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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Full Review

May you buy this the perfect pair of genuine wireless earphones for less than Rs.15,000?

Genuine remote headphones have progressed significantly in a brief timeframe, and premium choices today have in general battery life that equals that of full-size earphones, alongside highlights, for example, dynamic commotion undoing. The present premium choices, for example, the Apple AirPods Pro and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 offer viable commotion abrogation and incredible sound quality, yet are certainly estimated on the higher side at Rs. 25,000. 

Somewhat slow off the mark, Samsung as of late dispatched its most recent genuine remote headphones, the Galaxy Buds Live. The principal genuine remote headphones from the brand to include dynamic commotion scratch-off, the Galaxy Buds Live is additionally impressively more moderate than rivalry from Apple, Sennheiser, and Sony, at Rs. 14,990. Another somewhat remarkable part of these headphones is the plan. The bean-formed earpieces are attractive, however is this revolutionary new style powerful for ordinary tuning in and dynamic commotion undoing? Discover all that you have to think about these headphones in our audit. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Full Review

The earpieces truly look like beans

At the point when early holes and bits of gossip proposed that Samsung's next obvious remote headphones would look like beans, many individuals (counting me) laughed at the thought and thought it was too strange to even think about implementing in a creation scale headset. Those gossipy tidbits ended up being valid, however, and the Galaxy Buds Live earpieces do in actuality take after beans. This may give off an impression of being an odd shape from the start, yet they sit very well in the ears and look rich when set up.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is accessible in three tones – dark, bronze, and white, coordinating the organization's most recent leader telephones, tablets, and wearables – and all have a reflexive, intelligent completion. The dark of my survey unit is, as I would see it, the most attractive of the three, albeit many may like the more unordinary bronze shading alternative.

Whatever shading you pick, you get a coordinating charging case. which is reduced, reflexive, and highlights USB Type-C quick charging just as Qi remote charging. The earpieces lock into place for the situation attractively, and a little marker light reveals to you the estimated battery level of the case. You can see the specific battery level of the case utilizing the Galaxy Wear application, yet more on that later.

It's difficult to envision practical dynamic clamor crossing out on headphones with anything shy of an appropriate in-trench fit, so I was certainly inquisitive to perceive how ANC would function with the one of a kind plan of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. There is a particular method to embed the headphones, which is depicted through a short instructional exercise realistic in the Galaxy Wear application. Putting the headphones on the right way guaranteed preferred inactive commotion detachment over with headphones intended for an external ear fit, however, it didn't exactly approach what a decent pair of in-waterway headphones can offer.

The fit was somewhat close in my ears, and I expected to take the headphones out every 30-45 minutes just to calm the weight apiece. There are elastic cradles on the upper aspect of the headphones that keep the hard parts from contacting your external ears, which is a valuable touch as I would see it. Luckily, it's a protected fit, and the earpieces are probably not going to drop out even with weighty development and action.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has contact sensors on the upper pieces of the earpieces, and straightforward taps control different capacities. A solitary tap plays or stops the music, a twofold tap jumps to the following track or answers and finishes calls, and a triple-tap jumps to the past track.

The long-press capacity can be tweaked utilizing the Galaxy Wear application to either control dynamic commotion scratch-off, summon the default voice collaborator on your cell phone, rapidly dispatch and play music from Spotify, or control the volume (left for volume down, ideal for volume up). Naturally, this likewise decays calls whenever utilized when your telephone is ringing. You can likewise deactivate the touch sensors by and large in the event that you pick. It's a decent arrangement of controls, and the customizability of the long-press work is something I discovered especially helpful.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Full Review

The Samsung Galaxy Wear application underpins the Buds Live, with certain choices and settings like what we saw with the Galaxy Buds+. The huge contrast is a switch for dynamic commotion undoing.

Other valuable highlights in the application incorporate graphical battery markers for every headphone independently and the case (the last is obvious just when the headphones are for the situation with the cover open), and equalizer settings. You can likewise enact a test surrounding sound mode, update the firmware, and the sky is the limit from there. The application is fantastic as in the past, offering the perfect number of controls without being excessively muddled.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live uses Bluetooth 5 for network and supports the SBC, AAC, and Samsung's exclusive Scalable codecs. The earpieces weigh 5.6g each, while the case weighs around 42g. I had the option to utilize the earpieces of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for around 5 hours, 30 minutes on a solitary full accuse of dynamic commotion retraction empowered a great part of the time. The case had the option to energize the headphones simply under threefold finished, for a complete battery life of around 20 hours for each charge cycle.

Normal dynamic commotion wiping out on the Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung's actual remote headphones paving the way to the Galaxy Buds+ have to a great extent been acceptable, however, with the Galaxy Buds Live, the organization appears to have made a little stride in reverse. Albeit sound quality isn't awful, and the Scalable codec assists with getting a smidgen more out of these headphones, the general use, and listening experience was disappointing, as I would see it.

I utilized the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live fundamentally with an OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition utilizing the AAC Bluetooth codec, yet in addition tried these headphones with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 which bolsters the Scalable codec, and with an Apple MacBook Air for recordings and calls utilizing the AAC codec.

As I as a rule do nowadays, I began the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live off with Tidal Masters, tuning in to Chunky by Bruno Mars. This exuberant track began feeling healthy and energizing, however it uncovered a few blemishes in the sonic mark and started to feel somewhat high pitched when the track got occupied. The sound wasn't especially spotless, and it frequently felt like an excessive amount of was continuing for the Galaxy Buds Live to stay up with.

Tuning in to a lot gentler Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell nullified the issue of an excess of going on, and this track additionally permitted some detail to radiate through. The soundstage is extensive, and to some degree, open-fit functions admirably to give the sound some environmental sense. In any case, the high pitch sounded considerably shriller than when tuning in to Chunky, and I likewise heard a touch of harshness that made the highs sound practically like twisting. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Full Review

Changing to packed sound with Spotify abnormally made the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live stable a clue better, however not for an especially valid justification; it appears to be that the high goal Tidal Masters tracks were overpowering the headphones, which wasn't the situation with compacted sound. Tuning in to the relentless and bass-glad Don't Call Me Baby (Mousse T Remix) by Madison Avenue, the bass took center stage and didn't let the ear-splitting highs push through.

In these conditions (which is likewise how the vast majority tune in to music), the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live sounded fair, with the detail and soundstage adding some character to the sound. This isn't to imply that that the Galaxy Buds Live sounded outstanding, and quite a bit of that has to do with the odd plan
and fit. Sound quality is just about respectable, yet alternatives, for example, the Lypertek Tevi sound impressively better at a large portion of the cost.

Dynamic commotion undoing on evident remote headphones can be great, with the Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM3 setting the bar very high. Samsung doesn't exactly coordinate on the ANC front with the Galaxy Buds Live. The decrease in foundation commotion has too little an effect to truly matter.

You can hear a slight decrease in commotion, yet the flawed fit and general absence of artfulness make for a normal by and large experience. There was only a slight decrease in climatic sound, while explicit rambling tones, for example, a forced-air system or roof fan could in any case be heard boisterously. ANC pretty much works and could be helpful in certain circumstances, however on the off chance that this is a key factor in your buy choice, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live may not be the most ideal decision.

The headphones use Bluetooth 5 for availability, which is steady a good ways off of up to 10 feet with away from of-sight between the earpieces and source gadget. Moving into an alternate room, or even a household item standing out caused some availability issues. Conversely, the RHA TrueConnect 2 offers a considerably more steady association for around a similar cost.

The Galaxy Buds Live is respectable for calls, however doesn't exactly coordinate to the RHA TrueConnect 2 and Jabra Elite 75t as far as association dependability and voice clearness.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Full Review


Even though Samsung's scope of genuine remote headphones has been quite acceptable so far, the Galaxy Buds Live is somewhat of a transgress for the Korean organization. It isn't terrible using any means, yet the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live doesn't offer enough other than style to legitimize its Rs. 14,990 sticker price. A lot of its absence of capacity has to do with its fairly extreme plan; the headphones look and feel incredible, yet this plan and fit just don't make for awesome sound quality or dynamic clamor crossing out.
There is some amusing to be separated from these headphones, with most famous kinds sounding fair enough, in any event when utilizing basic real-time features, and there's likewise a lot of detail to be heard. Be that as it may, piercing highs, a not exactly ideal uninvolved seal, and scarcely detectable dynamic clamor crossing out bring the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live down a piece.

It may merit looking at the Jabra Elite 75t in this value go, which is relied upon to get ANC through a product update in the coming weeks. On the off chance that you want to manage without dynamic commotion scratch-off, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is a more affordable and still entirely fit choice that plays similarly also with Samsung cell phones.

Value: Rs. 14,990


  1. Looks great
  2. Quick charging and remote charging for the case
  3. Great application with loads of customization choices
  4. Itemized sound, great bass 


  1. No serious codec uphold for non-Samsung gadgets
  2. Fit can be awkward, not an ideal latent seal
  3. Ear-splitting highs
  4. Normal clamor crossing out
  5. Bluetooth association isn't solid

Appraisals (out of 5)

  1. Configuration/comfort: 4
  2. Sound quality: 3
  3. Battery life: 4
  4. Incentive for cash: 3.5
  5. By and large: 3.5

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