, however games that were too requesting would be laggy, or as often as possible smashed the gadget – PUBG Mobile met this destiny only minutes into a match.

The fundamental issue execution astute is with route speed, as there's a slight defer while swiping between menus, tapping on the screen to type, or opening another application. Any individual who's pre-owned lower-end tablets or telephones will be utilized to this, as it's only a manifestation of ordinary specs, yet the Galaxy Tab can be a bit of disappointing to use now and again, therefore, and, significantly the lower-end iPads don't have this issue.

This was certainly not a consistent irritation, as the issue possibly truly raised its head when heaps of foundation capacities were running or applications were being downloaded, yet you'll never discover the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite as smart to explore as an iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Detailed Review

At the point when we put the Tab S6 Lite through a benchmark test it restored a multi-center score of 1,313 – not exactly a large portion of the Galaxy S20's 3,061. That is a really low score, and despite the fact that we don't have some other tablet scores to contrast it with (given that Geekbench, the testing program we utilized, changed its scoring framework in late 2019), we can contrast it with cell phones.

The Tab S6 Lite's paces just truly beat out some super-low-end rivalry from any semblance of Redmi (its Note 8T got 1,158) and even lost to mid-extend telephones like the Oppo Reno 2Z (1,482). All things considered, the Tab S6 Lite's presentation here was truly poor, which clarifies games smashing and moderate route.

As we've referenced, a route can be on the moderate side, and the most evident indication of this was the face acknowledgment opening, which seldom worked before we'd had the opportunity to type our secret key in at any rate – and it doesn't enable that you to need to hold the tablet unnaturally a long way from your face with the end goal for this to work.

Regarding the matter of the cameras, the back snapper is 8MP. It's far-fetched you'll be doing a lot of photography with this rather than your cell phone, and that is something to be thankful for, as pictures looked somewhat diminish (and grainy on the off chance that you took advantage of the 10x computerized zoom), despite the fact that not horrifyingly so.

On the front is a 5MP snapper, which will probably observe more use on the off chance that you do visit video calls or take selfies. While the equipment is acceptable however not extraordinary, the measure of various modes accessible for selfies will be a wonderful astonishment for some.

There are Live Focus mode, which lets you alter the foundation of an image once you've taken it, AR Doodle, which lets you utilize the S Pen to draw over your face continuously, and channel and excellence choices as well.

There's likewise 1080p video recording, both on the back and front cameras.


  • Android 10 with OneUI skin
  • Android isn't as useful for tablets as iPadOS
  • No pointer palm discovery
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Operated On Android 10 With Samsung's One UI On Top. This for the most part carries a change to the presence of 'stock' Android, in spite of the fact that similarly as with all Android forks there are some different changes as well.

For instance, in One UI all downloaded applications get sent into an application cabinet rather than onto the fundamental landing page, which makes it simpler to modify your landing page by just putting certain applications on it. Samsung gadgets likewise have a scope of valuable gadgets that you can put on your tablet's home pages, similar to climate, Spotify controls and email sneak peeks, so all things considered One UI gives you more customization choices than most other Android forks.

While One UI's highlights function admirably on tablets, Google has been battling for a considerable length of time to make a better than average tablet working framework, and Android itself despite everything that doesn't fill in also on records as Apple's iPadOS does. The swipe-down control menu is better spread out in iPadOS, with less unhelpful alternatives, and it's simpler to look through the gadget as well.

Android tablets to date have ordinarily come up somewhat short contrasted with iPads as far as the client experience, and that is the situation here. There are hardly any one of a kind highlights to make the tablet experience particular from a 'major cell phone' one, as there are in iPadOS, regardless of One UI being entirely helpful.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Detailed Review

On the in addition to the side, there are some really flawless S Pen deceives that are enjoyable to utilize, which are all effectively available from the home screen because of a little symbol that springs up to the side when the tablet identifies that the pen is being used, or by means of a catch on the stylus itself.

These incorporate Create Note, which raises a little window you can jot onto, Screen Write, which lets you take a screen capture and comment on it, and AR Doodle, which we've just referenced. The previous of these we discovered particularly helpful, for making notes on records we were sent, making shopping records when we scanned the web for plans, and making daily agendas dependent on messages we got.

Contingent upon your profession, these S Pen highlights may truly support your efficiency, in spite of the fact that as we've recently referenced the absence of palm discovery takes away from the experience. It's additionally worth including that the absence of a discretionary console fringe at the hour of composing (except if you select an outsider Bluetooth elective) implies that composing anything longer than a snappy note expects you to utilize the on-screen console, which isn't as normal to use as a physical one.

We at first intended to compose this audit on the gadget itself, yet scoffed at utilizing the console, with its slight touch delay, for a long-structure article.

Battery life

  • Huge 7,040mAh battery
  • You won't have to consider charging habitually
  • 15W quick charging
A 7,040mAh battery gives power to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, a standard for such a bigger Tablet – iPad 10.2's is a bigger touch but not so much.

We were intrigued by the gadget's battery life, as it effectively endured during a time of regular use (by which we mean, viewing an hour or so of YouTube video, playing the odd game to a great extent, and answering to online networking messages when required).

In any event, when it came to all the more requesting undertakings, as long video calls, we never stressed over the effect these would have on the battery life.

Not at all like a cell phone, and likewise, with most tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite isn't a gadget that you believe you need to charge day by day to keep it ticking along, except if you're truly pushing it as far as possible.

The Tab S6 Lite backings 15W quick charging, which would be on the moderate side in any event, for a cell phone, yet given the tablet's capacity pack is double the size of those in many handsets, it can set aside a long effort to control up the gadget.

This isn't the sort of gadget you can simply connect for a speedy explosion of intensity to a great extent, and we thought that it was progressively normal to charge the gadget while we utilized it, as opposed to connecting it someplace and overlooking it while it fueled up.

Get It If

✌ You need a pointer experience

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite accompanies the S Pen included, which settles on it an extraordinary decision for anybody searching for a record they can utilize a pointer with. The S Pen flaunts some decent highlights that make it valuable for a scope of errands.

✌ You like altering your landing page

Because of One UI's gadgets and application cabinet, it's simpler than any time in recent memory to alter your tablet landing page on the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, with news squares, Spotify controls, the climate, and application envelopes all placeable where you need them.

✌ You need a dependable tablet

We were intrigued by to what extent the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite endured being used, so on the off chance that you need a tablet that you don't need to energize day by day, this is a decent decision. That is particularly evident in case you're simply searching for a tablet for incidental use, as you won't need to constantly control it up between meetings.

Try Not To Get It If

☞ You like smart route

Regardless of numerous positives, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite feels somewhat slower to use than an iPad and relying upon how as often as possible you utilize your tablet this could turn into an inconvenience.

☞ Word preparing is significant

In view of the previously mentioned slight drowsiness and the absence of a physical console alternative, it very well may be hard to form long records on the tablet. It's fine for web-based life messages, short messages, note-taking, and looking through the web, however, it probably won't be extraordinary for exposition composing.

☞ You're not very cautious about where you rest your hand

The absence of palm recognition on the screen can make utilizing the pointer a bit of irritating, particularly relying upon how you compose. In the event that you like to lay your hand on a surface while you compose, the missing element will be woefully missed, in spite of the fact that not every person will utilize a pointer like this.
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