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lypertek tevi true wireless earphones review Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Full Review
Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Full Review

Do Rs.6,999 true wireless earphones fulfill the specifications of their audiophile degrees?

There are a lot of enormous earphones and headphone creators, yet some of the time the most intriguing items originate from brands you've likely never known about. A considerable lot of these little brands are makers from China and have enlivened the term 'Chi-Fi', or Chinese hello there fi. Earphones and headphones from these brands are regularly seriously estimated and actually able, and generally stable entirely great. There are many these little brands, yet on occasion, something stands sufficiently apart to be seen even here in India.

Today, I'm inspecting the Lypertek Tevi. Valued at Rs. 6,999 in India, this new obvious remote headset has been getting some consideration in audiophile hovers for its reasonable sonic signature and clinical way to deal with sound. Does the Lypertek Tevi for sure satisfy claims that it conveys an audiophile-grade understanding? Discover in our audit.

Qualcomm aptX support on the Lypertek Tevi
The Lypertek Tevi is a gorgeous pair of genuine remote headphones, yet not in the ordinary way. I very like the to a great extent moderate look of the headphones, supplemented by a silver ring around the catch on every headphone. The rune-like Lypertek logo likewise gives it a sprinkle of style, and generally, this is a basic however very much constructed pair of genuine remote headphones.

Dissimilar to some financial plan and mid-go choices that have contact controls, the Lypertek Tevi has physical catches. These are anything but difficult to press, and the controls are advantageous. You can control playback, volume, noting calls, and conjuring the default voice colleague on your matched cell phone.

There is a sum of four sets of ear tips remembered for the container – three silicone and one froth – alongside a USB Type-C link for charging the case. In spite of the fact that I as a rule lean toward froth ear tips for a safer and clamor detaching fit, the silicone tips were better and more agreeable for me on the Lypertek Tevi. The headphones are IPX7 evaluated for water obstruction, so you'll have the option to securely utilize them outside and keeping in mind that working out.

lypertek tevi true wireless earphones review Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Full Review

The Lypertek Tevi highlights 6mm graphene drivers, a recurrence reaction scope of 20-20,000Hz, Bluetooth 5, and backing for the SBC, AAC, and Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth codecs. Like the Creative Outlier Air, the Lypertek Tevi didn't let me pick the Bluetooth codec on an Android cell phone; rather consequently choosing the most ideal alternative dependent on the gadget. This was aptX on my Android cell phone and AAC when I utilized the headphones with my MacBook Air. As in the past, I'd have enjoyed the capacity to pick, yet this was definitely not a major issue for me.

In spite of the fact that the headphones look basic, the charging instance of the Lypertek Tevi is very great and helped me to remember the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2's case. The denim-like texture surface all around the case is very acceptable to take a gander at and believe, and the case has four marker lights at the front for the battery level. The USB Type-C port for charging is at the back, and the case is sufficiently little to fit in your pocket. I did sometimes have issues with the headphones not disengaging from my cell phone much in the wake of putting them for the situation, as a result of a powerless attractive hook.

Battery life on the Lypertek Tevi is very great, with a guaranteed figure of 10 hours for every charge on the headphones and an extra six charges from the case. I had the option to get 7-8 hours for each accuse from the headphones of blended-use across music and approaches various gadgets, and the case did in reality head the headphones up threefold before the marker lights proposed that it had around 50 percent left in its own battery.

lypertek tevi true wireless earphones review Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Full Review

Adjusted sound, extraordinary soundstage on the Lypertek Tevi
Most evident remote headphones I've explored overall spending plans make them thing in like manner: V-formed tuning. This gives the bass and high pitch slight knocks over the mid-range and makes the sound a piece 'seasoned'. The Lypertek Tevi is one of a bunch of genuine remote headsets I can consider with adjusted sound tuning, offering an audiophile-accommodating way to deal with genuine remote tuning in.

I utilized the Lypertek Tevi essentially with my Android cell phone, yet in addition, utilized it with a MacBook Air for infrequent tuning in and video calls at my work area. The headphones sounded best on the Android cell phone on account of the aptX codec, yet the decrease in sound quality wasn't huge when utilizing AAC on the PC.

Beginning with Human by Rag'N'Bone Man, the impartial tuning could quickly be heard in Rory Graham's baritone vocals, which sounded rich, point by point, and significant. It wasn't only the vocals; the Lypertek Tevi drew out gobs of detail over the track, including a portion of the fainter components. The applauding and instruments that make up the beat for a great part of the track could be heard obviously and unmistakably.

I had the volume turned up in the early piece of the track, and this was fine before things got excessively occupied. Such a large number of instruments and an overall knock in the tone of the track made the sound a piece excessively ear-splitting and puncturing at anything over the 80 percent volume level. Cranking the volume down took the Tevi back to its sharp, clean solid, without the puncturing abrasiveness.

Changing to Rainfall by Nitin Sawhney, the rich detail and amazing soundstage of the Lypertek Tevi was the feature of my tuning in of this mitigating Spanish guitar-driven track. The bass was a long way from pounding and forceful, as I've heard on a few other genuine remote models, for example, the 1More Stylish True Wireless headphones and the Creative Outlier Air; rather it was smooth and laid-back, with simply enough drive to be detected as opposed to truly felt.

This was additionally especially clear in Mermaid of Salinas by Basement Jaxx, where the consistent combined thunder of the bass never overwhelmed the tropical instrumentals or even the fringe vocals in the track. On the off chance that anything, I heard components that had recently been overwhelmed by the solid bass when utilizing different earphones and headphones, demonstrating exactly how quickly and point by point the Lypertek Tevi is. It really is adjusted, giving sounds over the recurrence run their due consideration.

Tuning in to a high-goal adaptation of Mountains by Hans Zimmer from the Interstellar soundtrack, the Lypertek Tevi presented a vivid and drawing in the listening experience, with definite imaging and as wide a soundstage as I've at any point heard on a couple of genuine remote headphones. Around two minutes into the track, the headphones offered some great instrumental partition, giving the ticking of the checks in the track an unpleasant and genuine feel.

The Lypertek Tevi is a fantastically melodic pair of genuine remote headphones, yet that doesn't mean you can't utilize it for different things in the event that you need to. The headphones performed well on voice calls, during video calls, while watching motion pictures and TV shows, and furthermore for the infrequent YouTube recordings. There isn't multi-point availability, however, you can utilize either headphones independently, and the association was very steady with even a 12-foot separation between the headphones and my cell phone.

lypertek tevi true wireless earphones review Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Full Review

The accommodation of the genuine remote structure factor regularly doesn't cover with audiophile listening propensities, yet the Lypertek Tevi has everything expected to change that. With adjusted, nitty-gritty, and unimaginably clever sound, this is the most reviving pair of genuine remote headphones I've heard in some time. The degree of detail is like what you'd get with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (which costs over threefold so much), while likewise offering smooth bass, an extraordinary soundstage, and a lot of fun. All things considered, this sonic mark can turn into somewhat abrasive and piercing at high volumes and isn't as energizing the same number of other genuine remote headphones in this value portion can be.

There's next to no to whine about with the Lypertek Tevi – this is an extraordinary sounding pair of headphones and will suit anybody searching for a more vivid and characteristic listening experience. Superb battery life and stable network include the quality proposal with the Rs. 6,999 Lypertek Tevi.

Value: Rs. 6,999

  • IPX7 water opposition
  • Stable availability, Qualcomm aptX support
  • Great battery life
  • Nitty-gritty, canny, and melodic
  • Adjusted, clean sonic mark
  • Useful for calls, recordings 

  • Abrasiveness at high volumes
  • Headphones didn't generally hook onto the case appropriately 
Evaluations (out of 5)

  • Configuration/comfort: 4
  • Sound quality: 4.5
  • Battery life: 5
  • Incentive for cash: 4.5
  • In general: 4.5
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