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OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

Is this the best smart LED television you can buy?

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review
At the point when OnePlus propelled its first TVs in 2019, there were blended responses from commentators and devotees the same. The OnePlus TV Q1 arrangement is noteworthy for various reasons, however with costs beginning at Rs. 69,999, it is still awfully costly for some to try and consider. The organization's new TVs for 2020 aren't swaps for the OnePlus TV Q1 arrangement by any means; these are progressively moderate TVs that will interest more esteem cognizant purchasers.

The organization has now propelled the OnePlus TV U arrangement and Y arrangement, with the last being the most moderate, implied for spending keen TV purchasers. The previous is what we're exploring today. There's a solitary 55-inch model in this arrangement for the present – the OnePlus TV 55U1 4K LED Android TV. Valued at Rs. 49,999, this isn't a spending alternative using any and all means, however, it is essentially more moderate than the OnePlus TV 55Q1 due to the more cost-proficient LED-illuminated LCD screen.

Aside from that, this TV guarantees everything else that you'd get with the OnePlus TV Q1 arrangement, alongside different programming changes and enhancements that have been discharged since that model was first propelled. Is the new OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) a decent alternative to consider in case you're searching for a not costly big-screen 4K HDR TV? Discover in our audit.

OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) Structure And Details
The OnePlus TV Q1 arrangement is very radical as far as structure, with its carbon-fiber-like surface at the back and to some degree disputable stand. With the OnePlus TV 55U1, things have changed a piece. The TV is simply 6.9mm thick at the top and sides, with an aluminum body. The outskirts around the screen are thin, with a little OnePlus logo just underneath the screen that is scarcely recognizable except if you're directly before it. The screen-to-body proportion is an amazing 95 percent, and this makes the TV look fantastic from all points.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

It's likewise somewhat overwhelming for a 55-inch TV in view of the top-notch materials utilized. From the front, the 55U1 intently looks like the OnePlus TV Q1 and has back situated speakers, while the force button is at the base close to the lower-right corner.

The marginally thicker base segment has a natural carbon-fiber-like surface, with the divider mount attachments in the middle and all ports on the right, with a separable cover. In case you're table-mounting the TV, you should keep this on subsequent to connecting any outside gadgets, to keep up the consistency of the rear of the TV.

The TV has a not too bad arrangement of ports, including three HDMI inputs (one of which bolsters HDMI ARC), two USB ports, an AV-In attachment that can be utilized with a connector, an RF attachment for a receiving wire, an optical sound yield, and an Ethernet port for wired Internet network. An outstanding exclusion here is a 3.5mm sound jack, however, there is Bluetooth for remote speakers or earphones.

In the event that you plan to table-mount the OnePlus TV U Series (55U1), it's a reasonable piece simpler to introduce and more steady than the OnePlus TV Q1 arrangement. The stands join solidly and safely close to the sides of the TV, and you'll in this way need a wide enough table to put the TV on. It has standard VESA attachments at the back for divider mounting and can take essentially any VESA-upheld divider mount pack for the size.

Divider mounting was somewhat dubious for me since OnePlus does exclude a unit in the business bundle. I utilized a standard VESA unit, but since of the inclining back of the TV, this made it tilt marginally upwards. This was certainly not a genuine worry for me on account of the stature and situating of the TV at my home, yet it could be an issue for a few, and unquestionably looked off-kilter on my divider.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

OnePlus states that an official divider mount unit will be brought along by the organization's establishment professionals, can be fitted at no charge and will address the tilt issue. In any case, the organization couldn't give any further subtleties on this, including the plan of the divider mount pack, at the hour of this survey. Regardless, the way that clients may confront this issue with anything other than the official divider mount unit is somewhat troublesome.

The OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) has a 55-inch Ultra-HD (3840x2160-pixel) LED-illuminated VA board, with help for HDR up to the Dolby Vision group. There is additionally MEMC for movement interjection. The TV has an all-out appraised sound yield of 30W, through a four-speaker arrangement at the base. Sound configurations up to Dolby Atmos and DTS: HD are upheld, and a Bluetooth Stereo mode lets you utilize the TV as a Bluetooth speaker with source gadgets, for example, cell phones or tablets.

OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) Remote And Highlights
OnePlus went with a moderate remote for the Q1 arrangement, with an inherent battery and USB Type-C charging. With the more moderate U arrangement, the organization has returned to a progressively conventional plan, while holding some smart thoughts. The 55U1's remote is plastic and runs on AAA batteries, yet looks a great deal like that of the Q1 arrangement. It doesn't feel as great in the hand, however, it's light and more practical than previously.

There is a D-cushion for route at the best, a Google Assistant catch, Android route keys, hotkeys for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, and standard volume and quiet fastens on this Bluetooth and IR remote. There is still no devoted force button; the OnePlus catch controls power when the TV is in reserve, and a long-press shows the restart, shut down, and backup alternatives. This catch additionally enacts the Oxygen Play launcher with a short press when the TV is on.

OnePlus appears to have paid attention to input, and there is one huge new catch that makes utilizing the TV simple. The multi-work button – implied by three squares and a circle – lets you get to brisk settings from any place you are on the TV, without constraining you to return to the Android TV home screen just like the case previously.

From this spring up the menu, it's conceivable to control organize settings, pick an alternate source, change picture and sound modes, switch Bluetooth Stereo mode, and go into the full Settings menu. The entirety of this should be possible even while something is playing on the TV, without intruding on playback paying little heed to the source gadget. This was genuinely necessary and fixes something that I viewed as a significant downside when utilizing the OnePlus Q1 arrangement.

As is normal on an Android TV-controlled TV, there is worked in Chromecast and backing for Google Assistant on the OnePlus TV U Series (55U1). Moreover, it's conceivable to interface the OnePlus TV U Series to Alexa, letting you utilize any Echo or other good gadget you may have at home with the TV for voice orders.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) Programming And Interface
Not a ton has changed on the product front for the OnePlus TV U Series (55U1); the TV runs the natural Android TV 9 Pie with OnePlus' own Oxygen Play launcher. You gain admittance to applications and games through the Google Play Store for Android TV, and a bunch of applications including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is preinstalled on the TV. There are no prominent application exclusions here, so you're getting the undeniable Android TV experience on this TV.

What I'm glad to report here is that OnePlus has figured out how to resolve the vast majority of the early programming issues that I experienced on the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro. This TV is quick, responsive, and a breeze to utilize. The main issue I noticed during my time with the TV was that the Dolby Vision logo was frequently obvious on screen despite the fact that the switch was off. This is a little issue, however, and could without much of a stretch be fixed by going into the settings and flipping it on and ease off.

Besides, the settings are itemized, and tweaking picture and sound settings are substantially more responsive on the OnePlus TV 55U1. Contrasts in picture quality were obvious and turning off movement introduction and other picture handling modes indicated a distinction. It was anything but difficult to tune the TV to the correct picture settings for different sorts of substances, while HDR and Dolby Vision content took on its unique settings that didn't should be balanced a lot.

There is additionally an AI picture quality mode that lets the TV alter settings on the fly as per the substance on screen, and this also worked very well. The TV rushed for sure, firing up from reserve in pretty much two seconds. All in all, I'm very intrigued by the fact that it is so natural to utilize the OnePlus TV U Series, and how cleaned and bother free its product is.

Oxygen Play was a little insane when it was propelled with the OnePlus TV Q1 arrangement a year ago, as I would like to think, however, it appears to have improved a considerable amount from that point forward. Different gushing administrations, for example, Sony Liv, Hungama Play, and Zee5 are formally bolstered on the stage, giving you a substance driven way to deal with the interface with speedy access to explicit motion pictures and TV appears. Be that as it may, as in the past, you do should be bought into these administrations and connection your records to have the option to utilize Oxygen Play appropriately.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

One major improvement presently is the expansion of Amazon Prime Video, however unusually this has its tab instead of being a piece of the general rundown of substance. This is somewhat senseless, as I would like to think since I could simply utilize the Amazon Prime Video application to get to a similar substance with the local Prime Video UI. While I didn't utilize Oxygen Play a lot, I do see the intrigue for individuals who may lean toward the substance driven interface and the capacity to find new motion pictures and TV appears absent a lot of exertion.

The LED show likewise implied that the OnePlus TV could push the brilliance up to levels that do Dolby Vision equity. It was amazing exactly how well the TV dealt with differentiate, guaranteeing that splendid zones were brilliant while dull zones looked as they should. Daylight specifically looked as practical as a TV can make it look, and scenes shot in splendid sunlight were noteworthy.

In any case, darker shows, for example, Night On Earth and Snowpiercer uncovered a significant weakness in the OnePlus TV U Series – odd dark levels. The TV would never fully create whatever even approached a genuine dark, with for all intents and purposes every single dark piece of scenes looking increasingly like dim.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

This is fairly not out of the ordinary from a LED-illuminated TV in light of the restrictions of the innovation, yet the OnePlus TV 55U1 plays out a piece beneath desires when contrasted with the opposition. Somewhat better outcomes all in all could be seen with my assortment of 4K and HDR test cuts, than with spilling media, however, this was certifiably not a checked distinction.

Next up was 'Game Over, Man!', additionally accessible in Dolby Vision on Netflix. This activity satire film was a piece excessively tense for my preferences, yet the survey experience itself was amazing for one integral explanation – movement taking care of. The OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) utilizes MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) to astounding impact, making for a smooth picture (if that is the thing that you like) that was to a great extent liberated from judder and ancient rarities.

Saying this doesn't imply that these weren't obvious – all movement insertion creates a few impacts – however it was down to a base and was scarcely perceptible. Turning it off created the movement obscure that many individuals would like to see, yet additionally appeared to add a touch of judder to the image. I very loved the smooth movement, which helped keep the image sharp and made sitting in front of the TV somewhat simpler on the faculties for me.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

What may be intrigued me the most about the OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 is how well it handles full-HD content. I viewed the whole Matrix set of three gushing in full-HD, and the TV upscaled it so well that now and again it seemed as though I was viewing the films in Ultra-HD goals. The perfection, detail, and hues were especially noteworthy, while movement addition held up amazingly even in the quick activity scenes. The notorious green hint of the arrangement when the characters are in the Matrix was recreated impeccably, just like the remainder of the hues and skin tones.

Upscaling on the OnePlus TV U arrangement is OK in any event when working with lower-goals content, with 720p and SD video cuts looking a reasonable piece better than we've seen on most moderate extra-large televisions. The movement interjection and smoothening abilities of the TV do appear to do a major piece of the lifting here, and there are still some normal antiques and dull edges to be seen. Be that as it may, generally, this is among the better enormous screen TVs to consider on the off chance that you aren't prepared to relinquish your link or DTH association, or on the off chance that you watch a great deal of substance on YouTube.

The OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) has a 30W box-speaker arrangement comprising of four drivers (two full-run speakers and two tweeters) and backing for up to the Dolby Atmos position. While everything appears to be acceptable on paper, I was to a great extent neutral with the sound quality on the TV. Aside from an absence of consistency in volume levels, the sound was likewise strangely tuned and a piece too boomy for a TV.

OnePlus TV U Series 55U1 Review

Activity scenes were uproarious and forceful, while discourse and delicate foundation scores were regularly too delicate to even think about hearing obviously. I as a rule needed to keep the remote in my grasp and continue modifying the volume while viewing the Matrix set of three to keep the uncontrollably fluctuating volume levels under tight restraints. Dolby Atmos content fixed this somewhat and sound better, yet there isn't a lot of monetarily accessible substance in this organization for the time being. With most spilling content utilizing the lower Dolby or DTS designs, this TV doesn't exactly satisfy hopes with regards to sound quality. I'd suggest planning for a decent soundbar or speaker framework too, in case you're intending to purchase the OnePlus TV U Series.

OnePlus' first endeavor at TVs was a long way from perfect, however, the organization has taken a shot at improving that item with programming refreshes after some time. This new model has profited by that learning and appears to be substantially more engaged, cleaned, and determined. Evaluated more reasonably than a year ago's Q1 arrangement, the Rs. 49,999 OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) gets most things right, from the plan and programming, to picture quality. The 55U1 seems to be a substantially more skilled item than the Q1 arrangement did at the hour of its dispatch, offering precisely what it guarantees at the cost, and working superbly with the center understanding.

That isn't to state this TV is without its issues. The expected incongruence with reseller's exchange divider mounts, helpless dark levels, and conflicting sound merit remembering whether you plan to purchase the OnePlus TV. In any case, the professionals far exceed the cons here, and the OnePlus TV U Series (55U1) is a great mid-go LED TV that bodes well for purchasers who are vigorously put resources into gushing stages, yet also still to some degree appended to past link or DTH.

All things considered, you may likewise need to consider the TCL 55C715, which is valued slightly higher, however, offers a somewhat better picture and sound quality. Then again, if Rs. 49,999 sounds a piece excessively high for you, alternatives, for example, the Vu Premium 4K Android TV and Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 55 are close to as useful for a reasonable piece less.


Premium Design
Great Picture Quality
Great Software And Remote
Good Contrast
Bad Black Levels
Irregular Sound
55.00 inches
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