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NASA Perseverance Mars Lander Launch Postponed For One More Time, 2 Weeks Left To Fly

Unless NASA's rover isn't on the road by mid-August, they will have to wait for Earth and Mars in the correct position until 2022.
NASA Perseverance Mars Lander Launch Postponed For One More Time, 2 Weeks Left To Fly

NASA has deferred the dispatch of its most up to date Mars meanderer once more — to the furthest limit of July at the soonest — this time for a rocket issue.

In the event that the Perseverance meanderer isn't on its way by mid-August, it should hold up until 2022 when Earth and Mars are back inappropriate arrangements, costing NASA near $500 million (generally Rs. 3,774 crores) for the defer alone.


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Chiefs are currently focusing on no sooner than July 30 for a liftoff from Cape Canaveral, gobbling up half of the monthlong dispatch window. Fortunately, NASA is attempting to squeeze out additional time in this current summer's dispatch opportunity, presently going on until in any event August 15. The opportunity to travel to Mars comes up just at regular intervals.

It is NASA's most aggressive Mars strategic, totaling around $3 billion (generally Rs. 22,647 crores). Other than looking for indications of past minute Martian life, Perseverance will accumulate shakes and soil for inevitable come back to Earth.


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Rocket creator United Launch Alliance needs additional opportunity to manage a fluid oxygen sensor line that demonstrated sketchy readings during an ongoing practice commencement, authorities said Tuesday. Past specialized concerns — including crane inconvenience at the cushion — knock the dispatch from the first July 17 to the twentieth and afterward to July 22.

The United Arab Emirates and China, in the meantime, despite everything are squeezing ahead with dispatches this month or next of Mars shuttle. Russia and the European Space Agency needed to bow out, postponing their Mars meanderer until 2022 due to deferred shuttle testing and travel constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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